🎼10 Music Acts 🎤 That I Want A Broadway Musical From 🎭… Part 1

Some of the Jukebox Musicals from Broadway

Hello Gentle Reader!

I have been on the hunt for a survival job while we all wait for the COVID-19 effects to dissipate and my regular survival job to return. During this time, I have been listening to a lot of Spotify. I mean A LOT! I am certain that I have mentioned that I have an affinity for pop music even though so many of my friends think it is the worst music. 😂 This got me thinking about the subject at hand. Who should take a chance at writing a musical?

While I look forward to the jukebox musical “Oh L’Amour” based on the music of one of my favorites, Erasure, I want to specify that I honestly think the people in this list can create an amazing ORIGINAL musical for Broadway. Not that there is anything wrong with a jukebox musical I love shows like “Jagged Little Pill,” “Tina – The Tina Turner Musical,” “American Idiot,” and “Jersey Boys,” but I like being surprised by the new creativity of the artists. For example, I was REALLY looking forward to the “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” since it was a project featuring music by Bono and Edge from U2.  Turns out the only thing I wanted to “turn off” was the music. 😳 On the flip side, “Waitress,” “Everyone’s Talking About Jamie,” “Memphis” and “Bright Star” are remarkable works featuring the talents of Sara Bareilles, Dan Sells of The Feeling, Bon Jovi’s, Joe DiPietro and the Steve Martin and Edie Brickell team-up, respectively. I know that I am not naming all that have been made. Not to take anything away from “Kinky Boots” or “Spring Awakening” which features music by Cyndi Lauper and Duncan Sheik, the music is good, but I don’t find them as compelling. NOTE: I am not saying those shows are bad, just that I didn’t connect with the music or story on an emotional level. I applaud and support everyone that makes it to Broadway! 

All that being said, Dear Reader, here are some musical acts that I would love to see create ORIGINAL shows on Broadway. Listening to playlists based solely on the artists, I have been able to hear a scope of their work and that is what I am basing this list on. All the acts have incredible storytelling skills that I feel can translate emotionally. 

  1. Billy Joel – While I know there is the musical “Moving Out” based on his songs, I think there could be something like a romantic comedy expanded off the “Uptown Girl” or “The Longest Time” video ideas. 
  1. Of Monsters and Men – I love their sound. Sonically, I feel like a gothic romance, or a ghost story type idea would be amazing for them to create. The way they layer sound is full of energy and really drives the music which I feel could be of service in the show. 
  1. Panic! At The Disco – This is a no brainer. Have you seen their videos?  I say they because they used to be a group, but now it is basically just Brendon Urie. I feel like if the story were to inspire him, he could write for any plot. 
  1. Alanis Morrisette – As one of my favorite songwriters, I think while “Jagged Little Pill” is an amazing show in its own right, she has the potential to write a beautiful score and songs for a show with a strong female lead in the vein of “Waitress.” 
  1. Bastille – I am a big fan of Bastille. I think a big rock musical of a group of disenfranchised young adults e.g. “Rent,” “Hair,” “American Idiot” would best suit the sound that Bastille utilizes. Not to pigeon hole them, as they have some fantastic ballads, but those Act One finales and the 11 o’clock numbers could benefit from their sound. 

Okay, Kind Reader, here is the first half of my list. Is it a good list? Do you think it is a terrible idea altogether? Let me know if there is an idea you would pitch to them on what to write a show about in the comments below.

Part 2 will follow in a few days!

Until next time, stay safe and alert. Don’t forget to go and vote or mail in those ballots early to ensure your vote is counted! Love to you all!

I Hate My New Favorite Song…


I am sure that by now you have heard this catchy little tune all over the radio.

Bastille’s Pompeii has facehugged itself into my soul, forcing me to ingest and feel this thing growing inside that I have tried to ignore.  It has become almost like a personal anthem of mine.  But as music is so subjective, I am sure the way I “love” it is not the way you, dear reader, might “hear” it.  The band has explained the song as a conversation between two people of Pompeii.

I have this conflicting emotional war that occurs nightly.  It mostly prevents me from sleeping.  Sometimes when life is still, it rages through my brain and I get moody, to put it lightly. I struggle daily and try my best to put it on the back burner of my mind so I can keep on keeping on.  But at night…

Let me explain why I have fallen in love with the song.  It puts beautiful words on my inner battle.  I live to do all kinds of artsy stuff but I can’t live without a roof over my head.  To paint, one needs the money to buy the tools.  To knit, one needs money to buy those tools.  Here is the inner thought that this song has forced me to face.

Chant: Ay ay ay oh ay oh, ay ay ay oh ay, Ay ay ay oh ay oh

Actual Lyrics                                                                      Inner Monologue

I was left to my own devices                                           I spend my time trying to figure out what I can do
Many days fell away with nothing to show               And at the end of the day, it is always the same 

And the walls kept tumbling down                              And after every shift, I realize that I need to build
In the city that we love                                                     Something to fulfill this unrelenting desire
Great clouds roll over the hills                                      But self doubt and other voices stick in my head
Bringing darkness from above                                      One stands out though

But if you close your eyes,                                               Every night I get crazy ideas.  Some I don’t
Does it almost feel like                                                    Know if I can do, but I HAVE to try.
Nothing changed at all?                                              When morning comes, I have shoved my idea away for
And if you close your eyes,                                             The words “As long as you can pay rent”
Does it almost feel like                                                    So I get up and go to work
You’ve been here before?                                                 And I sometimes think “I’m here, again?”
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?             But I suck it up and put on the upbeat attitude.
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?             I suck it up and put on the upbeat attitude

We were caught up and lost in all of our vices          I get caught daydreaming and
In your pose as the dust settles around us                  Researching on the side and prepping

And the walls kept tumbling down                               But when time is not my own,  and I can’t
In the city that we love                                                     Devote myself to the work I want
Great clouds roll over the hills                                       I feel myself shut down
Bringing darkness from above                                      I lose the willingness to play

But if you close your eyes,                                                Even if I center myself on a “time out”
Does it almost feel like                                                     In my soul, I feel like I am stuck in this rat race
Nothing changed at all?                                                  Where those words are the only thing
And if you close your eyes,                                              That matter during my waking moments.
Does it almost feel like                                                     That feeling of repeating myself that I despise so
You’ve been here before?                                                  Cannot be avoided
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?              But I try and keep my happy attitude.
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?              Try and keep up my happy attitude

Oh where do we begin?                                                    How in the world do I change myself enough
The rubble or our sins?                                                     Start over or adjust my surroundings?
Oh where do we begin?                                                    Where do I begin?  
The rubble or our sins?                                                     How in the world…

And the walls kept tumbling down                               This leads to the same cyclical mind set
In the city that we love                                                      So when I try to sleep, I get restless.  I know,
Great clouds roll over the hills                                        I know this is the only time I have to myself
Bringing darkness from above                                       Do I sacrifice more sleep for this?  Can I?

But if you close your eyes,                                             When I do try to sleep those words are haunting me
Does it almost feel like                                                      “As long as you can pay rent”
Nothing changed at all?                                                   And I know that unless I can sit to create
And if you close your eyes,                                                I will always have this feeling.
Does it almost feel like                                                      This familiar feeling will be a part of me
You’ve been here before?                                                  Even though I don’t want it.
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?              It’s hard to be so upbeat all of the time.
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?              Yes, how am I?

If you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?

That chant at the top and at the bridge of this song feel like something old and primal.  I recalls in me instinct and raw urges.  All I want to do is create and when I hear it, I feel lifted and encouraged.  It has prompted me to take action, I am happy to report.   I look forward to what the next few weeks hold.  I have my fingers crossed.  I can be an optimist about this.  Of that, there is no doubt.