Melissa Etheridge takes on Green Day

February 1st marked the debut of Melissa Etheridge taking the Broadway stage as the character St. Jimmy in Green Day’s immensely popular American Idiot!  It’s a one week engagement, but judging from the look on her face during the video, I have my fingers crossed that she will be back for another go round in the future.  Billy Joe Armstrong returns to the role on February 10.

Just wanted to share this little video with you!

videoplay.php?colid=206500 (Go ahead and click on the link)



OMG…I thought it would never happen!!!

I have finally forced time to bend and created a way to make a podcast for White Christmas!!  Thank you to Ben Perez, Stephen Evans, and Valerie Valenzuela for taking time out of their day to sit around a table and talk about the show.   Don’t worry, we all love the show! You will too when you come and see it!

Episode 11

(Click to listen)

Show notes to follow shortly!!!