Day of Reflection: Day Four


I just realized that rehearsals for “Bless Me, Ultima” don’t begin until the beginning of February.  Boo.  The other day, I got an email saying that I’ll be playing other roles as well, and one of them is a dancer!  I can’t recall seeing any mention of musical-ness in the script so I am intrigued by that.  I guess I have to begin my character work for those other bits as well, since there’s lines that are attached to them.  That’s a pretty cool silver lining.

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

Jeez, there’s a ton of things that cross my mind all the time.  This one should have been worded, seven things that cause you stress or high blood pressure.  I would imagine they are very similar to most people in the country, and maybe even the world.  Let me know if I am close…

7.  Will I be able to pay all my bills this month?

6.  If not, will I need to begin the job search process all over again?

5.  Can I go back to school, and still do the shows I want, AND work?

4.  What song should I use for auditions?

3.  I think I am gonna have Alzheimer’s.

2.  I need medical benefits.

1.  When will I win the lotto?


Those are my 7 things.  Yeah, they are pretty specific, but that is what I actually think about when I am not fully engaged in a moment.  There’s plenty more where that came from, but those seem to have a recurring role.   Do they match any of your 7 things?  Let me know, maybe we can figure out a way to cure that thought.


Yay, Mood!

There aren’t many pictures of me from either time I went to New York and I do regret that a lot.  Especially since I know that it will be a while before I am able to return.  I was so excited that I went to Mood.  I even bought a good hunk of fabric there that I have yet to do anything with.  That golden painted corridor with it’s yellow lights did nothing for my oily skin!  I remember being a little warm in that store, but refusing to take off the jacket so I didn’t have to carry it.  Wow, I guess I am still pretty stubborn.

Days of Reflection: Day Three

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

Hrmm…I don’t know if there are eight ways!  I hate this one the most. This one is a toughy.  If I had to take a guess on how I would break it down, I would have to go something like this…

8. Struggle – There’s something about overcoming personal struggles that build a kind of humility I find incredibly fascinating.  When you work in retail, you can tell who has and who hasn’t.

7. Food – It’s okay to NOT obsess about eating this or that because it’s got sugar or fats.  Don’t be afraid of the food.  In moderation, everything is fine.

6. Interesting – I believe that I suffer from a mild form of ADD, so if a person can remain interesting, well then you are 95% of the way there.

5. Manners – That gets high marks.  It doesn’t take much longer than being rude, so why foul the atmosphere?

4. Compassion – When you can, you donate to people who are less fortunate than you are.

3. Emotionally Secure – You aren’t afraid to let your emotions take you for a ride.

2. Playful – You can’t take yourself too seriously.


Humor – Laughter is wonderful.  While the occasional fart joke is okay, I prefer well thought out humor which ties to…

Intelligence – I love people that I can learn from.

Getting my Titanic on with Melissa Jones (now Jones-Chamness)

Here I am on the Tahoe Queen. We were celebrating Perry’s mom’s birthday on a little cruise around Tahoe.  It was a good dinner, great music, and a lot of nutty pictures of his mom! That particular moment in time was so freeing.  As though there were no worries.  It’s fun to get swept up in someone else’s energy and have fun without restraint.  It’s from people like her that I remind myself  you have to keep trying stuff that you don’t normally do.  Because were I not with her, I doubt this moment would have even happened.