Can’t wait, but…


Hello Gentle Reader!

As you know, I am stepping into a director role once again for 🎷 Smokey Joe’s Cafe (which I lovingly call SmoJo’s). I didn’t think that I would direct again after Jesus Christ Superstar. 😔 It wasn’t the complete vision that I had and made way too many compromises for it to end up the way that I wanted. It wasn’t my vision, but I loved every person that worked so hard on it.  My only wish is that I didn’t compromise what I wanted. 😉

I had mentioned that I was hesitant to direct to a good friend the other day (even though I have already accepted the position, yes, I know how it sounds) and she had some great advice and said “Don’t be! You learn from every situation, so whatever happened last time, learn from it and don’t let it happen again! You will make mistakes with every show…”

As I sat listening to the talented people 🎤 belt out tunes during the initial auditons, the voice of self doubt kept popping up and asking “are you sure you want to call XYZ back for XYZ role?” or “are you sure you can bring the best out of these people?” 👿 It was hard to shut it down. I am so glad that I have the team that I have. We laughed so much with each other and were all excited by all the people we had come out and sing us a song. The laughter does SO much to help squelch that voice. Something about sharing laughs with people helps me bond and connect them. Do you ever notice how laughing settles nerves and most uncomfortableness? It helps me so much. 👍

My Dear Reader, I was initially worried that we didn’t have people banging down the doors to audition but the number of people that did, had brought a lot of great stuff to the table. When I got home, after the second day of auditions, I KNEW I had a cast in there.

I slept so good that night! LOL. 💤

Oh, Gentle Reader!  Knowing that I have 9 roles that can be filled 3 or 4 times over by these auditionees puts my nerves and heart at ease, but that stupid worry voice, while muffled, is still there. Am I the right person to lead these 9 people to a packed house of spectators that will be blown away?


I am. Thank you ❤︎, Jillian, for giving me a different way to look at this! So once the decisions are hashed out, I will happily pour as much of my heart and soul into this show that I am asking the performers to give to the audience.

And I can’t wait for you to see what’s in store!

So my Kind Reader, what do you do to get over that little voice that makes you doubt yourself? Or maybe you don’t have that issue… if you don’t, damn! I would love to be you.  Well, like you. 😉

Until next time, Dear Reader.  I look forward to talking about the callbacks… but that’s another post. Muahahahaha!!!💖💖


Woo hoo! Got some details on my RENT callback…

Last Saturday,  I had the scary enjoyment of auditioning for one of my favorite shows, RENT.

I am always such a mess when it comes to auditioning.  It’s something that I really have to work on.  I get so nervous that just thinking about an audition, and what I have to work on that it makes me have to catch my breath and wait a moment while my heart stops pounding away in my chest.  I don’t know if I have the right look for any of the major parts, which is always what an actor wants.  However for this show, I would be happy to just be part of the cast.  It’s with a different company than I usually work with, but the director, Joe Duffy, was incredibly kind which made the audition process easier.  I worked with him when he choreographed PIPPIN for Foothill Music Theatre. and he was a blast.

But back to the audition…I walked into the room, and Mr. Duffy was out so I used this time to go over the song with the accompanist who had really scrutinized my resumé.  Now that I think about it, he could be the Vocal Director.  It was a simple little room that had a raised stage inside.  When Mr. Duffy came back it there were only the four of us inside.  I love auditions like that.  While I love to cheer on my fellow auditionees, I have a hard time auditioning in front of them.  Weird, huh?  I was really surprised because the stage had  two couches, a desk style table, and a few other odds and ends,  and Mr. Duffy said “Feel free to use the stage”, but I didn’t feel like it would have suited the song. I wonder if that was a mistake.   I sang “Pinball Wizard” from The Who’s TOMMY.  I had asked the accompanist/Vocal Director to make a big cut so that I can sing the end of the song that has a key change.  After the first half of the first stanza, he made the jump, and I wasn’t expecting it and just continued to sing what my original plan was.  Luckily, the he was able to jump back into the song with minimal confusion.  I was a wee bit worried because Mr. Duffy stopped the song before I could get there.  He didn’t say anything at first while  he wrote some notes.  He had the Stage Manager give me a couple of songs to memorize and work on this week, so that on Saturday, I would be ready to go for the callback.

Well I got my phone call today and I got my times for my callback roles and what they are expecting of me there, so I have to do some research.   My first call back is at 2:15.  That’ll give me plenty of time to get there.  I forgot to mention to you that I wasn’t too sure where the place was when I first auditioned, so I arrived right at 12:00 which was my audition time, so I didn’t really have too much time to get the shakes.  Now, I have three days to get over a panic attack.  So I am off to prepare!  Wish me luck, and to all of you who have auditions and or performances going on in your careers…Break A Leg!!

Are you preparing for an audition?  Are you currently rehearsing a production?  Let me know how things are progressing.  Email me at