Are you kidding me?

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but I really like to take my time when creating a dance.  So, back in August, when I got this gig, I requested the sheet music for the songs I was choreographing.  Well, I finally got the sheet music about two weeks ago, and have had to make cuts because I didn’t have anything to work with other than the original recordings.  I have come to find out that almost all of the songs have some sort of cut that needs to be made.  I am super bummed.

Here, I thought I was keeping all of the music intact and then I get this news.  But, you know what they say…The show…

Yeah, you know what I was going to say.  Well I am going to print up my notes and head over to rehearsal.  Tonight, I am finishing Rich Man’s Frug!

Talk to ya later!

What if…

Big Spender (Fosse Original Broadway Cast Recording) Click to listen to the song.

When I startled myself awake this morning, my alarm clock’s red glow said 6:49.  Bleh, its so early, I think to myself.  I have a few hours more that I can sleep.  I close my eyes, and that’s when the thoughts come flooding into my head.  What if I forget everything?  What if the dancers hate the concept?  What if the director or producer hate it?  What if I forget to bring all of my notes?


I can’t turn my brain off.  I try meditative breathing and focusing on the hum of the sounds outside.  I try to focus on one little dot on my ceiling.  Nothing helps, and I can’t get back to sleep.  I don’t want to get out of bed, because it’s freakin’ cold out there!  I know that’s supposed to be the best thing to do, but I just couldn’t tear myself away from the warmth and cuddliness of my bed.  Then, finally at around 8:00, the sleep returns.  It’s short-lived because when the alarm actually goes off at 8:50, I am more tired than if I were just to have gotten out of bed when I first opened my eyes. But the first dance rehearsal is today at 10:00 so I gotta start my day.

I finish my daily ablutions, grab a banana, my script, my notes, my video camera, and my keys, and head out the door.  It was a little drizzly, but ten minutes after arriving at the rehearsal hall, the sun was shining as if to say, this is going to be a great day.

The dancers are trickling in as we are warming up and I am explaining my concept. I can’t say exactly what that is just yet, but once the show opens, I will be happy to let you all know.  However, I will say that it is not your typical version of Big Spender.  Nowhere near typical. I have to admit that I was worried about how the women would take this news, but when I told them how we would start the number, there was a collective gasp, followed by excited chatter.  Big smiles from me as you can imagine!

We got everyone into place, and began learning the number, there was a lot of giggling at the awkwardness of it all, but in the end, I have a number that I am very excited to share with the audience!  The women look great, and they said that it was an incredibly fun number to do.  I think that sometimes, I am too much of a self critic.  Some of the ladies, knew that I was nervous because it’s a taste of what’s to come, and if they didn’t like this number, how would they feel about the rest.  After rehearsal, they said, “You were nervous for no reason.  This is a great number!”

I am lucky to have such a great group of people to work with.  They are honest and if it was bad, they’d have no problem saying so. As would the co-producer.  But he was “very impressed.”

Tomorrow, it’s parts 1 and 2 of Rich Man’s Frug.  Oh, you better believe that we are performing all three parts.   I can’t wait!!!

35 Minutes and we begin…

By the time this post hits, I should be on my way out the door to the rehearsal hall.  I can’t tell you how excited I am, and nervous, that the time has come to begin working on this show.  I have been working on the show in pieces  since July of ’09!  So needless to say, it’s been a long time coming.  What I hope for most is that the cast enjoys this choreography.  There’s something wonderful that happens when a dancer loves or enjoys a particular piece, and usually it ends up looking like a completely inspired piece.  So I have my fingers crossed.  I want 7 inspired pieces!!

Something that I discovered about myself while working on some of these songs is that I am most productive if I hit points in the song that can have a dark interpretation.  Take Big Spender for instance,  its supposed to be a sexy song, but I wanted that darker element of this place.  This piece is a bit off the Fosse map, but I feel like it fits, and it’s dancey, and it still maintains that sexiness without being crude.  I just wanted a little uncomfortable thrown into the mix to put my stamp on it.

More to follow soon…

Woo hoo! Got some details on my RENT callback…

Last Saturday,  I had the scary enjoyment of auditioning for one of my favorite shows, RENT.

I am always such a mess when it comes to auditioning.  It’s something that I really have to work on.  I get so nervous that just thinking about an audition, and what I have to work on that it makes me have to catch my breath and wait a moment while my heart stops pounding away in my chest.  I don’t know if I have the right look for any of the major parts, which is always what an actor wants.  However for this show, I would be happy to just be part of the cast.  It’s with a different company than I usually work with, but the director, Joe Duffy, was incredibly kind which made the audition process easier.  I worked with him when he choreographed PIPPIN for Foothill Music Theatre. and he was a blast.

But back to the audition…I walked into the room, and Mr. Duffy was out so I used this time to go over the song with the accompanist who had really scrutinized my resumé.  Now that I think about it, he could be the Vocal Director.  It was a simple little room that had a raised stage inside.  When Mr. Duffy came back it there were only the four of us inside.  I love auditions like that.  While I love to cheer on my fellow auditionees, I have a hard time auditioning in front of them.  Weird, huh?  I was really surprised because the stage had  two couches, a desk style table, and a few other odds and ends,  and Mr. Duffy said “Feel free to use the stage”, but I didn’t feel like it would have suited the song. I wonder if that was a mistake.   I sang “Pinball Wizard” from The Who’s TOMMY.  I had asked the accompanist/Vocal Director to make a big cut so that I can sing the end of the song that has a key change.  After the first half of the first stanza, he made the jump, and I wasn’t expecting it and just continued to sing what my original plan was.  Luckily, the he was able to jump back into the song with minimal confusion.  I was a wee bit worried because Mr. Duffy stopped the song before I could get there.  He didn’t say anything at first while  he wrote some notes.  He had the Stage Manager give me a couple of songs to memorize and work on this week, so that on Saturday, I would be ready to go for the callback.

Well I got my phone call today and I got my times for my callback roles and what they are expecting of me there, so I have to do some research.   My first call back is at 2:15.  That’ll give me plenty of time to get there.  I forgot to mention to you that I wasn’t too sure where the place was when I first auditioned, so I arrived right at 12:00 which was my audition time, so I didn’t really have too much time to get the shakes.  Now, I have three days to get over a panic attack.  So I am off to prepare!  Wish me luck, and to all of you who have auditions and or performances going on in your careers…Break A Leg!!

Are you preparing for an audition?  Are you currently rehearsing a production?  Let me know how things are progressing.  Email me at

Hello world!

My name is Jery, what’s yours?

There is a line somewhat similar to this in the musical “Gypsy.”  It sort of becomes a type of catch phrase, I think because all three major female characters say it a few times each throughout the course of the show.  “Hello, my name is June.  What’s yours?”  It’s a weird coincidence that the title of this post was already prefilled by because it’s my debut post.

One of the other things that is sung by Mama Rose is “I had a dream, a wonderful dream…”  I don’t want to go too much further into that because then you’d start asking who is the person that she is speaking to, and all sorts of other things.  It’s too much for an intro post.  I mention the dream, because I have been a long time advocate of theatre.  Especially local theatre.  I know that the theatre scene in the South Bay Area has been less than stellar, and I am hoping to finally be able to do something to help the Arts.  Not just the Theatre, but ALL of the Arts.  I am hoping that people will realize that the Arts are important, and not something that should only be enjoyed by the people who are able to afford it.  Although to be fair, my main focus is Theatre.

So join me, as I try to bring you what’s going on in our communities, and support the Dreamers, the Creative types, and as many other people as I can.  In addition, I will recount my exploits while working on the shows that I am involved in.

I am hoping to have a true launch date in the near future.  I will most definitely keep you posted.  Be sure to bookmark this site!!!

I am also on the Twitter as @theactorvista.

“…there is nothing else.  Just us, the cameras, and all you wonderful people out there in the dark.”  – Norma Desmond ~ Sunset Boulevard