It's February! Already?

Where did month number 1 of this year go?  I swear it hasn’t been a full 4 weeks yet.

What I wanted to accomplish in January and what actually came into fruition are two very different things.  Inside my warped mind o’ mine, I had figured that I would already have the site up and running on a better schedule, WVLO would have already signed on to allow me access to additional resources for marketing, I would have been cast in RENT, I would once again be employed, and the cast would have perfected the numbers Rich Man’s Frug, There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This, Big Spender, and If My Friends Could See Me Now.

Here’s my reality thus far, I have some blog entries done for the site.  I suppose that is a good thing because it’s a step in the right direction.  Although one would think that being currently unemployed, I would have been more on the ball with this, wouldn’t it.  Well, ha ha…the joke’s on, wait…there really isn’t a joke.  I have been working on the choreography with anyone who asks for extra help.  Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted to do it, because it means that the cast member cares that much more to have a great show.  In a way, I wish that I worked with more performers with this mentality.  Heck, sometimes I wish that I always had that state of mind.  This is going to sound awful, and don’t follow my example, but I generally don’t start to stress about not being fully knowledgeable with the steps until about three weeks before we open.  I just know that my body has to get used to the movements, then after that I am good to go.  But sometimes, like with the Prologue from West Side Story that I performed last year, I just could not put the choreography for that piece together.  I felt like my limb were always flailing about during that number.  Just a hot mess in general.  I guess maybe I was too old to try to do that show again.  – It’s a long story, but I’ll tell it to you another time maybe.  But back to my acknowledgement of time defeating my January dreams.  So as far as the dance numbers being perfected there’s clean up that needs to be done on all of them.  Shucks.  On top of that, I still have to finish Frug.  Note to all of my fellow choreographers and those who aspire to move into a staff position for a show: Set guidelines!!!  I would have gotten through Frug, but talking is a big issue.  I’d say that there are really only 3 rules that need to be addressed and stuck to.  1.) If someone is asking a question, stop talking to be sure you hear it because chances are it’s the same question that everyone else has.  2.) Even with the most well-intentioned this is a biggie: If you are not the Director or the Choreographer or the Vocal Director, do NOT tell a cast mate that they are doing something wrong.  If it is an issue that is causing an issue for you, bring it up with the staff.  And lastly, 3.) You may have ideas, but during rehearsal is not the time to discuss them, when there is work to be done.  Wait until after everyone is dismissed and talk about it after.  So that’s all I shall say about dancing for the moment.  As for my meeting with the company, that is happening on February 18th.  I guess I can’t be to disheartened about that aspect of things because they only meet once a month and I was in rehearsals during their last one.  I didn’t get cast in RENT, and it could have been for any number of reasons, but I think it’s because I shouldn’t have waited until the day before to ask for help with the callback music.  That’s something else that we will discuss at a later time.  I was laid off from my job shortly after New Year’s Day, and was told that its only for a couple of weeks.  Cool, right? I could use the vacation.  So far it’s been more weeks than I prefer, but what can I do?  So I focus on what I can try to control.  My dances.  This blog, and my sanity.  If I begin to go crazy, can you step in and say something?  Thanks.  That would really help me out.

For all of you auditioning or performing somewhere, break a leg.

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