Awww, Man!!

I have been trying to figure out what the likely-hood of doing two show, nearly simltaneously, would entail, and it JUST dawned on me.  DE-nied!!! There isn’t any possible way that it could happen.  I would be missing the first three weeks of rehearsals if I were cast in Cabaret with Sunnyvale, and getting from the rehearsal space for Bless Me, Ultima to the rehearsal space for Cabaret on Sundays would be a mess.  Super sad that the possibility of doing both is now dead.  I won’t say impossible, because I am sure that if they are willing to overlook all those conflicts I am willing to give it a go. I’m just sayin’ that the positivity rate is looking pretty low right about now!

Not related to the above paragraph, did you know that Seattle will be the home for the creation of the  new “Aladdin” musical?  It will have all the songs from the film and reinsert the missing songs that were cut from the Disney film!!  Hooray!  It will be awesome for “Proud Of Your Boy” to be heard by the masses.  It’s an amazing song that always makes me get a little misty eyed.  The company that is the lucky duck is Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre.  This is the same company that premiered “A Christmas Story: The Musical!” this past holiday season.  Yes, it’s based off of the beloved movie that shares it’s name!  “You’ll shoot your eye out!”  This company attracts such an amazing caliber of talent that one can only expect sheer amazing fantasticalness that will the the staged production of “Aladdin.”  Here are some ACS clips that I’ve found on the tube!

This boy, Clarke Hallum,  is gonna be a force on Broadway one day!!  And these guys are utterly brilliant!!!  Check out this song writing team!!!  Oh muh gawd!! Benj Pasek and Justin Paul!!!