It’s back on track. Congrats to the new Spider-Man team!

Everyone's happy about this!

I’ve just spent, at the very least, the last half hour reading the updated reviews of “Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark.”  I am delighted to say that it seems to me that people are beginning to change their minds about this once cursed production.

After reading a review of the show, it piqued my interest to see if other people felt the same way.  The article says that thanks to the reworking of the script to give it more of a complete solid story, that made all the difference.  One of the main issues was with the character of Arachne, who had such a large role through the show one would think the show was about her.  The rewrites have pulled back the character so she’s more like a spirit guide for Peter Parker.

Now there’s also no Greek chorus.  The Greek Chorus, while it’s been around forever, it seems to recently be making the rounds on Broadway, from Legally Blonde to Xanadu to Priscilla. Not that I minded them in the first two shows, but not so much in the latter.

It’s still up in the air how well Spider Man will do, but at least it won’t be the big disappointment that was originally forecast.

Here’s to a good multi-year run!  Cheers.

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