Let’s Create A Hashtag…


Dear Gentle Reader,

When Madonna released her first single for the Rebel Heart album, she made a claim.  At her Grammy performance, she said she wanted to start a revolution of love. I was super stoked to hear that. The only problem was that when I got the album, there wasn’t enough of that “love revolution” theme on it.

I use twitter, instagram, and the good ol’ Facebook in different ways because, well, they are different mediums.  I try my darnedest to post different things on each.  I have a hard time sharing the same thing because (as I have mentioned on several occasions) I don’t like repetition.  I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it does.

But I like idea of a revolution of love. 2017 is going to be a challenge. It is a government transition and there will be shake ups and melt downs.  So, I want to set us all on a positive road by dropping a bomb on you. LOL! Well, I am calling it a love bomb.

The word bomb is a horrible name, but I want this to work just like a bomb.

When I think of  bombs, I imagine the thing landing and as it bursts, it sends out a wave of destruction.  The idea of this particular bomb is to share something I love about you via a social media timeline. Hopefully, you will feel like joining me and post something on someone else’s timeline using the tag. Basically, the feeling is like the shrapnel, the effect, and I hope it makes you want to send a bomb of your own.

It’s a little silly I’ll admit, but why not do it? We could use a little heartfelt silly in the world. The only bad part about it is that for a true hashtag, one must only use words. I think is important to use the icon ❤️ though.  Not just because I worry someone may confuse this with the actual spelled out tag of “love bomb” They are essentially the same, but I love the idea of the image of the heart because of the point at the bottom of it.  Like it is going to dig in and the rounded ends are getting ready to explode and spread the feeling.

So my dear reader, expect to see a lot of #❤️bomb and #BEDLaM from me in the coming weeks.  BEDLaM will show as a tag so if you wanna see all the #❤️bombs I am doing, you can find it with the BEDLaM tag.

To you Gentle Reader, I love you because you choose to share a little bit of your time with me. I thank you from the deepest parts of my ❤️  #❤️bomb  #BEDLaM


It Is Finished…

Cast and Crew of SUPERSTAR being goofy!  Photo by Edmond Kwong
Cast and Crew of SUPERSTAR being goofy! Photo by Edmond Kwong

I have been pussyfooting around the acknowledgement that this show that I have lived with for the last 13.5 months has finally come to an end.  On my last two days off of work I was expecting to get hit with a blast of depression that comes with ending a show.  One of this magnitude, I was sure would take me out of the game for a while. But it never came.

When we started this show, I said I see this show as a fight for love.  Instead of the show being a simple Judas wronged Jesus, it was accidental.  There was no one to “blame.”  Everything was supposed to happen.  Like Jesus sings, “You’re far too keen on where and how but not so hot on why.”   I wanted a positive spin on the show.  I also wanted Jesus to be as human as everyone else.  My hope was that people would be moved to see a fellow human being treated so horribly during act 2.  To see that he was afraid and sad but still willing to go through this for his love of the people.  I had the white out at the end to ask the audience to look inside and find your love for your fellow man and for hope that this world can be a better place in doing so.

Then I was lucky enough to get this amazing, supportive cast! But my luck didn’t run out there.  One of the very first things I fought for was an amazing sound department which was an incredible 3 man team.  So John, Dan, and Brett: Thank you for an outstanding job with this difficult show!  The crew was small but mighty and headed by an amazing Stage Manager, Ms. Pye! I am grateful to the amazing producers Nancy and Liz, who worked so tirelessly to ensure that the vocal director, Judy, and music director, Jean, and I had everything we needed.

I have realized that there is a reason for the non-depression.  As I disassemble the Blooming Wall, I have the chance to read all the beautiful paper “flowers” with things that people love.  Simple things.  And I understand that we did exactly what we set out to do.  We did share the love.

And so did they.  With that in mind, what is there to be depressed about?

To ALL of you, I cannot say thank you enough.


Even Though I Rehearsed It, This Is What I Ended Up Telling Them…


Last night, we held our orientation for JCS! I don’t know if anyone saw, but after saying hello to everyone, I sat down and scanned the room.  Just seeing all the excited and smiling faces kinda got to me.

When it came time for me to introduce myself and explain how I look at the show, I forgot almost everything I had practiced. I told the cast that “I believe the show is all about love.  Why do the Apostles follow this man? What is he saying that makes them love him?  Why does his legacy entice people to do the same?  I always try to look for the good things and what is supposed to have happened to this man is a tragedy.  So I need for all of you to find your own motivation as to why you love him so much.  On the flip side of loving this figure, what is the response to his death? In our production, no one is to “blame.” Jesus is our puppet master that forces all of the events that need to happen.  He does it out of love, though.  That brings in the guilt.  What could have been done to prevent this from happening?  This is where I hope we can start a dialogue for the people.  In life, we have those feelings of ‘what could we have done to have prevented this tragedy?’  It’s too often that everything we hear is negative, but if we can put more love into the world, maybe we can get that thought out there that showing love to people can help to prevent them.”

My voice was shaky and my thoughts were zipping through my head at a mile a minute and as soon as I began, I knew that what I was saying wasn’t what I had practiced. Then I told everyone they could go, even after we said that we needed to get some info from people .  Ugh, I was a mess.  Not a hot mess, just a mess.

My personal philosophy is to always look at and for the positive things that happen in life. From the daily news to the internet, we are constantly bombarded with negative imagery and words.  Granted, there are a few small rays of light like Positive News and Daily Good.

While I got the end of my rant correct(ish), I feel like I may have confused some of the people, like my Priests, Pilate, and Herod.  I had a great short chat to clarify my intent with Aaron, the actor playing Herod.

Here’s how the spiel went down in my head:

Love is the greatest motivation of all.  That is my personal belief.  If Jesus was sent here for the reason people claim, in the show, why does he doubt his purpose?  Why do the Apostles follow this man?  What is he saying that makes them love him so? Why are Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary the two main people who remain at his side even during the crucifixion?  Why are the priests so threatened by him, if they call him a madman?  Those are just a few of the questions that I would like to present at the moment.  We’ll look further into it as the days go by and by all means bring in your questions too.  It’s things like this that make me feel like JSC is really a story about love.  While this show talks of some of his miracles it never really focuses on them, so in that spirit I would like to present this show to you actors while also adding in the elements of reality and reason.  Going back to the purpose of Jesus, doesn’t his whole existence rest on the idea that he was sent here to die for the sins of the people?  If so, is there really a person to “blame?”  Could this have been prevented? If so, why didn’t they try? In our society today, don’t we look at tragedies and ask “How could this have been prevented?” Can’t we take that thought and become proactive? If we spread love through this world to all people, wouldn’t we suffer less tragedies? This brings me back to my first statement.  Love is the greatest motivation of all.

So, tonight we begin to dig into the songs of the show.  This is such a talented cast (I know every director says that)  I absolutely cannot wait to hear them.  I think I may get verklempt.  I am so grateful to be on this journey with them.  I hope that I honor their work with this show.

♩♩♫ What’s Love Got To Do, Got To Do With It? ♪♬♩♩


If you aren’t doing something that you love, you need to step back and reassess some stuff.  Having celebrated yet another birthday at the beginning of the month, I contemplated my reality vs. my wishes and I know that something has to give somewhere or I am going to lose my ever-loving mind.

I have since done such a thing.  Hence my absence from Facebook and this site.  I have to admit that at first I was scared and the mere thought of looking at my life with a magnifying glass made me sweat like I was running for my life.  In some senses, I guess one could say that I was, er…am.  I’ve even gone so far as to reassemble my Dayrunner and actually have appointments written in it.  Not like the time I bought it and left it completely blank.  I think the most exciting part of buying it was that first time I got to put everything together.

I’ve refocused my energies back into the things that I love the most.  Of course, I’m sure you all know that it’s the Arts.  Dance classes are going really well.  The drive is kind of a pain because of the amount of gas it takes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being in the car.  I think I am part dog when it comes to that respect.  It’s just so fun!  I still feel out of sync with some stuff because they are in the middle of learning routines. Having to jump in and learn on the fly has been challenging, but I am finding that the more that I figure out the steps and get them right the more excited I feel about trying to figure out the rest of the dance.  I appreciate the positive feedback that I am getting, but part of me sometimes feels like it’s only because I am one of the few guys in the studio.  I am giddy for the corrections that I know I need.

I’m trying to find the best course of action to take for a vocal coach and an acting studio to work with on a consistent basis.  Here’s the problem, they are always SO expensive!!  Finding a teacher that I can afford with some sort of steady training would be wonderful, but when the ends are just barely meeting, it’s kinda tough to find a way to stretch the funds.  It’s gonna take some creative budgeting, and I’ve never really done well with sticking to a budget, so I smell trouble.

But because I love this stuff, I’ve decided that it must be done.


This is dedicated to the one I love…

The average length of time is for a “first” marriage is 7.8 years for men and 7.9 for women.  The average length for the “second” marriage is 7.3 for men and 6.8 for women.  The average length of time that a person waits to remarry is 3 years.  This information was available courtesy of Yahoo Answers.

Today, I am celebrating my 15 year anniversary.  Yeah, you read that right! 15 years.

There’s been tough times, and lawd knows there’s been tough times.  It’s a lot of compromise, and a lot of yelling.  Sometimes you have to be flexible and willing to listen and admit when you’re wrong.  For me, it’s pretty often that I don’t listen, but not so much when it comes to being wrong. Hahaha.   Although, with him in his high horse, it doesn’t really make a difference.  I’ve had to forgive a few big problems, but he’s had to forgive weekly tiny, tiny things.  Due, of course, to the whole not listening (but really it’s more not remembering) thing.

Even though there have been tough times, there have been SO many good times and things that I will always be grateful for.  I’ve never had someone cheer for me as much as he does.  I’ve also never had someone love  me and all my nuttiness so wholeheartedly.  I have to admit that it’s kinda nice.


There’s no better feeling.

We’ve never really felt that it was important to be “married.”  But seeing that this is such an important issue for couples who are in love and cannot get married that really want to, I feel it’s only right to state that Equal Rights need to be addressed.  I personally don’t care what it’s called as long as the EXACT same privileges are given to same sex couples as heterosexual couples.  But even what it’s called is a touchy subject.  People are griping about religion and all that hokey pokey stuff, but I have to ask if it’s not called marriage but the benefits are the same, is god gonna give a frack? Additionally, those benefits are government given not god given, so what about church keeping it’s beak out of business?

While I haven’t been a big supporter of the pres, because it’s basically been the same bullshit in the office that was happening before, I do have to say FINALLY, he’s doing something different.  I have to say good for you pres for no longer defending DOMA.

There’s nothing wrong with love.  Nothing.  Love who you want and love who you are.  One day people will be equal, and this shameful issue will be history.

You can find info at the following sites: Human Rights Campaign

What do you support?