Days of Reflection: Day One

This is pretty straight forward.  A friend of mine posted a list of things that really got me thinking.  So I wanted to take a shot at writing about that list.  It’s 10 items long so my plan is to post for the next ten days regarding that list and things that are tied to it.

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

10. Not everyone sees “faith” the same way.  One way isn’t better or “right” let alone “wrong”.   All the religions are in essence the same.  So why is there such a big gap between people.

9. I keep hoping against hope that your insane intellect will somehow rub off on me or that I will get it via osmosis.  Alas, such hopes have not come to pass.

8. Dude, I don’t understand why you are so afraid of me.

7. So when your bird dies, does your Grandma finally “die” too?  You were always too much drama.  Oh, and your feet STANK!!

6. Please don’t make the same mistakes your parents did!  You are way too smart to do something foolish.

5. Even in your old age, can you stop with the racism, you big hypocrite?

4. Why can’t we be friends?

3. Will you please sit down, stop worrying about everyone else and just watch the movie?  Tell everyone to shut up or get out of the room so that you can have some peace and quiet in your own home!

2. You should never even entertain the idea that you have failed at anything!  I have known you for a while now and have  seen you accomplish more things than most other people.  Your drive to learn and grow is inspiring not just to me but to so many others as well.  You are such a wonderful influence to have and I am grateful everyday that your my buddy!

1. You already know I love you.  And you are gonna marry me one day.  I can always forgive you, and just hope that you will do me that courtesy as well.  We will one day have a house and a dog.


No picture on this post.  Turns out my scanner is on the fritz!  NOOOoooo….!!!