The Home Stretch…


As I write this my awesome stage manager is on her hands and knees retaping spike marks and my set designer is putting some more layers of paint on his creation.  The theatre is quiet except for the sound of the occasional scrrrrkt of small pieces of glow tape being torn from it’s roll. 

This process has been long and filled with headaches. There were times that I wondered why I even decided to give this a try.  There was no time for anything outside of this or my job, so it made everyday life a little weary. As someone who loves variety, I had such a hard time only going from work to the theatre nearly every day for the last few months.

Most of these people I knew before this show, but the ones I have gotten to know are crack ups. I have had fun working with all of these incredible people and that is what has made this whole thing worth it.

As we head into the last week of my time with them, I feel this weird kind of sadness.  I thought for sure that the emotion I would feel was relief.  But, now is not the time to dwell on this.  I have a little more adjusting to do so that this show that we have brought to life is filled with emotion and great characters. I cannot be satisfied to have a show that is pretty.  For me, that is not enough.  So… back to WORK!!

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