These are a few of my favorite things…

and my favorite people…

Episode 17! 2 (The Re-Do)

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I guess I left one of the tracks on mute when I uploaded the podcast.  It’s all fixed now!  Sorry!!

Company Bow
Company Bows

Editing away…

The next podcast interview is being edited and researched as I type this, and luckily for me some of the questions that I have sent out are being returned.

I always thought that people in the arts would be more than happy to respond to simple questions, and now I am happily getting confirmation of this fact.  I find it exciting that people are now a little more willing to talk to me than when I first started poking about.

I am taking some photos of the art work that is inspiring the theme of the podcast and plan to have them up on the site tomorrow.

I hope that this new layout of the website and podcast format are more diverse and help me to achieve the goal of sparking interest in the fabulously talented people that are right in our own neighborhoods.