5 good reasons…

to go see XANADU!!!

Both Perry and I knew we were going to love this show the moment we heard the first song of the Cast Recording.  The second song proved to be equally funny and instantly we were saddened that we couldn’t see the show in New York at that very moment.
BUT, to our absolute joy, The Retro Dome announced that the hit Broadway show will be coming to San Jose.  So Opening Weekend, we were there and I have to tell you…It was wonderful!!   There’s not a lot of time left to see  it, so you have to go now!!

Let’s get to the countdown!!

5.  It’s better than the movie!!! Way better!! (Although, I have to admit I like the movie.)

4. The music is fantastic.  (There’s a handful of Top 20 80’s hits that you will recognize thanks to Olivia Newton John or ELO.) “Eeevil Wo-man!  Ba-da ba bada bah!”

3. The script is funny as all get out. (Even little one liners in the songs are hilarious.)

2. Why waste the gas to go to San Francisco and see a great show when there’s a fabulous  one right in our own back yard? (You can spend the money you would’ve used on gas to buy an extra ticket for your friend.)

1.  The cast is incredible! (It’s full of locals who will sing your socks off!)

And you get a glowstick for the finale!

Don’t believe me that it’s gonna be fun?  Check out the commercial below or go to The Retro Dome site and pick up your tickets NOW!!

Video clip is courtesy of The Retro Dome.

Where did the week go?!?


Hey y’all, it’s been a crazy week!  I wanted to create a podcast, but it’s been a bit um, hard to do…

I couldn’t find a unifying theme for a short podcast, so I was kinda stuck.  And everything that I got inspired by was all wacky and stuff.

I already have a “future” episode in mind, so I couldn’t do the future before the past, so I didn’t want to jump the gun.

It’s been a crazy week full of lunar eclipses and Rock Band parties, and learning more about the gardening biz, I didn’t have time to be as depressed as I am normally am when a show ends.  I have been trying to write my rehearsals for “Bless Me, Ultima” and “Mack and Mabel” down in this nifty lil calendar so I can figure out if there is any way I can get more shows under my belt during 2011.  Oh, yeah, that’s the other thing…I really need to get my shtuff organized.  I am wickedly scatterbrained so this is gonna help me big, big time.

So until Friday…Talk to you then.

Oh, and big ass congrats to the amazing Adam Berry for being cast as Sonny Malone in The Retro Dome’s XANADU!!!!  I cannot wait to see it!!