Another Bloody Audition…

Cover of the original cast recording

As today winds to its close, my hands are starting to shake as the nerves begin to set in.

Tomorrow, I have an audition for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at San Jose Stage.  I’ve been prepping pretty well since I got my appointment time last week, but the anxiety just doesn’t get easier.  I’ve got a few new tricks to deal with it, so it isn’t as torturous as it used to be.

As I think about everything I need to do tomorrow, I am finding that is what’s building up the stress so much more than just the audition would.

I am sure I’ve mentioned how the spring time at the nursery is totally nutty.  It’s going to be a feat to get out of there for a lunch break that will be timed so that my audition is right at the middle then rush back to work.  I don’t think there is going to be a chance to decompress once that 40 minute break starts.  I am crossing my fingers that I will just be so focused on getting everything done on time that I won’t notice the shakes that I am sure will strike as soon as I step into the room.

I mean the worst thing that could happen is that I don’t get cast in the show.  While I am itching to be in a show again, I know that it just depends on what the director and casting director are looking for.

Regardless of what happens, I look forward to the experience.  It will be fun to make new connections.

If you haven’t heard of BBAJ, here are some links to familiarize yourselves.  I love the soundtrack.  Check it out the preview on  Interestingly, iTunes doesn’t offer it.

Oh, and by the by, getting ready to do my first book review!!  Yay!!  A publisher actually allowed me to review one of their books.   I am moving up in the world.  hahahaha

***WARNING: Explicit Language in the clips that follow*****

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