Days of Reflection: Day Five

I just read that this weekend in LA there will be auditions for a “new” show called Thriller Live!   OF COURSE, IT’S WHAT YOU THINK IT IS…A live show based on the music of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5.  Here’s why I called it “new”.  Apparently, since 2007, it has been a well received show in London (surprise, surprise! Why do the Brits always get the jump on shows?)  that played to over a million people.  The casting is for the 2011 Worldwide Tour and to step into the West End production.  The weird thing was that the cattle call is for NON union members.  The best thing about this ad is that the very end reads: “Please prepare two contrasting Michael Jackson songs, that show your full range, bring a picture/resume, and be prepared to wait.”  As if one would expect to just show up and waltz right in and leave.  I couldn’t help but to chuckle lightly to myself.

Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.

Goodness, that would imply that I have regrets.  I can’t say that I have any, but let’s just say that it’s six things that I didn’t enjoy doing.

6. A while back while I worked for Structure (Express Men before the name change) I won a trip to a resort down in Palm Springs.  One of the three activities that I had chosen was to go shopping on the main drag in town.  I wish that I had chosen something more interesting.  While I loved the shops and just hanging out, I think I would have gotten more out of the trip had I opted for something more like my other two activities which were a major Spa treatment and a balloon ride.  The balloon ride was pretty damn awesome, except for the forced picture taking.

5. I wish I would have focused on something in school instead of just a mass of classes.

4. I didn’t enjoy having a root canal, but it was kinda important.

3. Oh, I wish I’d never jumped over the fence to get in to a club back when I was 16.  It led to meeting someone who made me greatly dislike the circus.

2.  I wish I never wasted my time watching the movie “Open Water” even though it was free!

1. This one was a doozey!!  And it’s over-share, but maybe you will learn from my mistake.  I wish I never took a probiotic, drank a large coffee, and had a fiber filled breakfast.  That’s all I’m sayin’!

Ron, Blaze, Mark, forgive me cuz I don't remember his name, and me

These guys were so cool to work with that I was comfortable enough to fall asleep on this guy’s arm.  it’s bugging me that I don’t remember his name.  Someone, HELP!!  Do you know his name?  Let me know, so I can change the caption.  When does big hair go away?  I always look like I have some sort of pompadour.  I hate it.  Is it so wrong to wish for flat hair? Is it?