Episode 22

Green Lantern with Rogue, Magneto, and Doctor Doom hanging below.

I was so excited about life this week!  I got to do a bunch of stuff. So naturally, I’d like to share.  Geek is GOOD!!!   Muahahaha

From the Podsafe Music Network, this episode featured music by:

The Vinnie Club – Tech Noir Grand Re-Opening

Jukebox Zeros – Film Noir Love

Sacre Noir – A Mescaline Monologue


Monologues, monologues, monologues! I cry (think Jan Brady) as I hunt and scour my books in an effort to find something different and I am hitting walls. My reasons are simple.

Reason 1: You aren’t supposed to use a woman’s monologue.  At least that’s what I’ve heard.  I think it’s time to stop listening.

Reason 2: Don’t connect to the material.  Rereading wasn’t the best time spent.  If you know what I mean.

Reason 3: It’s too long.  Editing would only disturb the flow of the setup and the charm and comedy, so what’s the punch line for?


Insomnia is a burden, but can be dealt with.  But now that I know what I am missing, I am kinda sad!!  If you suffer from it too, here is a site with tips. Scroll down about a third of the page to get to the “cures” section. I have found that once I have used my energy for the day, I can sleep, okay.  Or sometimes I just can’t stop thinking.  So I have a journal nearby.  Sometimes, I freak myself out and am just afraid of the dark, so I have a night light that I can use as well. I know, I’m a strange one.


Even though the Hays Office almost prevented the movie, the book is  a classic and thankfully translates well onto the stage!  This Seattle A.C.T. co-production with SJ Rep is a show that while not the typical detective standing under a street lamp noir is still gritty and does a great job capturing those elements.


Empire 7 Studios opened a new exhibit on Friday the 13th.  You should give it the once over, see?


Episode 21

This is the speedy episode because I didn’t have too much time thanks to Opening Night prep!

This podcast features this guy:

Mr. Brett Carlson in H2$ rehearsals where he plays Bud Frump.

Brett has been such an active performer in the local theatre scene.  I’ve enjoyed working with this guy because he’s such a strange bird.  In the interview, we talk about  7 Brides for 7 Brothers and when we actually performed in that show.  As it turns out, the year that Mr. Brett made this theatrical stage debut was in 2004.  7 Brides was his first show, and when I think back on that show, he was a different person in many respects.  Although, even then he was still fun to work with!  Come and see him on stage in WVLO’s “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.”  Get your tix HERE or HERE.


Huge thank you to the Podsafe Music Network!  The song featured was Alan Lauris called Time Out.  If you like the song, listen to the rest of his upbeat and quirky music by going to his website: alanlauris.com


Hooray! Thanks to the show, I have knitting back in my little life.  I am so excited, I already started working on a new scarf and glove set featuring the antler stitch from the fabulous “Son of Stitch and Bitch” Book by Debbie Stoller.  With so many of my cast mates being knitters, I have become so excited about picking up the pointy sticks once again!

My favorite time of the year is this gorgeous rainy and chilly weather.  I am so happy that it’s here!  After enduring the torture that is summer, I can’t quite find the adequate words that express how jumpy happy my heart is for the bite in the air and the big heavy gray clouds.  With that being said and with the knowledge that this time of year is full of holiday parties and rain slicked roads, I would like to ask that everyone pay special attention to your fellow drivers that are on the road, especially the people on motorcycles and scooters.

Get your tickets for H2$ now!  Now that the show’s opened and word of mouth is that the show is good, ticket sales have picked up!  Woo Hoo!  See you next time!


Special Edition

Cast of "Cha Joe": L to R (Top Row) Gary Laidlaw, Christopher Carter, Chris Vu, Jason Lieu, Mai La, Matt Matthews, Ze Spencer, (Bottom Row): Tony Le, Bill Ereneta, Kathleen Park,, Melissa Bush, Sarah Kishler, Kymberly Schieferstein, Janet Van Nguyen

I loved the themes behind this inspiring original play by Quo Vadis Theatre Company.  It’s all about one man’s drive to help a group of people that didn’t have enough.  Not enough food, money, or shelter. Father Joseph Devlin went to Vietnam not at the behest of the church but to follow what his heart said was right.  The fact that the man was a Bay Area native with family still in Santa Clara just goes to show that anyone can do good regardless of where your from or how you do it or who you are helping.

Lending a helping hand is not the only thing that is celebrated in this piece.  The human spirit is an incredible thing as proven by the thousands of refugees Cha (Father in Vietnamese) Joe helped.  Even in spite of losing everything including their native land, these incredible people thrived.  So 40 years after the Vietnam War, Marie Ballentine and the rest of the folks at Quo Vadis felt it was important to share this bit of history that doesn’t get told in History class and to celebrate their contributions to our society.

There are some powerful moments in the script but don’t think it’s all gloom and doom.  There are a number of lines that garner a few giggles if you listen carefully enough.

I was really honored to be asked to see the show and talk to the cast after.  My biggest thank you’s go out to Quo Vadis Theatre and the cast for participating in the podcast.  I would have loved to have more time to chat.

Don’t miss this touching story that makes me want to do more than what I do.

“Cha Joe” opens 10/7 and runs weekends until 10/16.  Performances are at 8PM and the Sunday matinees begin at 2PM.  The show plays at the historic Hoover Theatre located on the corner of Park Ave and Naglee in San Jose.  Click the link above to find complete details and to order your tickets!!

Next Up…

In an attempt to do more good, I have signed up for the new site GoVoluntr.  Even though it’s a new non-profit company, it’s getting a lot of interest.  Events are constantly being added and the opportunities to help out just keep on coming.   I highly encourage everyone to sign up and “Like” the Facebook page.  GoVoluntr founder, Young Han, always seems to be on the go and is at nearly every event.  Where does this energy come from, and can he bottle it up and sell it on the website as “GoVo Juice?” There are some great points that make this site so cool and one is that you can actually keep tabs on the number of hours you volunteer.  Super nifty!  Check it out!


Episode 19


“Let Go”  – Civilians

“Let Go” – Griffin Anthony

“Let Go (of yourself) – Milk  – this one was just weird fun, and it made me smile.

So rehearsals have started and I am super lucky to finally get to work with Ronnie Misra for the first time and Samantha Stidham once more.  Here’s the really cool part.  They are going to join me on this journey and I’ve invited them to be guest bloggers on TheActorvist site.  You should remember them from their show “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”

Ronnie and Samantha

The Aurora Theatre in Berkley rocked my socks with Metamorphosis.  Watch this video about the company and see how it’s developed into the power house it is today.  Here’s a little clip I found courtesy of YouTube

And lastly, here’s my bad dancing…  The vid is a little shakey, but it does make it feel like some random person just happened to catch this.  Thanks Bryan for doing this with and for me.

Episode 18

(Click on the link to play)


“Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most”- Bette Midler

“Brave” – Idina Menzel

“The Life I Never Led” – Katie Rowley Jones from Sister Act: The Musical

“The Life I Never Led (reprise)” – Katie Rowley Jones from Sister Act: The Musical

Closes at Sunnyvale on May 15th! Click the pic to get more info.

It was great to see my dancin’ friends, Brett Carlson, Lea Simon, Karl Schweitzer, Peter Schuurmans and dancin’ diva Valerie Valenzuela.  Just two more shows!!

Pacifica Spindrift Players finished up their amazing production of Boxcar.  If you missed it, you missed a fabulous show.

Oh my gawd, I got to see Memphis in the movie theatres!!!  Huckadoo.  It was the best thing I have seen in the movie theatre this year so far!  I can’t wait for the DVD to come out.  Cuz you know it will be sold.

Only 29 more days until the Tony’s!!!  There’s so many shows that I want to see.  I want to go to New York and watch them all in a month.  Who do you want to win Best Musical?  Best Play?


Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.  ~Terri Guillemets

I feel like I missed the one before and now I am stressed out of my mind sitting at this emotional bus stop constantly checking my watch and hoping against hope that there is one more bus coming.

In the mean time, I am occupying my time with new friends that I’ve made at the nursery.  Loving the botany, but not loving it as much as I feel like I should.  So now the question is: What to do? What to do?

And finally as promised, the trailer for “How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”


Our last gathering after strike


This is just a itty bitty wrap up about Bless Me, Ultima and a chat with two of my cast mates.

Episode 17! 2

(Click to play)

OH and here is the clip of Jay Vera over exaggerating a missed cue due to a scene change

The camera work is wonky, I’ll admit it.  I was too close and there were too many people behind me to back up. 🙂

The Music:

(Thanks of course to the PSMN!!)

1. Simple Things by Amy Kuney – You can visit her site at MySpace.com

2. Memories, Photographs, and History by Jerry Fee – His site is JerryFeemmusic.com

3. Immigrant Song by Ann Wilson –  That’s right, the rock star from Heart!  I bet you didn’t know she had released a solo album at one point.  She is also on MySpace.com

Ms. J.C. Sales, whose adventures you can read of by clicking HERE, is going to be in Arclight Repertory‘s “Much Ado About Nothing.”  Click on the title to get the “Sparks Notes” on the play.

Mr. Valenzuela is going to be heading up the cast for Pacifica Spindrift Players’ Stage 2 production of “Boxcar.”  I can’t wait to see this show.

Our last gathering after strike


It’s been a while since I had a podcast, and now that I have a moment, I made sure to crank one out!  Here is:

Episode 16

Click to play

This podcast’s focus is on introducing you to the Artistic Director of Teatro Vision and the Director of “Bless Me, Ultima,” Elisa Alvarado!  I was lucky enough to work with her during the show “Hero” about two years ago, and just fell in love with the way this particular company interacts with it’s members.

Tickets for “Bless Me, Ultima” can be purchased by clicking HERE or by calling the Box Office at (408) 294-6621. As with every company that I have done a show with, they have a contest to see who sells the most tickets.  So if you want to, you can give them my name, but that’s not really important to me.  What is important is that I want to get people in the seats.  I think plays open up doors to create discussions about things and this play has a LOT of things that can be debated upon.  I just wanna say it so:  Tell’em Large Marge, sent ya!!

If you are interested in picking up a copy of the book, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Ebay are all selling it.  Just click the links and boom, you’re there!

Music that was played was by Little Jackie called “Go Hard or Go Home” Her full album is called “The Stoop” it’s a good album, a really good one!

For my Teatro Vision friends who only want the Elisa Interview audio, click Episode 16 (Teatro Edit)




Episode 15

(Click to play)

Happy holidays and all that good stuff!  Yes, I know that it’s a little late for all that stuff.  But I am no Grinch, so I just wanted to get it out of the way.  Hopefully, you had a wonderful time however you chose to spend it.  I spent Xmas with both my families, blood and chosen.  My “real” family all got together at my sister little home and tried to carry out the festivities there.  The only problem was that there were was limited seating and limited space to hide while the kids tore through wrapping paper to get to the goodies inside.  So that was only fun for a very short amount of  time.  And there were a lot of kids.  My other “family” met up later in the evening and had a festive dinner with a bunch of games and tons of laughing.  We give gifts all the time, so for the holiday it was decided to not worry about it.

I had to go to Nevada for New Year’s Eve because my sister-in-law was getting married!  Congrats to her and Tristen.  The last time that we had tried to visit the family in Nevada during the holiday, it was snowing horribly.  Now up until that point I had never been to the snow or been snowed on because I am from San Jose, and it melts before it even hits the rooftops. On that last winter trip, as Perry was driving he somehow lost his bearings and we slowly skidded to a stop so that the hood of the car was almost right up on railing that is supposed to keep your car from flying off the mountain.  The idea of braving that trip once more made me queasy to say the least.  So the road there was a piece of cake! It was the road back that created all the problems and made me wish that I had packed blankets, food and water in the car in case we ended up becoming snowed in.  The weather channel was saying that it would be “flurries” that we would experience when in the high altitudes.  A flurry, I am told, is the equivalent of scattered showers.  This was no flurry.  It was a constant and steady medium snowfall that lasted nearly 50 miles through the mountains.  I was not a happy camper.  To make matters even more tense, I couldn’t see where we were heading thanks to the windshield wiper on my side only smearing the snow instead of wiping it away.  So everything was blurry and it made me want to pull out my hair.  It was a white knuckle ride, let me tell you.  Here’s the difference between heading there and coming home:

Happily driving to Nevada              

Boy, oh boy did I figure out some stuff for myself last year!  Of course, life is all about learning. But sometimes, when you find out stuff about yourself that needs to be worked on it’s like a karate chop to the throat.  Your breath catches and it’s almost a moment of disbelief, like ‘did that really just happen?’  There are 4 things that I really discovered about myself last year.  These aren’t in order of importance or anything.  Lesson 1: Be your own fortune teller!  If I was smart, I would have been ahead of the game and not pink slipped at the beginning of the year.  Lesson 2: You’ve gotta work harder. Next time I choreograph a show, I’ll be sure that there won’t be as much confusion and as many bodies.  Don’t know what I mean by that? You’ll have to listen to the podcast.  Lesson 3: Stop using unnecessary energy.  I spend a lot of energy trying to shape people’s first impression of me.  Stop it!  Lesson 4: Get some confidence, man!! I have to start believing that when people say “Good job” they may actually mean it.

A month or so ago some of my friends on Facebook had posted roles they would like to one day play.  When I thought about it, I couldn’t decide what my top 10 would be, so I think I finally have it narrowed down.  At the moment they are the following shows and characters:

Character: Zanna
Character: Cosmo
Character: Val Jean
Character: Boc
Character: Mary Sunshine
Character: The Baker
Character: Sonny
Character: Robert
Character: Leading Player

And my number one role that I would LOVE to play is

Drumroll please…

Character: Usnavi

So that’s my bucket list at this time.  What’s yours like?  It doesn’t have to be about performance, just something that YOU would love to do. When will you start working on your list?  If you’d like to share, send me an email at Jery@TheActorvist.com!

I recently read a post on my BFF’s blog I’m Not Blue At All and we share a dislike that I am going to ask for your help on.   I don’t ever really like to take pictures.  I don’t seem to mind them as much if someone just whips out a camera and is taking a picture from across the room to get a candid shot.  I really can’t get behind those “Say Cheese” photos.  But in an effort to recondition myself so that I don’t hide anymore I would like to find as many pictures that I can that I am in.  If you happen to have one, would you be a dear and share it with me?  There was a little thing that I had read also by her called Ten Days of Me.  I think I will rename that to 10 Days of Reflection.  It’s things like List 10 things you want to say to people.  So in addition to that, I would like to share a photo of myself and try to get through a tiny paragraph about what I feel for that particular photo.

You can share the photo in one of two ways.  You can email it to me at Jery@TheActorvist.  You can tag me in it on Facebook.   I know that the pictures that my mother have of me are very few and far between, but I will dig through her stuff as well.

I thank you a million times in advance.

Now that it’s 2011, I’d like to share my New Year wishes for all of you.

I wish that your home is filled with laughter, love, and warmth from all the people who mean something to you. I wish you health in all of it’s forms.  I wish you every single good thought that everyone deserves.  And I wish for you a safe year as well.   ~j.

I wish that we finally begin to understand that people are more than just what they look like or who they love.  I wish that we realize there’s enough in the world to share. I wish that the value of love overcomes the all mighty dollar.

Welcome to 2011!!!!


Episode 14

(Click to Play)

In this episode, I confess that I am a mess during the last few days of a show and for some time after, I am nervous about the critique I will get on my novella, and I review CMTSJ’s Hairspray.

Music comes from the Podsafe Music Network. If you enjoyed any of the songs in this episode you can learn more about the artists  by clicking the links below.

Freemaker – “In The End” – Unfortunately, the site for Freemaker isn’t available.  Bummer.

Jessica Grace – “Oh The Drama”

Jasmine Commerce – “The Book”

White Christmas has had a wonderful run and now the fun is coming to an end.  It’s been a crazy experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I hate, hate, HATE to be in pictures, but with my bad memory, I know that I wouldn’t be able to remember how much fun I’ve had.  So I plan to be snapping a ton of pics during our final weekend.  The catch is I would like to be in some of them.  I have been getting teased due to my observationalist attitude and demeanor, but I have to put to rest the idea that I don’t enjoy the company of the company.  I love you guys to bits and pieces.  Even you, Jillian!  Remember, bits and pieces.  Even if I have to chop you up myself!!  Muahahaha!!

Man, I don’t know what was happening with my antsy energy last weekend during the show, but I didn’t look completely spastic so I guess it’s not that big of a deal.  I just hope that I will be able to do it once again this weekend.  Especially since my mom is going to be in the audience on closing night!  It’s so exciting.  She’s the first person that showed me what a musical was, even if I hated it to begin with.  The funny thing was that the musical was “White Christmas”

So when a show ends, I go through a range of emotions.  During the week of closing, I am generally sad; especially when I focus on leaving the show. Then when the curtain falls on the last show, and for the day after, I am washed over with relief because all the stress can be let go forever.  It’s never consistent, but once the feeling of relief subsides, I go into a depression.  I don’t know if anyone else experiences these feelings.  I have found that there are things that help me get around the depression once I feel like I have accepted and acknowledged that particular feeling.  Here’s what I focus on:

1.  Get active – Taking some sort of class that gets your heart pumping.  If you don’t like regular excerise, get into a dance class, or go out to a club and get your boogie on!! Of course, if you do go to a club, it’s not so much about the drinks but the dancing!  Drinking to get over depression is NOT the answer.  It is just a stone’s throw from becoming an accidental alcoholic

2. Vitamin B – This vitamin is a great for mental health.  Here’s a link to learn more about what foods are a great source for the vitamin and what the different complexes do for your body: Vitamin B tips

3. Meditation – When I can actually find the quiet in my mind, life is grand! When I learned meditation, this is the site that I turned to and maybe it’ll help you too! Meditation Guides.

Last Saturday, we had a matinee for White Christmas and so my buddy Shawn Bender and I met up at the Montgomery Theatre to catch an evening performance of  CMTSJ’s production of Hairspray.  It was so much fun!  It was a solid show with a great cast.  There were a few issues that I had with it, but you’ll have to hear the podcast to find out what my issues with the show were.  I just learned that they have a sold out show on their hands, so they have added one more show.  It’s on Sunday 12.12.10 at 6 pm.  If you need tix, click HERE, right now!!!

Do you have any rituals or emotions that you go through when you close a show?  Did you catch Hairspray?  What did you think of it?  Hit me up with an email at Jery@TheActorvist.com.


Are you feeling lucky?

Episode 13

Show notes will be added Saturday morning!  Sorry!!

Episode 12

(The one where I am grateful!!  Click to play)

The music provided for this episode of the podcast was provided by The Podsafe Music Network.  The three songs were:

Jody Gnant –  Eternally Grateful

Anthony Burbidge – Grateful Heart

Jordan Martyn – Thanks

Thanksgiving was pretty tame at my family’s house.  But once I got home and my friends came over, things

got swinging pretty fast. We had a ball and the food was so freaking good!!  If you would like to try the

cranberry apple dressing/stuffing click HERE.   Try it!  It’s easy and delicious!  You can thank me later.

My callback for “Bless Me, Ulitma” with Teatro Vision is still up in the air.  The waiting is the hardest part of

auditioning. Well, after the nerves! I loved working with the company for the show “Hero“.   It was a

great informative experience.  I can’t believe that that show was done in 1998!  My how time flies!

White Christmas is still in production until December 11th.  So that means you still have a few chances to come

and see the show. For more information and to order tickets click HERE!  It’s a fun show that people seem to

be really enjoying.  This past Friday my coworkers from Yamagami’s Nursery were in attendance.  They all

said they had such a great time!  They are still talking about it, a week later.

Last Saturday, the show was shut down due to a power outage and so we entertained the patrons with a small

song from the show.  Here’s what it looked like from the cast perspective.

The lights along the back are the emergency lights, and the bright blue light is the house manager’s flashlight.

I want to say a huge thank you to my friends, all of them/you, for keeping me grounded and for putting up with

my weird quirks.  I also have to thank the universe for all the minute decisions that have been made all over the

place that have led me to this point in time right now!  And thank YOU, kind listener. I appreciate the time you

spend listening to me babble on and on.  I truly appreciate it.

I hope that one day you would drop me a line.  You can always reach me at Jery@TheActorvist.com or on Facebook

at Jery TheActorvist. I am also on Twitter at TheActorvista.

Until next time…

Episode X

(click to Play)

Show Notes

Big Big THANK YOU to Carrot’s Coffee and Tea for allowing me a space to conduct the interview, and for the AMAZING coffee and wrap!!! Deeeeelicious!  I highly recommend everyone to stop by to try the food and drink at  Carrot’s Coffee and Tea when you are near the San Bruno area.

Shakespeare 3 Ways by  Three of a Perfect Pair Theatre Troupe (Update)

The show is up an running!  It’s so much fun!  The blocking was being adjusted right up until the very end.  A little brutal, but once we broke out of what we worked on for the majority of the rehearsal process and got the hang of the new stuff, movement has been easier.  Well, to an extent.  I am supposed to be a little older and am aged with some makeup, I get this fun bouncy energy that makes me want to be a little kid and truly play. So hard to get grounded.  I tore my lovely coat right under the armpit but not on the seam.  Such a pain to repair.  I feel so bad about that.   During the rehearsal process, it was difficult to find what works because we were all so used to the material, that we stopped laughing at the jokes.  It was a joy on Opening Night to get laughs, confirming to us that how we were delivering the lines was a appropriate.  I don’t think I have ever been more grateful for an audience. There are only 3 performances left!!!  Get your tickets now!!!  Big discount if you go to Goldstar and by your tickets there.

Green Planet Yarn and Bobbins Nest Studio are having a fundraiser to help out a knitter in the community.  They have some amazing things up for a raffle, so check out their websites or stop by the stores to see what you could possibly win!!  YOU can purchase tickets for the raffle at $1 each OR six tickets for $5!  It’s for a great cause.  Help out a fellow knitter and possibly win some beautiful stuff.  Green Planet Yarn is one of my FAVORITE stores in the Bay Area. I highly recommend that you check it out!

Carmen Reid is a graphic designer that is also a painter who does wonderful, whimsical works.  I have her piece “The Reminder” hanging in my living room. I love this work and many of her other pieces as well.  You can see this image HERE or by checking out her site Creative Provisions.

The Myths of Accessibility and the Arts

There are 4 definitions for Accessisbilty.

1. Easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or reached. – “Art is full of snobby/pretentious people!” “Theatre is for old people.” Ha ha, not the case.  I know that some people are intimidated by attending theatre or walking into a museum because they don’t know about theatre or art.  Stop that foolishness right now! The very first time I walked into a museum, I was incredibly scared because I didn’t know anything about art.  Upon my second visit, I learned that the people there, are so happy to talk to visitors about the displays and works.  If you would like to learn more about art, the most magnificent book that I invested in is called “The Story of Art” by E.H. Gombrich.  Easy reading that is straightforward and pretty much breaks down EVERYTHING for you. So if you are like me and want to learn about art and be able to appreciate it more, I say get your hands on this book. As for theatre, with shows like  “Spring Awakening” “Hairspray” “In The Heights” and “American Idiot” on Broadway and touring the world, I think that says plenty about theatre just being for old people.

2. That can be used, entered, or reached. – “I don’t get around  very well.”  Aside from two venues in San Francisco that I have been to, nearly every performance space and museum has arrangements to invite everyone in and enjoy what’s inside, so please contact your local museum or performance venue to see if they have what you need to be able to enjoy the goodies that lie inside waiting for you.

3.  Obtainable or attainable. – “Tickets for plays are too expensive.”  “I can’t afford to go to the museum.”  There are so many ways to participate for a low cost or for free!  There are free events that happen at the San Jose Museum of Art often.  Stay tuned to TheActorvist.com and I will keep you posted.   For plays and musicals, your local community theatre groups almost always need someone to usher for a show or help out in some way.  For your efforts, you can often see the show for free. It’s a win-win!  You help out an arts company that need some assistance, but you get the benefit of seeing a show!

4.  Open to the influence of – As the Arts are a collaborative experience, especially theatrical events, it is up to us as audience members to welcome the emotional experience and to honor it by acknowledging the feelings it creates within us and NOT to simply dismiss it as “I don’t like it cuz it was boring.”  Why was it boring? If it’s a theatrical piece, was it because you couldn’t relate to the characters in the play?  If it’s an art work, and you found it boring, what made these feelings, the colors, the image that was presented?  Think about these things whenever you see a play or a painting or hear a piece of music or a poem.

Now, I know that the podcast itself probably doesn’t convey this message as clear as the show notes, but I needed to decide on how to separate the thoughts because I know not everyone will listen to the podcast, but the show notes are short and sweet, and I think it may be easier for some people this way.  On the other hand, I don’t want the show notes to be a complete transcript of the podcast, so I have to change it up and give the loyal ones something to supplement the podcast.


Episode 9

Show Notes

Thank you to all the people that helped me celebrate my birthday last week.  Mucho, mucho fun.

The Golden Apple

The Golden Apple is a wonderful little musical that is one of the first shows that was first produced Off-Broadway and after a smashing success it was transplanted to the Great White Way where it abruptly closed after just over 100 performances.  To this day no one knows really why it closed so fast in spite of the great reviews.  Did I like it? I guess you have to listen to the podcast to find out.

“Shakespeare 3 Ways” is still a work in progress and we open next Friday.  Yikes!  My understanding is that the sets are still needing to be completed although it should be simple as they are merely flats.  Cast and crew came to the run through of “Love is Blind” and “A Debt by Any Other Name”.  Got to learn about some of the things that worked and some that didn’t.  We stayed late until about 11:30 to fix a majority of the things that needed it.

“Breaking Up is Hard To Do” has finished it’s second weekend and it’s finally settling into it’s pace.  So now we have to get some butts in the seats! Spread the word that it’s a fun little show.  I asked a few people at the Opening Night Reception and got confirmation of that.  Have a  listen.   I emailed Producer Sergio Pena for some of his feedback regarding how he feels the show is progressing, but I haven’t gotten a response at the time of this posting.

Congrats to Will Perez and Matt Tipton as they enjoy the Opening Night festivities

Music was provided by the Podsafe Music Network, and the song I played from there was called “Shakespearean Pie” featuring Robert Lund.  You can find this song and more on The FuMP website. It stands for The Funny Music Program.  There are several other parodies to listen to if you’d like.  Yes, yes, I know that the song was VERY long, but I loved the way the chorus changed each time, and the amount of Shakespearean knowledge that it took to get this words to fit into the proper parameter of Don McLean’s American Pie.

Sorry there aren’t any Want Ads or Things To Do for this go ’round, but I’ve got some lines to study and haven’t had enough time to research and find them.  So a million apologies for that.

Episode 10 will hopefully mark a new style for the Website and the Podcast.  I hope you find it much more interesting and informative.

My challenge to YOU dear reader/listener, is to let me know what I can do to make this a better experience for you.  So, don’t be shy, I have to know so that I can be more effective.


Episode 8 – Let’s Celebrate!!

Hello again you wonderful, wonderful people!

Shakespeare 3 Ways – The plot thickens *insert some sort of suspenseful orchestration here*  Craig, our wonderful playwright and producer as well as everything else, and I have been asked by our director if we would switch roles.  It was interesting because she stopped us in the middle of a stumble through and said, “I am going to ask you to do something that is incredible.” The moment she said that I thought “Oh, no.  Are we going to have to play the rest of this as crayons or something.”  But when she told us to switch, and began to laugh shortly after, I knew which direction the ship would be heading.  All three of the plays are supposed to be comedies.  {Please note: This is just my own personal observation} I think what has happened is that we’ve focused only on the larger play that the shorter one still feels a little foreign to us.  Well, to me at least.  Even with the character work and the triggering and various other exercises and homework that I have done.  I don’t know if it’s the space, or the energy, but I just can’t get myself to that point that I need to be where I am beaten down, but still comically fighting with words without getting energized by it.  Craig has that natural energy of grounded-ness and maturity combined which is where I think slows the play.  Switching us to where our natural tendencies lie, was a move that took the play from “It’s pretty good” to “Really good” and as we begin to work on it more and more together, it’ll be “Great!”   We open at the end of July.  I promise more details to follow!!

“Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”  has it’s opening night tomorrow, June 26!!!  Get your tickets NOW!!  I know there are still a limited number of seats.  After the show, enjoy some refreshments and talk to the cast, crew, orchestra and the artistic staff.  Use this time to get to know more about the show, the people involved, or the theatre company itself!  The cast is lively and it doesn’t hurt that Neil Sedaka’s music is pretty darn good!  The show starts at 8:00 and you can get your tickets in any of the following ways (click on the link and it’ll take you where you need to go): Brown Paper Tickets or call Marge Hand at 408-268-3777.  You will get an answering machine, but she is amazing and will call you back ASAP.  The advantage to giving her a call is that you can actually pick where you seat.  That’s not an option on BPT.  Just sayin’…

Anne-Claire Baconnaise-Lucas, is not just the only person that I know that has a hyphenated first AND last name, but she performed a wonderful recital a few weeks ago up in San Francisco.   I was worried because I had gotten a late start to make it, but luckily they held the show because, unbelievably enough, I wasn’t the only person that had a bit of difficulty finding parking and whatnot.  I am kicking myself because I have some In-Laws, coming and in the process of a over the top cleaning, I seem to have misplaced my program for the show.  She kindly gave her permission to use one of her songs in the show as well as to share a video of the finale which took everyone by surprise.

Episode 7!

Interview with Ronnie Misra:  Well, I got sidetracked with the time and wanted to be sure he got to rehearsal on time, so I completely forgot to go back to the question “What would be your dream role?”  I will find that out dear reader and get that to you.

Shakespeare 3 Ways: Okay, here are the questions that our director used to get us to create and perform a tiny story about our character.  1. My name is ___.  2. I am ___years old? 3. I am from the ______. 4. My profession is ______.  5. 5 facts about my character that are mentioned in the script are __________.  6. 5 facts about my character that aren’t in the script are _______.     7. A telling action I perform in the play is______.  8. A telling line that I speak in the play is _______. 9. My greatest fear is ______.  10. My greatest longing is ________ 11. Odd habits I have include ____.   12. My likes include _________.   13. My dislikes include ________ 14. My fondest memory is ___________.  15.  My biggest secret is ___________.

We were given ten minutes to create a small skit that had a beginning, middle, and end after we had a chance to answer the questions.

In addition, she gave us specific actions that she would be looking for.  They were as follows: perform and action that expresses character with tempo in mind; perform an action that expresses character with duration; show a walking pattern; choose 2 everyday of behavioral gestures; pick 2 expressive gestures; choose a walk about the room with bold choices with tempo.


Episode 06!

First thing’s first:  My dear friend Sarah had a great little cafe up in San Bruno called Carrot’s Coffee and Tea.  She makes some great drinks in addition to having some awesome edibles that are healthy and even some things that are gluten free. Welp, she is hosting a casual art show for a local artist, Carmen Reid, tomorrow and I hope that some of you will be able to have a look at some gorgeous pieces and a fabulous cup of coffee!  Here are the details:


Okay so I have to say thanks to the Podsafe Music Network for allowing me to play the following music on the webcast:  Scott Albert Johnson’s “Spaceship”  If you liked his song, you can check out more of his music at his website by clicking HERE. The last song was by the band Moving Castles titled “Theater, Girl” and you can download an EP from their website MovingCastles.com should you desire.  The song in the middle was one that I probably shouldn’t have played, but it is so suited to you divas out there.


I mentioned that Arclight Rep’s production of “Taming of the Shrew” got a nice review in The Eye.  You can read that review by clicking HERE. I enjoyed it, but sometimes I couldn’t  hear what some of the actors were saying when they turned away from my direction.

SBMT’s production of “Hello Dolly” was a treat as well.  It, too, had it’s bumps and such, but, isn’t that what live theatre all about?

Both shows end on June 5, so it’s a little late for me to be telling you about them, I completely understand.  Although, you still do have one more shot to catch them. Well two more because “Shrew” has a 2 o’clock show!

If you’d like tickets for either show, click HERE for “Taming of the Shrew” and HERE for “Hello Dolly”


In addition for those things happening this weekend, there is also the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival on the 5th and 6th.  Live music, good food, arts and other gifties, what more could you want?

Are you more of a botanical gardens kind of person, maybe you should check out Jason Arias as Seymour Krelborn in Bus Barn’s “Little Shop of Horrors!

Or you can get tickets for San Jose Stage’s “Red, White, and Tuna”. City Lights Theatre Company presents a love story in “Second Weekend in September”.  Click HERE for a synopsis and ticket information.

If you like to go out to clubs, then The Blank Club in San Jose will have DJ Derek See spinning tomorrow 6/5 and Le Verita, The Sea People , and Urban Animals live on stage on Wednesday 6/9.  Both events are free to the public!  It’s a sort of small club, but each time I have been there it’s been fun!

Don’t forget if all else fails, you are sure to have a good time at Comedy Sportz! Or for all you Tom Green fans, he will be at the San Jose Improv Saturday and Sunday  6/5 and 6/6!  That is certainly going to be a WILD show!


My apologies for not getting this up before Friday!  I just got a little sidetracked to be completely honest.  But it shan’t happen again.  I am already editing my interview with Ronnie Misra so that you can have it by next Thursday!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Episode 5!

Is up and running.

Last Thursday, I went to Rooster T. Feathers for a little levity, and got to see Mr. Kyle Dunnigan.  He opened the set with a song that had an easy enough set up but a great ending.  I don’t want to say exactly what it was in case some of you get the chance to see him.  With my site being about the things that most of us don’t get to see behind the scenes, I sent Mr. Dunnigan a message and he took time out of his day to answer back! Wicked!

How long have you been performing stand-up and what got you started?
let me try to answer these questions…I’ve been doing stand up for 12 years.
Who are your influences?
Brian Regan, Dana Carvey
Aside from a dead audience, what’s the toughest thing about being a comic?
The toughest thing for me is traveling. I always think my plane will explode at any moment.
Craig is a hilarious character. What inspired you to come up with him?
Would you ever consider creating a web series for Craig?

I want to make a Craig movie. I don’t have enough money. Do you have any?
I read that you have a Theatre degree. With Stand-up being similar to a one man show, do you find it difficult to continually keep your act fun for you to perform?
I try to do something new each time. Otherwise it does get a little routine.
Have you ever had a difficult crowd?
A bunch. One time it was just one drunk guy falling asleep. I asked him if he wanted to leave and he said “yes”. I then asked why he didn’t leave earlier and he said “because I felt bad”. That felt good.
Is there a dream venue that you have yet to perform in?
Yankee Stadium.
Has your Mom caught your act? What were her thoughts about how you portray her?
She’s seen it. It only makes her uncomfortable when it’s on tv. She has friends at the gym that lay into her a little bit.
Your site doesn’t list any more dates after this weekend. What’s next for you after Sunnyvale?
I’m at the Dayton Funny Bone June 3-6 and I’m in San Antonio 9-12th.
Of course, I have to ask, do you have any advice for the upcoming comics?

I would say hang out at comedy clubs and watch. write five minutes and get up wherever you can. Once you feel confident it’s ready, make a tape and use it to get into clubs. Try your best to follow your own unique sense of humor.
Mr. Kyle, I say thanks again for taking the time!!! Check out Kyle Dunnigan’s website at kyledunnigan.com. Also, catch him if you can at a comedy club near you and be ready to laugh, but be wary if he tries to sing a song about you!


Samantha and I had quite a time syncing up our schedules to chat, and even though it was only for a few minutes, I think you will be able to hear why I think she’s such a wonderful person.  Oh, and here’s the picture I promised with her bouffant hairdo!  Samantha is on the right and Breigh Zack is on the left. (That lady is wicked funny!)

After rehearsal, I stuck around to talk to Lisa Milanes, the director to get her thoughts on the show.  I’ve decided that I would like to work with her one of these days.  We’ve known each other for a while, but I don’t seem to fit in to any of the shows that she directs.  Boo.

Auditions have been Ca-Razee!!!  Booked a gig doing two one acts that will be performing at Theatre on San Pedro Square this July.  More details to follow!

Sunnyvale Community Players held auditions for Sweeney Todd!  I auditioned on Sunday with the very last group of the night.   I was so nervous that I forgot the name of the song that I was going to sing.  Great, things aren’t looking too bad at that point.  So, I got called back for both of the parts that I listed on my audition form in addition to another character.  Enjoyed this audition process immensely. Although, I know I shouldn’t say this but I’ll tell you anyway.  On the second day of callbacks, I went to grab some food at Taco Bell before the auds.  The bad part was that I didn’t have a single moment to wash my hands and chew some gum to get that funky Taco Bell aroma off of me.  So throughout the whole night, I was SOOO self conscious about it!  HA HA HA.   Here’s the INSANITY that was the Beadle’s and Perelli’s high notes:

Duet between Beadle and Pirelli


I mentioned at the end of the webcast, I am doing a charity walk this weekend, and even though I already made my goal, I am giving one last push to add to my donation bucket. If you can help out, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.  If you can’t no worries,  just wish me good thoughts and send me on my way.

As always, I truly appreciate the time you spend listening to this poor schlep ramble on about theatre and his foolish hobbies.


Episode 4!

I was out of commission for a bit thanks to a nasty bug that I got.  Normally, I just fight right through and continue to work.  My moto is sometimes “I’ll sleep when I am dead.”  For whatever reason, this illness just beat me into submission, so I took it easy for a few days and watched the world go by.

Loving the new place. Even if it is a bit cold. Winter is gonna be fuh-un!

I did catch a lot of theatre in the last week.  I saw  CMTSJ’s “Singin’ in the Rain”.  Freakin AMAZING!  There were so many people that I knew in the cast, and was so happy to see them.  Their production of “Little Shop of Horrors” opens this weekend.  Check it out:

Choreographed by ALEX ACEVEDO

May 7 – 16, 2010

On Sale April 9th – A down-and out skid row floral assistant becomes an overnight sensation when he discovers an exotic plant with a mysterious craving for fresh blood. Soon “Audrey II” grows into an ill-tempered, R&B-singing carnivore who offers him fame and fortune in exchange for feeding its growing appetite, finally revealing itself to be an alien creature poised for global domination!

You can purchase your tickets by following this link: CMTSJ’s “Little Shop of Horrors”

Another show that I went to see was Urinetown by Sunnyvale Community Players.  Definately, an enjoyable show, and I HIGHLY recommend you give it a go.  Get your tickets here: Urinetown Tickets

I watched RENT last Sunday in Palo Alto Players.  There were several things that I would have changed, because to me, they didn’t really have the impact that they could have had. But it’s still a good show to see.   You can get your tickets here, if they haven’t sold out.  RENT tickets

Wrapping up my theatrical week of fun was Willow Theatre’s “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”  Adorable show, but the venue made it difficult to truly enjoy the play.  The cast was very talented and had great comic timing. At the beginning of the Acts, waiters were still walking around and delivering food or taking orders.  That’s the only real difficult thing.  You can get your tickets here

Breaking Up is Hard to Do Update…

I’ve added a photo album to my Facebook page and a few videos, but here’s a website exclusive!

The cast is fun and they sound great.  Matinees are selling super fast so if your a daytime theatre person get your tickets HERE and tell them TheActorvist, sent ya!

Over the weekend, I had my nephews so that we can hit up some comic book shops on Satuday, May 1.  I got some cool stuff and my biggies were:

I think I also got 20 other books that would take up too much space to show you.  The art work on a lot of them is great, and the story was interesting on some of the others.  I completely forgot to bring my camera with me to the comic shop to capture the moments that Sharkey shared with my nephews.  Sharkey tried to fist bump me, but I don’t do that so I gave him “The Snail”. Thanks for that one, Ben!!  Sharkey was totally stumped and just stood there for like 10 seconds before giving me the international sign for crazy by winding his fin next to his head. It was awesome!

My knitting skill that I have added to my yarn-y arsenal is double knitting.  Here’s what single knitting looks like on both sides.  On the left side of the picture is what’s considered the “right” side of knitting.  An easy way to tell the difference is the little “V” like pattern that it seems to make.  On the other side is the “wrong” side whose main characteristic is the bumps or hills.  As you can see the color isn’t affected by which side you view the garment. The only difference is the texture.

^ The "right" side and ^ The "wrong" side

Now for the double knitting this is the result that you get:

Red "right" side
Black "right" side

Because of this trick, my sister will not see the messy “wrong” side that you get when you add in a second color.  She’ll only see a clean pattern and have 2 ways to wear it.   Here’s a link to the video that I used to help guide me through the process.  Double Knitting Tutorial.  This is a one part of a trio, but really once you get the hang of it while watching the first one, you can skip the rest of them.  Should you run into trouble, or need to cast off or bind off you work, I found that this vid was the easiest to follow.  Fixing errors and binding off.


I mentioned in the show that CMTSJ was asking for donations during “Singin’ in the Rain” to help reach out to the next generation of Bay Area performers, and since I feel very strongly about this I am posting a link to their site so you can help make a difference.  Donate to CMTSJ!

Here’s another a couple of other worthy causes if you have the funds to do this.

Festival Theatre Ensemble, the producers of the Los Gatos Shakespeare Festival and Mid-Pen Shakespeare, is a part of this year’s Silicon Valley Duck Race. FTE is the only theatre or Arts organization to benefit from this year’s race.  The only one.  Can you believe it?

Show your support for the local theatre scene by sponsoring a duck. They are just $5 to sponsor and the grand prize is $1,000,000! ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Holy Crow, that’s a lot of dough!  Plus, another $20k in additional prizes.

FTE receives $2 per duck sponsored under their name. Plus, if they are the top sponsoring organization they get a bonus. As the only theatre company participating, I hope they win this one to prove that the Bay Area cares about live theatre and securing funding for it. Let’s stand together and make a statement!

You do not need to be present to win, but the sight of all those ducks racing around Vasona Lake is well worth showing up for!

Click here to get your ducks! Adopt a Duck and support theatre!

Note: This link is currently showing as Amy Goldsmith, a member of the Board of Directors. This is being corrected, but fear not, all ducks sponsored through this link will be credited to FTE to support local live theatre!

If you have any questions regarding this event or FTE please contact  Jennifer Selden (Producer: Festival Theatre Ensemble)  408-504-9605.

I am doing a walk on May 22, that benefits people that suffer from Crohn’s disease and Colitis.  The team I am on is close to making our goal, but we are a bit short.  Thanks to some amazing friends, I have made my personal goal and I really appreciate their donation.  If you would like to help our team reach the top of the thermometer, you can click here . There are 14 days left, so this is a final push.   Again, for the wonderful and beautiful people that were able to make a donation, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I am walking for a few friends who are suffering from one illness or the other and for my friends who have had loved ones pass away from them.

Until next time, Break a Leg!


Episode 3!

Episode 3!


Today I am kicking off the podcast with an incredible spoken word poem set to music.  The poet is Rachel Kann.  As I said in the show, I found this track mesmerizing thanks to the groovy bass line!  It just sounds like a heartbeat to me, and when the breaks in that rhythm happen, they can be likened to the moment when someone makes you catch your breath. While I love her recordings, following her in print is much more difficult due to a number of factors. One is that she is affiliated with several defunct sites, and the other is on the sites that are up, the grammar isn’t as clear as her performances. You can find her currently at http://www.myspace.com/rachelkann.

I auditioned for WVLO’s production of Breaking Up is Hard to Do. I was a little saddened by the turnout, but there were plenty of people there to actually cast the show.  If I were the director and staff, I already know how I would cast that show with the people that auditioned.  But, as it’s not my job, I shall keep these thoughts to myself.   I really just want to feel more comfortable with the whole audition process, which was the main reason I wanted to do it.  It turns out that the script is pretty funny, so now I actually wished that I had managed my time better so that I could have put my best foot forward.

I did talk to two of the other auditionees, Sean Carson-Hull and Ben Perez.  For those that listened, Sean did get back to me with the following via Facebook: “Felt very good about it. Didn’t get called back, but that doesn’t mean anything. Hope they decide soon!  It sounds like a fun show and I would love to be a part of it!”  I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, Sean.  Sean has great comic timing, so I think it would be a great show for him to be a part of.  Ben, as of this moment hasn’t gotten back to me, so I don’t know how he feels it went, but I do wish him the best of luck as well.

The first song on today’s podcast was “Goodbye Southern Skies” by David McMillin.  You can find him at http://davidmcmillinmusic.com/.  While he may be in his mid-twenties, this singer-songwriter writes verses as though he was decades older.

I don’t know if you can see this but here’s the sad little tree that I attached my tree huggie to.  Sorry you can’t see the texture of the piece. That’s where the fun lies.

Here's my simple splash of color for outside.

Still, I am happy to be moving into a cute little neighborhood that is filled with various pooches. The only thing that I must be diligent about is that my new home must be as sparkly clean as my partner’s sisters house or his mom’s house.  There never seems to be anything out of place, unless we are visiting.  But the reason is that we’ll be living closer to friends, and the unexpected visit is to be expected.  It’s an issue that I inherited from my dad, and I’ll leave it at that.  I think I shall wait until we are all unpacked and settled before even beginning to find a pet.  I’ve gone this long without a puppy, what’s a few more weeks, right?

The second song of today’s show is “Hello Morning” by Mutlu.  I am not sure how one is to pronounce his name, but I apologize for mangling it if that was the case.  This chipper optimistic song is exactly how I am feeling at this point in time.  You can find more information about Mutlu on his site: http://www.myspace.com/mutlusounds.

So this is the final weekend of Sweet Charity. There are $20 tickets being sold.  However, I am confused on the whole codeword thing.  I got an email yesterday saying the word was “Charity”, but word on Facebook is that it’s actually “Oscar”.  I say try them both and see which one works!  I am getting sad thinking about closing the show already.  These are some of the funnest (yes, I said funnest) people that I have been lucky enough to work with.  It’s been a lot of fun seeing the shows progress from rehearsals up to this point, and all the highs and lows in between.  My gratitude to the cast cannot be put into words for the patience and hard work that they put into the choreography, and I give them my utmost thanks.  Especially to my Dance Captains!


Episode 2

Episode 02


I know that it says number three on the actual podcast, but that was because I was hoping that I would be able to salvage the interview with Bill.  But alas, such is not to be.  So angry about that!  I do however, have a great interview with Ande Jacobson where we talk about being a Music Director, a Vocal Director, and a Musician.   She was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy it.

Music for this episode was brought to you through the permission of the Podsafe Music Network.  The first song was Music by 360  Check out their website at http://www.lostpants.com/360/ .  The second was When The Music Ends by UK artist, John Meed.   You can visit him at his site http://www.johnmeed.net/.


Did I not tell you there was a lot to cover?

I hope you find this helpful and make the most of it.  If I forgot something, please drop me a line at Jery@TheActorvist.com.


Episode 01

Episode 1


Music Featured:   Never Meant Forever – Split Dakota and Baby, Dream Your Dream from the Original Broadway Recording of Sweet Charity.

Interview with Patty Reinhart: I mention West Side Story a few times throughout the podcast.  The first time I performed that show was back in 1995.  Ms. Reinhart played the fiery Anita.  The audition that I had crossed paths with her was last year.  I just wanted to be sure that wasn’t too confusing.

What did you think of the song Never Meant Forever?  I associate it with regret.  When I asked Tom about it, he said it was written because one of the band members had lost a family member during the horrible events of 9/11.






Coming soon.  Like next week!!

Here’s my 90 second promo for it.

Podcast 90 second promo

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