Are you kidding me?

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but I really like to take my time when creating a dance.  So, back in August, when I got this gig, I requested the sheet music for the songs I was choreographing.  Well, I finally got the sheet music about two weeks ago, and have had to make cuts because I didn’t have anything to work with other than the original recordings.  I have come to find out that almost all of the songs have some sort of cut that needs to be made.  I am super bummed.

Here, I thought I was keeping all of the music intact and then I get this news.  But, you know what they say…The show…

Yeah, you know what I was going to say.  Well I am going to print up my notes and head over to rehearsal.  Tonight, I am finishing Rich Man’s Frug!

Talk to ya later!

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