Why wait til April to play the Fool…

The Fool

I have this insecurity that prevents me from soberly acting the fool in front of my partner.  One would think after 16 years together, I would be comfortable enough to play around in costumes and makeup in front of him while he’s home.

Instead, I turn on the music and dance and sing while I clean only when I am alone.  Or – like today, I wanted to take a picture of some pants that I have been fiddling with. Then the project turned into a PRO-JECT!  I got this idea that I would take pictures as this semi-crazed ringmaster and I got the backdrop all set up.  I played around with lots of makeup.  Next I had to figure out what the top/jacket would be.  The pants are a weird grey color, so getting the right combo was tough.  So I got an old jacket and made some cuts, so it’s shorter and it now has tails.  But the lapels need some pizzazz.

While I was doing all this, I didn’t realize how much time had passed.  I only had 20 minutes left of “by myself” time.  So I hurriedly took a multitude of pictures.  Either the timer was too brief or I wasn’t far enough back and all the shots are way too blurry to post.

Which brings me back to my original thought.  Why can I do all this stuff by myself or on stage, but not when my partner, someone who loves me unconditionally, is home or close to being home.  He’s seen me at my worst and my best.  So why am I afraid to let him see me play?  How much more silly will I believe he’ll think of me?

I begin to wonder how selfish I am.  He is a theatre loving guy so it only stands to reason that he may even be willing to help me create this madness that I do.

Maybe next time.


Stay tuned, Podcast 23 is coming!!

Another Bloody Audition…

Cover of the original cast recording

As today winds to its close, my hands are starting to shake as the nerves begin to set in.

Tomorrow, I have an audition for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at San Jose Stage.  I’ve been prepping pretty well since I got my appointment time last week, but the anxiety just doesn’t get easier.  I’ve got a few new tricks to deal with it, so it isn’t as torturous as it used to be.

As I think about everything I need to do tomorrow, I am finding that is what’s building up the stress so much more than just the audition would.

I am sure I’ve mentioned how the spring time at the nursery is totally nutty.  It’s going to be a feat to get out of there for a lunch break that will be timed so that my audition is right at the middle then rush back to work.  I don’t think there is going to be a chance to decompress once that 40 minute break starts.  I am crossing my fingers that I will just be so focused on getting everything done on time that I won’t notice the shakes that I am sure will strike as soon as I step into the room.

I mean the worst thing that could happen is that I don’t get cast in the show.  While I am itching to be in a show again, I know that it just depends on what the director and casting director are looking for.

Regardless of what happens, I look forward to the experience.  It will be fun to make new connections.

If you haven’t heard of BBAJ, here are some links to familiarize yourselves.  I love the soundtrack.  Check it out the preview on Amazon.com.  Interestingly, iTunes doesn’t offer it.

Oh, and by the by, getting ready to do my first book review!!  Yay!!  A publisher actually allowed me to review one of their books.   I am moving up in the world.  hahahaha

***WARNING: Explicit Language in the clips that follow*****

Dear Mr. Clooney…

I’ll admit that I haven’t always been a fan of your work on the screen, both big and small.  However, I have always respected you for your humanitarian efforts and activism that brings violations and atrocities to light.  Today, I watched CNN and saw the footage of you protesting for the Sudanese torture to come to an end and of you being arrested and loaded into a paddy wagon.  Do they still call it a paddy wagon?  While I was running and reading the closed captioning, I thought to myself, this is a man who can change the world.

As someone who wants the world to be a better place for everyone, I cannot tell you how seeing the arrest filled me with hope as you kept that smile on your face.  There was a calm that seemed to say ‘it’s okay that this is happening because the world will see and maybe now do something.’  Then, in a post bail interview clip you displayed a charm and honesty that made me understand why the world loves you.  Maybe now, if I watch Michael Clayton again, I may see a glimpse of that guy hiding inside your character.

What do you suggest we do as civilians? Should we write to our Congressperson?  Maybe donate to your cause: Satellite Sentinel Project?

Bravo to you sir for everything that you have done on behalf of the people of the world.  May this conflict in Sudan end soon.

Kindest regards,



Read all the details about his arrest and watched the clips mentioned above HERE.  The link takes you to BBC News, a source I might add I trust a little more than American News Media.  Thanks to the show IFC Media Project, hosted by Gideon Yago it made me really think about what the American news tells me.  I highly recommend checking it out.  Sadly, I can only find Season 1 and 2 on itunes. Here’s the original preview of what the show was about: IFC Media Project Promo (Originally aired in 2008.)

Happy π Day!

For those of you who forgot math class,  π = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209 and more since it NEVER ends or repeats!! NEVAAAHHHH!!!!

So in honor of 3.14 day or March 14th, I would like to spend the day trying not to repeat myself and not having a single minute of unproductiveness.  I may be sick/ill, but I think that I lose too much time being unfocused even when I am feeling just fine.  So that is going to be my challenge for tomorrow.

I dare say, I may even bake a pie just to do it.  AND I’ll mark it with a π!!

In the spirit of π Day just for the fun of it!!

Most people don’t celebrate 3.14, but I didn’t either.  I just thought that this year, I wanted to do something just for kicks.

What are you going to do this π Day?  Have you ever challenged yourself just for the fun of it?  What did you do?  Maybe you can give me an idea of what to do for next year.  Leave a comment below!


The Anniversary…

Japan One Year Later | Break.com.


Last year on March 11, we all remember seeing and hearing the horrible tragedy of the tsunami that struck Japan.  While things are moving into place to bring the country back to it’s former state rather quickly, there is still a ton to do.

The video is a beautiful reminder that we all have the ability within us to lend a hand and work together.   In some small ways it reaffirms my belief that if we let the best of ourselves shine, world peace can be accomplished.

However, greed and politics and power always seem to rear their ugly heads when there’s nothing dangerous and bigger than humanity to bind us together.

I just wish it didn’t always take a tragedy to bring us together.



Monroe Middle School presents Seussical Jr…

The only photo I was allowed to take.

“Oh, the thinks you can think…”

What I thought I was going to see when I walked into the theatre at Monroe Middle School was a fun show with kids who were just having fun.  They would be hams on stage, but not honestly playing the part.

“When you think about Seuss..”

What I got was a treat.  I was a little apprehensive as I waited for the show to start because the tech desk was in the middle of the auditorium.  There were so many people walking by that I worried about the wires since I knew that everything from sound to lights to music were all sitting on top of that table.  So when the lights when down, I drew a deep breath and hoped for the best.

After the required “No photography” and “Turn off your phones” speeches by Director Paul Sawyer, the focus shifted to the trademark red and white striped hat that was downstage center.  From there, the show took off with Jojo and The Cat who lead into the story of “Horton Hears A Who.”  Ryan Mohs as Horton may not have been the size of an elephant, but he truly had the heart of that lovable character.  I loved that the ears he wore were wickedly floppy, but I don’t think they were big enough.

Gertrude McFuzz the bird that had the sad single feather tail was played by Gwyneth Forrester.  Just so y’all knows, this girl is FIERCE!!!  I love that she delved into her role and was in character every single moment she was on stage.  Not only was her character well done, she could sing.  She projected well and the mic issues that affected some of the other people were no problem for her.  She’s gonna go far if she pursues a career in The Arts.

Not to be outdone by her sister, Audrey Forrester who played little Jojo, likewise added depth of character, vocal ability, and stage presence to the show.  She was adorably vulnerable yet hopeful that they would be saved by Horton.

The Wickershams (Chris Clausen, Austin Nedved, Bailey Nedved, Siena Trent, Skylin Wellbrock, and Wilson Skjerven) had some great choreography with TONS of personality.

Other notable mentions: Katie Bieber as Yertle The Turtle had some pipes! Sadly, part of her scene had some mic problems. Mayzie LaBird, once her mic was fixed, was able to be the diva that she is!  The 3 bird girls were so sassy!!!  As was the Sour Kangaroo, Elise Bankosh.

The whole show moved at a quick clip and it only felt like the first act only seemed to last a half hour.  Aside from the few mic issues, the spot op needs to have a steadier grip on the light.

There are so many wonderful moments in this show that most people walked out with huge smiles on their faces, as did I.

These young performers are the future of the theatre scene and it’s pretty cool to see what the future holds.

Seussical Jr. plays for 3 more shows.  Friday and Saturday night 3/9-10/12 at 7PM and Saturday 3/10/12 at 1PM

You can find more info at the end of THIS blog post!  Go see this show. It’s a lot of fun, some great harmonies, and a ton of happy kids.

Do it for the children…


I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have the Arts. I don’t know if I would have turned out as fabulous as I am without the power of creativity and the joy that I got from making the things that I imagined as a kid.  Yes, they were mostly decorative or used for toys, but the knowledge that came with this was life changing.  I could dream up things like stories.  I could make them come to life by being a character.  I could make someone smile when they were feeling down with one of those characters.  I could entertain other people and not just my family.

As I got a little older, I realized that I don’t think like most people because of how I used my imagination in the past.  I thought outside the box.  A habit that still helps me.

The Arts taught me how focus and to use imagination to solve problems in the “real” world, and not to just stand around and think up the same old conventional way that I was taught in school.

The Arts taught me that there was more inside of me than I ever believed.  But there was only one Problem…

I wish it taught all this to me while I was still a youngster.

This is why, when I got an invite from my buddy Paul telling me about this show and the kids involved in it, I knew we could make a difference.   So I am reaching out to you, you fabulous and wonderful bunch of people, to join me in “Pack The House” for Monroe Middle School.  This weekend, the aim for the show, Seussical Jr., is to encourage the young performers to continue their pursuit of the Arts.

Do me a favor, close your eyes. Think back to when you were in middle school.  Imagine how those children would feel performing on stage, some of them for the first time.  The hesitation, nerves and fear that are screaming in their bodies to not make a fool of themselves, because it would be uncool to the other kids.  Because when you are in school, it’s always about what the other kids think.   Now imagine that because you are there encouraging, laughing and cheering on those nervous youngsters how different the outcome could be.

Not only will the Arts benefit from a new generation of performers getting experience on stage, but the performers will benefit because of the Arts that have brought them to the stage.  And you get to be part of that magic.  Please, please join me at Monroe Middle School for Seussical Jr. and “Pack The House!!!”

There’s a Facebook invite going around that you can join: Facebook Event: Pack The House

Buy your tickets in advance here: Tickets for Seussical Jr. at Monroe Middle School

Click here for directions to Monroe Middle School at 1055 S. Monroe Street, San Jose, CA

There are 4 shows.  Thursday 3/8, Friday 3/9, Saturday 3/10 starting at 7PM and Saturday 3/10 staring at 1PM.

I am thinking I might go opening night and if that doesn’t pan out, closing night would be my other choice.

I will be posting on twitter and Facebook which day I get my tickets for.  Like I said, please come and be a part of this magical moment for these young performers.

I look forward to meeting you there!!