Days of Reflection: Day Seven

I thought I would just take the night off and not post something today, but then I realized that it would mean that I was to fail this little challenge/goal that I have set for myself.  It seems to be a pattern with me.  As soon as I feel like I got the hang of something or that I have finally gotten into the swing of things, I let things slide.  Today, it would have been just this itty bitty post.  Then tomorrow, it would be like not reading up on all the gardening stuff that I have to still learn.  I figured that by completing this, I could see that  “hey ya knucklehead, sticking with it ain’t so hard.”  I am a little hesitant to admit this, but early on in my theatre endeavors, I would really dread going to rehearsals.  I would say to myself “I don’t want to have to sing that same stupid song again” or “practice a dance again that I already knew” while my non-theatre friends were doing other stuff.  So I would skip out on rehearsals to be part of the fun that my friends were having.  Happily, I don’t do that anymore and I have found that yes, sometimes, the idea of rehearsal is not as exciting as something else, once I get to practice I realize that I am so glad that I went.

Day Seven: Four turn offs

Another reason that I wanted to skip today was because I couldn’t come up with four turn offs.  I just have one really big turn off.  But just for the sake of having something, this is what I present to you:

4. Talking with your mouth full of food.  More specifically, food that has ranch or bleu cheese dressing or mayo.  Basically anything creamy looking.  I just get queasy seeing that.  YUCK!!!

3. A couple of my friends are a little gross.  They like to look at zits or other puss filled things and seem to be fascinated by it.  I, on the other hand, am not.

2. Rude people – My friend told me a little saying that goes “Manners are free, use them often.”

1. Hatred. Everyone has things that they dislike.  I dislike beets.  Bleh!  But when it comes to people? Yeah, I have a hard time tolerating certain people, like numbers 2 and 3.  But I do.  I used to wish that I was a  vigilante that would throw lit cigarettes back into people’s cars that had thrown them out the window.  But back on the subject.  I don’t understand why people have to spread such toxic and terrible behaviors and attitudes.  Nothing in the world can get better until the people of the world get better. Can we please start now?

What turns you “off”?  What is it that gets your nerves in a tingle?  Maybe we can come up with solutions on how to best expel those things that bother us together.

One fun Halloween

I was actually getting ready to throw that strawberry stem in the sink, which is cropped out.  Also, cropped out my BFF telling me “Hold that pose” and giggling while this picture gets snapped.  In a weird, way.  I don’t seem to mind this picture.  Yes, the blue eyeshadow has a story, but it’s a little late for me to get all long winded about it, so maybe another time also, I doubt I can recall how it all came about.  I just can’t remember if this was before or after I got the rug burn on my forehead.  I bet I got your attention now!!!

I think I might actually be getting something out of this find a picture and don’t turn away in disgust project.  That’s good, right?

4 thoughts on “Days of Reflection: Day Seven

  1. It’s kind of like running, I guess. If you can stick it out through the serious suckage until mile 5, you get that awesome runners high. 😉


    1. Man, I haven’t made it to mile 5 in months. Usually, I just want to be done with it. That’s a really great analogy. Gurl, you’s good!!! I think I will make it to mile 5 today. Thanks Steph!!!


  2. Thanks for quoting, but it’s “Use them Freely!” Ha! Love this pic, remember that night fondly. Isn’t that when Q & I stole those mirrors for her closet? No? Wasn’t that the same Perry-Dandy night? No? Oh man, well, I pretend to remember it all fondly, then. Foo!


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