When One Piece Goes Missing…

falling house of cards

I have officially decided that this whole director chore is not for me.

Let other people handle this kind of thing.

When nearly everything that you have worked so hard towards leads up to the one card that gets pulled and brings your whole house down, well it’s just too much for me.  Let someone strong deal with that.  I just don’t have the heart to.  There’s a lot of fight that has to be done, but jeez it takes away some of the joy in the process.

I am grateful for the experience.  It’s been a challenge to pull everything together but I think I’d rather play poker than try and use the deck to build something.  Poker is just way more fun.

Dear reader, please understand that I am not demeaning the hard work that has been put into the show thus far.  No, not at all.  I am saying that I would rather have fun dancing the dances, and acting and singing with the actors than being in charge of them.   That’s all.

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