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I don’t know how many of you know this, but I work for a local nursery called Yamagami’s Nursery.  It’s a gorgeous place that has a ton of product.  Well, I guess I should say had a lot of product.  We had the anniversary sale, and that wiped us clean of many, many things.  But…that’s quite alright because we needed to make room for Holiday Trees.  People get a little touchy if you say Christmas, but then again, people get touchy when you say Holiday, so I guess there’s no winning that argument. I’m gonna say Winter trees!  With that being said, I wanted to say a big, wonderful thank you to Yamagami’s because they are going to be a partial sponsor of WVLO’s White Christmas!!!!  Some of the cast will be giving a sneak peak performance on November 6th at the nursery.  The performance will begin at Noon and last for about an hour.  So here’s the deal.  5% of all sales that happen on the day of November 6 will be donated to WVLO and the production.  So come on out and pick up a plant, grab a cookie, and enjoy some cider while you are entertained by some of the cast of White Christmas!

Also, Yamagami’s is taking pre-orders for “Winter” trees.  If you order before Thanksgiving, the trees would be 10% off.  You can order buy phone if you can’t make it into the store.  I hope that if you are in the market for a “Winter” tree, you will call the nursery on November 6th at 408.252.3347, or stop by 1361 S. De Anza Blvd., Cupertino, CA and pre-order one.  The trees are shipped from Oregon and are in high demand.  I took an order today by a lady that has been purchasing her tree from Yamagami’s for 20 years!  That’s saying something!

If you happen to be like me and many of my other actor and artist friends and you don’t have any spending money, you can still stop by and cheer us on.  I have a bumper sticker on my car that reads: Support local artists.  So I am asking you to do the same.  Your purchase will support not only the arts, but also a local business!!

Let’s Celebrate!!!!

Episode 8

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Thanks for listening.  I am gonna have my mic with me at Opening Night.  Tell me what you think about the show.