Well That’s Not What I Wanted…


Happy New Year, Gentle Reader!

Well, I had tried to upload a post about The Making of the Star Wars Holiday Special, but it didn’t work. I had been writing it for 3 days!

Wah, wah, waaaaahhh!

So, on that note, all I will say is that it was a crazy fun experience that was the first time that I had a chance to work on something that had such a heightened sense of absurdity. I LOVED it!!!

NOTE: When I say absurdity, I literally mean ridiculous, not the style of theatre as known by certain playwrights.

Of course, it helps that the other actors were incredibly talented. Our creative staff was clever and everyone had so many great ideas that took this cute and funny tribute to the holiday special into an experience to be had. There were so many references and inside jokes that I STILL laugh at when thinking about them.

One thing I will admit, I had never seen the special before and we watched it together as a cast before the first read through, Oh, Dear Reader!  What glorious madness it was. Not to be out done, though. Donnie and Marie Osmond did a Star Wars themed skit in first episode of season 3.  Mix up the two and pull out some of those cheesy gooey bits and you have most of the script.

You’ve never seen it, either? Well, it just so happened that someone was kind enough to share here it on Youtube. Just for fun, here is the Osmond skit too.

Sadly, this isn’t quite the post I wanted to make, but I wanted to get something written. Thank you, Kind Reader for your time. I hope that 2019 is full of wonderful and amazing things for you.

Until next time…

Will You Be A Light?…

Picture is from Broadway.com

Dear Gentle Reader,

Today, January 19, 2017 at 5:30pm in each time zone, theaters across the nation are standing up to announce that through the dark days that may be ahead of us, we will be there, standing tall for inclusion of all people regardless of where they are from, who they believe in, who they love and how they got here. We will fight to tell the stories of the people that reflect our humanity (or lack thereof in some cases.) We will fight off the bullies and create safe spaces for everyone to come to and be a part of something constructive and creative. In doing so, in my little opinion, this practice will spill outside of the walls of the theaters and into the streets and into the lives and consciousness of others who will continue to grow and shine that light.

Please go to the website The Ghostlight Project and check it out and join your community at one of the many theaters taking part of this project. As I mentioned before all are welcome, and if you happen to be a part of another movement, that’s fantastic!  Bring those friends.  Can you imagine what could happen if The Ghostlight Project and the Black Lives Matter Movement worked on something together?

Join us.  You don’t need anything but a light and your cell phone light will work perfectly. Personally, I am really excited because this is the first time I don’t have to work when a rally I wanted to attend was happening.  You can bet there will be pictures, dear reader!

Will you be there?  And don’t forget to share your experience.  Use the hashtags, #AllAreWelcom #BeALight and #GhostlightProject.

Shine on, my friends.  Shine on!

So… What You’re Saying Is…


Oh Gentle Reader,

I have had a pet peeve about this slogan that I see popping up on commercials more and more for at least six months now. It’s interesting that I am not the only one as a Google search autocompleted when I was less than halfway through typing. Those other people were offended by something else. Here’s one of my faves.

Yes, I understand it is merely a marketing campaign and I don’t fault them for using a clever tactic that is similar to “reality tv.” The thing about them is that there have been some actual aspiring actors in these spots. No, they may not be SAG (Screen Actors Guild) members, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t actors. 🎭

But I am not here to debate the subject of whether or not a person has to have a membership to SAG or AEA (Actors’ Equity Association) to be an actor. Or even whether these commercials are trickery. 🙀

I just want to point out that this phrase seems to belittle the work that actors do.  I can’t speak for movies, but in the realm of theatre, actors can move the audience into a different way of considering something that was once as simple as black and white. The actor can bring to light an emotion that the viewer didn’t know they felt about a subject or person. The actor can take you away from reality, even if it is for just a brief moment in the span of your evening.

Actors put in so much time, energy, passion, compassion, and open armed love to the characters that they build, that at least for me maybe others too, it also leads to being wholly vulnerable to deep subconscious emotions that were waiting to be released.

So by not being able to hide behind a wall of self preservation or a label we see ourselves through when we look in the mirror, we, as actors, can see who we REALLY are. This is why this slogan rubs me the wrong way.

Now, it turns out that life has thrown me some 🍋lemons, dear reader, and I am preparing to make a lemon chiffon cake out of it.  It’s like having only the lemons and an egg with all the other ingredients still at the store. I know, I know.  It’s supposed to be lemonade. BUT I am never one to go with “supposed to be’s.”

What I find kind of funny about this situation is that it all ties back to cars! 😄 Well, my little beat up Toyota Rav4 is nearing the need to replace the engine. It’s 20 years old and has tons of miles on it.  This now begs the question, do I get a new(er) car or replace the engine?  A part of me really wants the new car, but I adore the size of the car now and the later models all have larger bodies, so that is what’s keeping me from diving in.

BUT the real question is, when I begin to talk to the salespeople, should I be an actor or a real person? 

Gentle reader, I think we all know the answer to that! 😜

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