The Play’s… Umm… TO Play is the Thing…


Hello Dear Reader,

Well, February has come and gone and I am not anywhere near finishing my writing project. The power of frustration is palpable.  I was stewing in it. I feel all tender and a little sad. SO, I am just going to extend the time for this project.

Here’s the thing though.

I was putting way to much pressure on myself to complete this ASAP. What I have learned is when you’re creating something pressure like this is such a bad move. It isn’t helpful, Gentle Reader, and not conducive to the act of creating. If anything, it stifles creativity, I feel.

This will get done when it gets done. I mean, I do have the whole year off, after all.

Yesterday, as I was at my #survivaljob watching the rain fall, slamming onto the tiles that lead to the main lobby, I realized I haven’t been my normal self these last few years.

You know, Dear Reader, as an actor, I have to use every sense that is available to me as well as imagination and memories.  I watch people all the time.  Almost like I am studying them. I have memories, but I am certain that I don’t have enough memories. So I would create them my playing.  Not games, but playing with life.

But I stopped playing.  I stopped jumping in puddles and walking in the rain. I focused on going home and trying to be responsible so that I could get to that survival job day in and day out rather than going out and enjoying my friends. I stopped “going all in” at life. I put in just enough to get by.

But with this realization that what I am trying create isn’t meant to be done in the 5 weeks that I planned means that I can breathe.


And to jump in puddles.

And see my friends and their shows.

So, Sweet Reader, I AM going to continue to work on this show but I am not going to place that kind of pressure on it. I apologize that I don’t feel like any of the pages are worth sharing yet, but I will keep working on it.

Until then *inhale* more playing!

Dear Reader, have you ever had a realization that had kept you from enjoying your time? How did you break through that haze?  Leave me a comment or follow me on the social medias! Also, just pop in and say ‘Hi!’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Vero: Jery Theactorvist

Until next time…

Why Am I Not Done Yet?…

The Future Is What You MakeHello Dear Reader!

As I write this, I have another tab open of my other writing project that I keep finding myself rewriting over and over. It is eternally frustrating.😞

I do believe that I have mentioned this project in passing but here it is.  I am trying to write a show based on a wonderful book that I read a few years ago. I hesitate to name the book because I haven’t got permission yet. The author lives in Oakland, so I think I may be able to send the script once it is done.  I think the phrase that comes to mind is: It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.  One of the main reasons that I loved the book so much was because it honors strong women.  The main character is a woman embarking on a new life and it has a great cast of strong women and a small handful of supporting men. 👍 The beauty with which these places and scenes is described is so poetic and clear that I can easily see this on a stage.👀

My problem, Gentle Reader, is that I can’t seem to create dialogue that fills in some of the spaces of back story in a clear concise way so I can move on with the main story, as the book is in three parts that interweave past and present.😥

I know, I should just write it and set it aside and come back to it later for editing. I should do that. But since this type of writing isn’t quite my discipline I am having on hell of a time “letting go.”

My aim was to have a rough draft completed by the end of the month, which was part of the reason that I haven’t posted since the beginning of the year. I am, sadly, only about 20-odd pages in and believe that this script could easily hit over 100. The book itself is about 300 pages and there is a lot of story that I need to leave out. Unless I can easily tie it all in quickly which is where I am at now. Not to mention, I have rewritten the second scene four times and am still not happy with it. 

Now that I am sitting here and thinking this out with all of you, I think I may have to change up my tactic and try writing this scene by scene and out of order. Just for now until I get through the story then put it all together. Doing it this way, I may still hit my goal of having a rough draft completed!

Oh, Dear Reader!  Thank you.  😜That was incredibly helpful.  If I get some more progress done, I may possibly post a page for your perusal as thanks.

Well, with this newfound inspiration, I am back to my untitled project!😌

Until next time…

Talk About Frozen…

frozen_fruits_1-t2I was so excited the other day because I had the apartment to myself.  I don’t know if other people work the same way, but all I can say is I need to be alone when I want to work on something.  Be it a dance or memorizing a monologue.

  • Reason number 1:  I get easily distracted.  It’s true.  Sometimes Perry watches some terrible tv show and when I am trying to write, I begin to mock the dialogue.  Now my whole train is derailed.
  • Reason number 2:  I usually do what the next whim tells me to do.  So I could be working on a story but a song may play that makes me want to dance.  From there I may want to see if I can still do the splits.  So I will try.  (The answer in case you are wondering is no.) But gimme 6 months.  I get embarrassed though, so I can’t stay focused or truly get into it.

So I had the whole place to myself for HOURS. Freakin’ HOURS!!!  I thought of all the things I would do.  The writing, the dishes (I know that’s not creative, but they ain’t gonna do themselves), weird dance moves I would commit to memory so if I choreograph again I have something bizarre for dancers to figure out.  I thought of the collage that I have been wanting to finish, and the track pants that I need to sew together to complete.  I tell you, I have no shortage of projects begun.  It’s worse than my knitting UF.O.’s (UnFinished Objects)!

I pulled out my poäng (it’s a CHAIR from Ikea. You dirty birdies!) and grabbed one of the MANY notebooks off of the shelf and started my story ideas.  I came up with about 9 different ideas, but when I tried to open them up a little more or dig deeper, they were rehashes of something that someone else has already done.  I don’t wanna do that.  After about 15 minutes of doodling on my notebook, I realized that my desk was a mess! I couldn’t work like this.  So I made the papers into nice little stacks, as opposed to actually putting them away or tossing them.  But I found $5!!  Score!

Then it was back to staring at the soft blue lines on the semi shiny white page.  And staring.

Nothing was coming to mind.  I didn’t even have the desire to get up and dance when Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” came on.  (I have this whole 80’s dance I wanna do to it with a group of dancers)  I always wanna dance or at least sing with this song.   The video makes no sense BUT I adore the song.  There’s nothing a good shoulder shimmy can’t make better, right Elizabeth Lawrence?

I was truly frozen.  It wasn’t until the oven timer went off that I remember even having an actual thought.  I was truly frozen in my chair with a notebook in hand.  I don’t know exactly how long I was like that.  Once that timer went off, I was startled out of my stupor and went about life.   I am still unsure of why I “shut down” like that.  I wasn’t asleep, at least that I know of.  I recall seeing the leaves outside moving and everything.  I just don’t understand.

Any suggestions on how to “thaw out” the old melon?  I know conventional thought is: write anyway even if it isn’t great.  The practice of writing will open up some door for you to walk through.  I would love to know what other ideas you, dear reader have.  Any thoughts on why the mind shuts down? Hmmm… Pondering… Pondering…


Write Right, Right Now

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I don’t know how many of you like to write.

I love to write, but not necessarily for blogs.  I have notebooks of ideas and stories and poems and half baked scripts that never seem to really go anywhere except into the dark abyss that is the bookshelf.

November is national writing month.  And in honor of this there is a website called  Designed to promote creativity, this site has inspired many people to write who were too afraid to try before.  The goal is to get a 50,000 word novel completed before midnight of the last day of the month.  

As stressful as the process is taking on this challenge, I can’t tell you how good it feels when you cross that 50,000 word count finish line.  There are also get-togethers with fellow writers in various places depending on where you live.  I thought about going to the kick off on Halloween night this year, but we were having such a great quiet night in that I opted for a little bit of comfort.  Now, I am already behind.  hahahahaha!

Beginning tomorrow, I have to write a minimum of 1,725 words a day in order to reach the goal.  I think I can do it, but I need to take some time to plot out my story.  I know the premise of it and when I close my eyes, I can see it as a movie.  Now I just have to get all the details and put them on the page.  It is definitely a fiction piece. I’ve seen people say on a number of occasions “He was such a nice person, I’d never dreamed he could do something like that…”  So I am taking that single statement and creating a story!!

So if you are up for it, sign up at the link above and if you start writing tomorrow, you only need to write 1,725 words a day! I think this year, I will write my second novel!  I am so excited.  Now, I should probably get to sleep. And the procrastination has already begun! hahahahaha…

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Would you consider taking the challenge?  If you do write, what’s your book gonna be about?