It Was A Dark And Gloomy Night…


Last night, I wrote about not wanting to be a director.

It is tough!  So what if I don’t want to direct?  I have learned the lesson that I wanted to learn.

DO NOT misunderstand me. Jesus Christ Superstar is going to be great.  I love this music and the groove a lot of these tracks have is  rocking.  Our cast has put in so much work to create great characters.  They have the dances in their feet. They have the notes in their souls and they are so excited for you, dear audience.

I’ve enjoyed colllaborating with them to create something that has the handprint of all 50+ people that are a part of this chaotic, exciting, exhausting, but always entertaining journey.  The many, many incredible faces that light up the rehearsal hall and the stage as they run thru the show make me honored that these people were so brave in following my crazy hair brained ideas. And I have a few more up my sleeve before opening night. But shhhhh…. I can’t tell them yet.

Superstar Super Opens on Saturday!!
Get your tickets buy going to

Say hi if you are there on Opening Night.  My understanding is that there are still a few more tickets left.  So stop on by and let’s sing a song!

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