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Episode 19

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Episode 17! 2 (The Re-Do)

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Company Bow
Company Bows

The more you know…

I love when I talk to people that I am working with.  And I don’t mean the usual “Hi, how are you?” kind of stuff.  I was so lucky that I had the opportunity to chat with Teatro Vision’s Artistic Director Elisa Alvarado.  I am currently working on editing the interview for a podcast, so YAY!!

During my talk with her, I feel like I learned more about why I want to open my own theatre company some day.  I doubt that I would be lucky enough to have the same sort of eventful career that she got to have.  I think in my head, what I picture is, as Elisa explained to me in the interview, more of a collective than a “company.”  There’s something to be said about surrounding yourself with people that you truly enjoy working with and creating good times and experiences with.  I hope you enjoy the interview when I get it posted.

The other thing that I love about doing these interviews is that it just inspires me to keep going, to keep working, to keep dreaming, to keep enjoying, and to keep protesting.  To make sure that I should do everything I can to help companies that I believe in and to promote the artists that I admire and enjoy.

Day of Reflection: Day Six

While I’ve been hunting down auditions for myself, I kept coming across the same sort of post.  It went something like: Such and such production company is looking for actors for a future low budget/feature film/indie picture.  Looking to cast: Leading Man – 20-30’s Caucasian; Secondary Character – 20-30’s Caucasian…That is just a generic wording of the dozens of disheartening casting calls that I found.  Then I got to thinking “well it’s no wonder that so many people are now taking control of their own careers by making vehicles specifically for themselves.”  So I got to thinking about all the little projects that I had at one time or another began working on and then just lost track of what I was doing.  So that lead me to a theme for podcast 16.

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot

It’s really hard to only pick five people when there are so many people that I care about.  Especially all the people that have taught me so much and so much about myself.  I think I have to cheat this one just a little bit and cluster it up just a bit.  I hope you don’t mind.

5. Karaoke friends!!  You guys have given me so many great laughs in the short time we’ve been meeting up.  I look forward to them because it just helps to laugh off all the worries of life for just a few hours. Thank you for that.

4. My blood family because without them, I wouldn’t have such snappy comebacks for people.

3. Tommy O and Holypigeon, for being absolutely amazing people to learn a million things from.

2. Notblue and Hubby for being absolutely amazing people to watch grow and to grow with.

1. My munster because you’re my munster!

If I truly had to pick my five, here are four of them.

I can’t tell you how much fun this trip to Napa was!  I would eventually love to go back again with these same people.  We shared this amazing apartment style suite and spent two days there.  I wish I didn’t smile so big.  I think that’s what makes it look fake.  I should probably take a cue from my friend at NotBlueAtAll.com and practice smiling in a mirror.  I just can’t stand looking at mirrors either.  Aside from looking at myself, one of the other reasons is that I freak myself out and think that the mirror me will move when the real me didn’t.  If that didn’t happen, I would be afraid that someone would pop up behind me; as in ghosts or something.  Or if it’s at night, the power would go out and when it came back up, something else would be looking at me.  Creepy.  Man, I think I really gotta lay off the horror movies.  Speaking of which, is anyone else interested in seeing Anthony Hopkins in “The Rite”?  Opening Day is January 28.  Wait, does this make me a glutton for punishment?

Who are your five important people?  Do you have so many people that you need to cluster them up too?  And do you wanna go see “The Rite” at the end of the month?


Episode TEN of TheActorvist Podcast is running along with the show notes posted.  All you have to do is click HERE. The podcast features an interview with graphic designer and painter, Carmen Reid; Can you help a knitter out?; and an brief look back at opening weekend for “Shakespeare”.

Also, I have added some audition notices to the audition page, so see if  there is something that you would like to try out for.  Just click HERE.

If you follow this link to GOLRSTAR, you can get $5 tickets to “Shakespreare 3 Ways” at Theatre on San Pedro Square.  There are only 2 more performances left!!  Saturday 7/24 at 8 pm and Sunday 7/25 at 2 pm.  I hope to see some of you there.  Have a great weekend.

Editing away…

The next podcast interview is being edited and researched as I type this, and luckily for me some of the questions that I have sent out are being returned.

I always thought that people in the arts would be more than happy to respond to simple questions, and now I am happily getting confirmation of this fact.  I find it exciting that people are now a little more willing to talk to me than when I first started poking about.

I am taking some photos of the art work that is inspiring the theme of the podcast and plan to have them up on the site tomorrow.

I hope that this new layout of the website and podcast format are more diverse and help me to achieve the goal of sparking interest in the fabulously talented people that are right in our own neighborhoods.