ūüéľ And I Love A Cabaret… ūüé∂

#13! Talk about a lucky table!

Dear Gentle Reader,

Last night, I was thoroughly entertained at a small cabaret show produced by Society Cabaret. The show starred one of the sweetest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and sort of working with. By that, I mean that we did a show togetherūüėÄ, but were never in any actual scenes with one anotherūüėě. I had intended to go to his previous show a few months back, but because of my lack of organization, I totally spaced out on it. I was lucky enough that this time around I was more prepared. (Yay bullet journal!- See previous post for reference…)

Now, my friends, if you ever are in the San Fransisco area or even San Jose (because they do have some events there as well) I highly recommend that you treat yourself to at least one of them! (Wesla Whitfield is their next show -fabulous lady and when I was in conservatory, I got to take her masterclass. It was incredible.)

Last night’s performance was located in the Hotel Rex in San Fran and this space is wonderfully cozy and charming. They do pack in the audience but it isn’t uncomfortable. The small menu features delicious looking food that I was tempted on ordering just to try, but seeing how we just came from dinner, probably wouldn’t have been financially responsible. What to do? What to do?

You opt for a bottle of Prosecco, of course. ūüėč

Then, the lights dimmed and the star of the evening arrived on stage, John Rinaldi. His show, He Said/She Said, was a journey through some great love songs in musical theatre.‚̧ԳŹ Some by men, some by women but all of them beautiful. ¬†It was nice to be reminded of songs I hadn’t heard in a very long time like the two numbers from Kiss of the Spider Woman¬† or ones that I have never heard at all. Speaking of never heard at all, his number, which I believe was called ¬†“Mrs. Brown,” was spectacular. ¬†Beautiful and sad. ¬†One of my two favorites of the night. He shared the stage with three other guests over the course of the show. ¬†The other fave was a showstopping rendition of “Kiss of the Spider Woman.” Perfectly suited for one of the featured women. The duet of “It Couldn’t Please Me More” from Cabaret was sheer delight. ¬†“I Dreamed A Dream” was also fantastic and just made the night even more perfect.

It was a wonderful night filled with lovely songs in a great venue, and as I mentioned earlier, Gentle Reader, you should really check it out if the opportunity arrises.

Speaking of opportunities, since I enjoyed it so much, I was speaking with one of the owners (I think) and I may try and set up a chance to join such incredible voices like John on that stage. I just want to see if I can do it. ¬†One of those “if it scares you, you should do it” type things.

One thing that I do need to say: I am so sad that I hadn’t been¬†to one of these events sooner as two incredible singers, Morgan Dayley and Glenna Murillo (both of which I have seen perform in other shows) had their shows last year!! So angry with myself for missing those! ūüė°

Oh Gentle Reader, all of the performance things I want to do is sometimes overwhelming, but since I want to try them all, I just simple have to go out there and do it, right? Right!

With that in mind, my friends, I have a brunch date to get to.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, Gentle Reader. Go listen to your favorite cast recordings and sing along. ¬†By the by, what are some of your faves? Maybe I will give them a spin while I am out and about. ¬†They’d be especially helpful to and from tonight’s rehearsal.

Until next time…

But Are They Paying You?…

The Love Of Money

HI Gentle Reader!

Can you believe this is the first post of 2016? Would you believe it if I told you I am working on completing 4 different shows in the next 5 months? ¬†It’s true. ¬†I will get to some of that in a second.

Going back to the question at hand… are they paying you?

I have had a number of people ask me this question in regards to my next project. ¬†My current project is just a little dance number in “She Loves Me” at Foothill Musical Theatre, which is playing its last weekend beginning Thursday. ¬†The next project in the works requires that I commute to Hollister which is about an hour outside of the San Jose area, if the traffic is not too bad. ¬†I don’t mind the drive at all. I enjoy any car ride as long as I have something to shamelessly sing to/with. ¬†Currently, it is a toss up between Hamilton and Something Rotten.

While I do need to take some time away from the survival jobs to make it to rehearsals on time and pay for plenty of fuel, it isn’t an unreasonable question to ask. When I tell them the answer is no, I am given the “oh damn!” look. ¬†You know the one. ¬†It looks kind of like a combination of smelling something bad and sucking on a lemon.

I am glad my friends are looking out for me, but I do have my reasons on this project.

I call this a “gotta do it” project. Think of it like facing your fear. ¬†My next project is with the San Benito Stage Company’s Sidecar production. ¬†It is a cabaret style show in a quaint little bar in a building called The Vault. The show itself is called “The Subject is Love.”

I have always loved to sing, dance, and act. My preferences of the three disciplines are in the exact opposite order than what I just listed them. ¬†For some reason that I didn’t understand, I would always get in the most trouble for¬†singing.

Both my parents were big popular music lovers. So of course, I grew up listening and loving the radio’s top 40. ¬†Once I was introduced to musicals (Thanks, Tawni!), my interest in the regular music that the rest of¬†the people around me listened to waned. I began to collect as many cast recordings as I could get my hands on via the local libraries. ¬†I loved to sing along with these magnificent songs that held so much story and emotion. ¬†I didn’t just sing though, I belted out these songs. ¬†I was constantly told by my family to shut up. I was a terrible singer. ¬†I could never do something like that (be in a musical).

This negativity was around me every day for years, because I couldn’t help it that I loved these songs so much. ¬†Subconsciously, it made me believe that I couldn’t sing and that I would never get to be a part of something so incredible. Now I could be bitter at this mental block I have been given by my family, but I realized, oddly from watching America’s Funniest Videos*, that it wasn’t because I was bad at it. ¬†It was because I was maybe a tad loud, but mostly because it wasn’t the style of music that my family was used to. Since they weren’t, they believed it was terrible music and wouldn’t stop to really listen to it.

To this day, I have this anxiety of singing in front of others, especially at auditions. ¬†It is one thing to be in a role and embodying a character as one sings, but it is a whole different show when it is just you as yourself singing a song for a group of strangers. ¬†‘But there’s the whole karaoke thing, you can’t forget that!’ one dear reader exclaims. I reply, “Yes, but there’s the whole alcohol thing , you can’t forget about that.” ¬†I think somewhere in the back of my mind there is that cluster of voices from long ago echoing those negative phrases still. For those that have known me a long time, they could mention Smokey Joe’s Cafe, but even then our director created a story arc for the show which¬†gave way to creating characters.

Yet, I have this crazy idea that I would love to perform a solo cabaret show sprinkled with a couple of friends ¬†and with this mental block I don’t see how I can make that a reality. I have had the opening number all staged for the last 5 years. ¬†Maybe it is 6. By facing down this insecurity of mine, maybe I will finally scale this seemingly insurmountable wall that I put up when it comes to singing and get my ass in gear to complete this goal. ¬†And who knows, maybe my other auditions will level up! Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed. Until then, I shall continue to sing with whichever great cast recordings I have on the road with me.

Do you have any favorite songs that you like to sing along to when you are driving down the road?  If you were only allowed to belt out one really good number, what would you choose? Let me know! Maybe we can post videos of us doing just that.

Take care, Gentle Reader.

*I tried to find the video but finally gave up. In it, there is a young boy singing a show tune. ¬†I can’t remember if it is from Cats or Annie but his older sister is screaming for him to be quiet. ¬†The boy was actually on pitch and singing pretty well. ¬†So the video brought back a lot of memories.

It’s official!!

The cast of Sunnyvale Community Players’ production of Cabaret was posted late last week. ¬†Some of my personal favorites didn’t get cast, and they are very, very good. ¬†With that being said, I now have higher expectations for the show. ¬†I am very excited to see it. ¬†Director and choreographer Lee Ann Payne, I am sure will have them turning it out for this production. ¬†So let’s see the cast:

Cast List

Emcee Paul Araquistain

Sally Bowles Emily Bliss

Cliff Bradshaw Sven Schutz

Fraulein Schneider Linda Piccone

Herr Schultz Matt Tipton

Fraulein Kost Cindy Powell

Ernst Ludwig David Mister

Kit Kat Klub Girls Michelle Beyda-Scott, Denise Lum, Veronika Olah, Melissa Palmieri, Kaeli Quick, Cheryl Ringman, Lea Simon, Valerie Valenzuela

Kit Kat Klub Boys/Patrons Brett Carlson,Daniel Hurst, Lukas Sarnow, Peter Schuurmans, Karl Schweitzer, Braden Taylor, Aaron Weisberg


Awww, Man!!

I have been trying to figure out what the likely-hood of doing two show, nearly simltaneously, would entail, and it JUST dawned on me. ¬†DE-nied!!! There isn’t any possible way that it could happen. ¬†I would be missing the first three weeks of rehearsals if I were cast in Cabaret with Sunnyvale, and getting from the rehearsal space for Bless Me, Ultima to the rehearsal space for Cabaret on Sundays would be a mess. ¬†Super sad that the possibility of doing both is now dead. ¬†I won’t say impossible, because I am sure that if they are willing to overlook all those conflicts I am willing to give it a go. I’m just sayin’ that the positivity rate is looking pretty low right about now!

Not related to the above paragraph, did you know that Seattle will be the home for the creation of the ¬†new “Aladdin” musical? ¬†It will have all the songs from the film and reinsert the missing songs that were cut from the Disney film!! ¬†Hooray! ¬†It will be awesome for “Proud Of Your Boy” to be heard by the masses. ¬†It’s an amazing song that always makes me get a little misty eyed. ¬†The company that is the lucky duck is Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre. ¬†This is the same company that premiered “A Christmas Story: The Musical!” this past holiday season. ¬†Yes, it’s based off of the beloved movie that shares it’s name! ¬†“You’ll shoot your eye out!” ¬†This company attracts such an amazing caliber of talent that one can only expect sheer amazing fantasticalness that will the the staged production of “Aladdin.” ¬†Here are some ACS clips that I’ve found on the tube!

This boy, Clarke Hallum,  is gonna be a force on Broadway one day!!  And these guys are utterly brilliant!!!  Check out this song writing team!!!  Oh muh gawd!! Benj Pasek and Justin Paul!!!