In other people’s words…

I am getting several emails regarding my contribution to the show and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them.  Here’s a sampling:

“…Right after rehearsal today I called Bill and told him what a great job you did.  I also said, “Wait ’til you see Big Spender.  They’re gonna have to have EMTs on hand ‘cuz the guys in the audience are going to have heart attacks!  Bravo, Jery.”

“You are doing great work and its much deserved.”

“I know Beth Anne REALLY wants to be in Frug, so maybe the solution is to take me out and just have me be a “swing” dancer for Frug- though I love the choreography you’ve created”

“I want you to know that I believe in what you are doing and I want you to keep choreographing to help West Valley return to the company it was years ago.  …I believe that your contribution to this show is going to make it a must see.”

One of the board members of the company actually asked me “Is there any show that you want to do?” and “What are your plans for next summer?”  Utter coolness!!!

To all the cast members,  thank you for putting up with my bad explanation of things, and for your enthusiasm for the show.  Can you believe we have Act 1 all blocked and choreographed already?

2 thoughts on “In other people’s words…

  1. See?! This is your year! This is where you finally have to admit that you’re talented and suck it up! Ha-ha! So, start telling people in the biz what you want and keep wowing them with your mad skills and all will be right in the world again!


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