Oh the nerves!!!

As I get closer and closer to the point where I have to surrender my little book to be read to help me flesh out sections, my heart begins to race at the thought that I will soon be able to check off one more thing that I’ve wanted to do.  I will have an actual book and not just a little novella.  Of course, then that would mean shopping it around for publication.  I wonder how much it would cost to self publish?

But back to the task at hand!

This little book o’ mine is about love, reincarnation and friendships.  It bounces through time but the present is set in San Jose.  It focuses on a young man who always claims to dream about the weirdest things, but one particular dream shakes him so badly that his BFF helps him remember through hypnotic regression.  Throughout the book True Love will always try to find you.

As with any self critical artist who has ever created something, one automatically assumes that everyone is going to hate it.  Not only will they hate it, but no one will buy it.  Ugh, that is the worst feeling.  As I began to read the novella, I find that I wrote one huge chapter.  Hahaha.  So already I have a huge problem.  See, it’s gonna be terrible.

I wrote this as a challenge for National Writing Month (November) 2008.  With only having 30 days to write 50,000 words with the distraction that is Thanksgiving, I wasn’t thinking about where I should break for chapters.  I just wanted to get the story out.  I think the final word count was 51 thousand and some change.  Finding where I think the chapters should be located is kind of awkward, so that is one of the things I know I am going to need a lot of help with.  Another challenge I am finding is that I jump from present to memory often and I think I jumped  from present to memory to memory once.  That even confused me! LOL! I had to re-read the page to work out the kinks.

I tell ya, editing yourself after 3 years away from the project is kinda tough.  But I am pushing right along.  While I love the idea of the story, I don’t see it as a musical.  So I think I’ll have to scratch that idea.  Indie film?  Totally!  Play?  Maybe if it’s experimental.  I wonder if Pacifica’s Stage One would consider it?  Again, I shall cross that bridge when I get to it.

For now, I’ll just read the last half and figure out how to make it sound more mature in style.  One of the thoughts that I have tumbling through my brain as I read is that the writing feels like it’s supposed to be a young adult book. It doesn’t feel well worded it some areas.  I will be interested to see what the feed back I get from it is.

But I can’t really call it an accomplishment if I don’t get it done right?

What’s an accomplishment that you’ve recently that you were so excited to complete?  Was it a long work in progress?  This one took me YEARS!  ;-)!