Dear Mr. Clooney…

I’ll admit that I haven’t always been a fan of your work on the screen, both big and small.  However, I have always respected you for your humanitarian efforts and activism that brings violations and atrocities to light.  Today, I watched CNN and saw the footage of you protesting for the Sudanese torture to come to an end and of you being arrested and loaded into a paddy wagon.  Do they still call it a paddy wagon?  While I was running and reading the closed captioning, I thought to myself, this is a man who can change the world.

As someone who wants the world to be a better place for everyone, I cannot tell you how seeing the arrest filled me with hope as you kept that smile on your face.  There was a calm that seemed to say ‘it’s okay that this is happening because the world will see and maybe now do something.’  Then, in a post bail interview clip you displayed a charm and honesty that made me understand why the world loves you.  Maybe now, if I watch Michael Clayton again, I may see a glimpse of that guy hiding inside your character.

What do you suggest we do as civilians? Should we write to our Congressperson?  Maybe donate to your cause: Satellite Sentinel Project?

Bravo to you sir for everything that you have done on behalf of the people of the world.  May this conflict in Sudan end soon.

Kindest regards,



Read all the details about his arrest and watched the clips mentioned above HERE.  The link takes you to BBC News, a source I might add I trust a little more than American News Media.  Thanks to the show IFC Media Project, hosted by Gideon Yago it made me really think about what the American news tells me.  I highly recommend checking it out.  Sadly, I can only find Season 1 and 2 on itunes. Here’s the original preview of what the show was about: IFC Media Project Promo (Originally aired in 2008.)

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