Will You Be A Light?…

Picture is from Broadway.com

Dear Gentle Reader,

Today, January 19, 2017 at 5:30pm in each time zone, theaters across the nation are standing up to announce that through the dark days that may be ahead of us, we will be there, standing tall for inclusion of all people regardless of where they are from, who they believe in, who they love and how they got here. We will fight to tell the stories of the people that reflect our humanity (or lack thereof in some cases.) We will fight off the bullies and create safe spaces for everyone to come to and be a part of something constructive and creative. In doing so, in my little opinion, this practice will spill outside of the walls of the theaters and into the streets and into the lives and consciousness of others who will continue to grow and shine that light.

Please go to the website The Ghostlight Project and check it out and join your community at one of the many theaters taking part of this project. As I mentioned before all are welcome, and if you happen to be a part of another movement, that’s fantastic!  Bring those friends.  Can you imagine what could happen if The Ghostlight Project and the Black Lives Matter Movement worked on something together?

Join us.  You don’t need anything but a light and your cell phone light will work perfectly. Personally, I am really excited because this is the first time I don’t have to work when a rally I wanted to attend was happening.  You can bet there will be pictures, dear reader!

Will you be there?  And don’t forget to share your experience.  Use the hashtags, #AllAreWelcom #BeALight and #GhostlightProject.

Shine on, my friends.  Shine on!

Hello world!

My name is Jery, what’s yours?

There is a line somewhat similar to this in the musical “Gypsy.”  It sort of becomes a type of catch phrase, I think because all three major female characters say it a few times each throughout the course of the show.  “Hello, my name is June.  What’s yours?”  It’s a weird coincidence that the title of this post was already prefilled by WordPress.com because it’s my debut post.

One of the other things that is sung by Mama Rose is “I had a dream, a wonderful dream…”  I don’t want to go too much further into that because then you’d start asking who is the person that she is speaking to, and all sorts of other things.  It’s too much for an intro post.  I mention the dream, because I have been a long time advocate of theatre.  Especially local theatre.  I know that the theatre scene in the South Bay Area has been less than stellar, and I am hoping to finally be able to do something to help the Arts.  Not just the Theatre, but ALL of the Arts.  I am hoping that people will realize that the Arts are important, and not something that should only be enjoyed by the people who are able to afford it.  Although to be fair, my main focus is Theatre.

So join me, as I try to bring you what’s going on in our communities, and support the Dreamers, the Creative types, and as many other people as I can.  In addition, I will recount my exploits while working on the shows that I am involved in.

I am hoping to have a true launch date in the near future.  I will most definitely keep you posted.  Be sure to bookmark this site!!!

I am also on the Twitter as @theactorvista.

“…there is nothing else.  Just us, the cameras, and all you wonderful people out there in the dark.”  – Norma Desmond ~ Sunset Boulevard