Shut your face!!!

That is my equivalent of  the “Get outta here” disbelief type shout!  In my readings of the webz, I have found a nifty little piece of news that made me squeal with glee like a precious piggy.

That bit of squeal inducing news was that Judy Craymer, producer for Mama Mia!, is currently working on a new show titled “Viva Forever.”

Does that title remind anyone of a particular song or album?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?  If this doesn’t sound familiar, then you must be unfamiliar with a little known girl group called THE SPICE GIRLS!!  Now before you roll your eyeballs back into their sockets, take heart that this isn’t a tribute show to the UK quintet.  Think of it along the same lines as Mamma Mia.  A show that focused a story around the songs of Abba.  This will be essentially the same thing.  The hope is for the show to premiere in the West End (of course!) in the next two or three years.  The story, at least what’s known so far, will focus on a group of women who exemplify the things that the Spice Girls stood for.  Things like being true to oneself, cultivating your friendships, and creating your own identity.  And don’t worry, you won’t be seeing an appearance from neither Posh, Sporty, Baby, Scary, nor Ginger Spice as the show will steer clear of the 90′ pop sensations.  According to Craymer, ‘We live in a world dominated by people wanting to be famous. What the Spice Girls did was before those shows became really what they are, and before the world become slightly obsessed by such shows. It has a glimpse of the underbelly of TV talent shows, an invented show, and a little bit of comedy romance.’ I am waiting on pins and needles to see the end result.

I am an unapologetic fan of pop music.  I have to admit that I love all kinds of music, except for hard core rap.  I just can’t identify with lyrics that have rely so much on profanity.  You can turn up your nose or whatever you do when you want to be a snob, please feel free.  It doesn’t bother me.  I understand that not everyone likes the same thing that I do, and I am fine with that.  What I love about pop is that it’s catchy.  And when it’s a really good song it will stick with you even when you don’t want it to be there.  In a time when I hear some people saying that some of the more modern musicals like Legally Blonde and Spring Awakening aren’t that good because the songs aren’t catchy, I am looking forward to seeing what happens with this show, because the Spice Girls never had a problem with getting songs stuck in people’s heads.


I tell you what I want,

What I really really want…