Genetic Roulette…

In our upcoming election ballot in California, we have Prop 37 that is one of the most hotly contested issue since gay marriage.  I know that we are still months away from voting and I know that you aren’t knuckleheads, but in case it must be said…

With the rise of organic farming and backyard edible gardens becoming more and more common, the requests of the public for properly labelled foods is also on the rise.  Prop 37 is a proposal to regulate the labels on all foods that consumers purchase to specify if the item has any sort of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) in it.

Eating GMO’s is harmful to people because the immune system attacks our bodies causes inflammation and a bunch of other possible diseases and could affect all bodily functions as well as nutrient deficiencies.

GMO’s are a big money making business and it’s supported by companies like Monsanto, the most hated corporation in the world, Dow, Bayer and BASF.

Opponents of Prop 37 have already raised $25 million compared to the $2 million raised by supporters of the proposition.  This means that there will be a ton of ads bombarding the TV or the radio telling you that Prop 37 is a bad deal.  In truth it is a bad deal for the GMO business.  When doctors make patients remove GMO enhanced foods from their diets, patients get better simply by changing their eating habits.  Now you may say that if anyone changes their eating habits then they would get better, but most of the time it is just for blood pressure or weight.  I am talking about crazy stuff like this from the Livestrong website: “data showed that genetically modified corn caused severe liver and kidney toxicity. Furthermore, a 2008 study reported by Professor Jurgen Zentek of the Austrian Health Ministry linked genetically modified corn with infertility in rats.”  Infertility is a side affect in humans as well.

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I find it really REALLY interesting that the CA Republican Party is in opposition to Prop 37…oh, what, it’s a big money business. Nevermind, I understand why.  Check out BallotPedia to see what the arguments for and against are and who’s supporting and opposing it.

This report with Jeffrey M. Smith on GMO’s from KPFA’s Guns and Butter is absolutely appalling!  YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS. The ending is a nightmare and terrifying!  Another great thing to listen to is today’s news from KPFA by CLICKING HERE.  Start listening at 43:14.  I don’t watch mainstream media or NPR because they all have someone pulling their strings.  KPFA is fully straightforward and don’t have to answer to any sort of politics.

Remember VOTE YES on Prop 37!!!

40 other countries throughout the world already protect their consumers by having this label restriction, why don’t we take the issue into our own hands and protect ourselves from this horrible practice!?!?

If you want to start buying non-GMO’s now here’s a great link for organic food companies.

Check out or for more information on prop fundings.


Looking back though ’11 (part 1)

As is usually the custom, once we reach this point of the year, we tend to review the things we did during the year.  Some people look back to see if they’ve accomplished any of the goals that they’ve set for themselves.  Some look back in regret.  Some people look back to learn from mistakes.  Some, like me, do a combination of them.

I am not big on self-promotion.  Call me shy.  So I’ve never looked for accomplishments.  I often review with a combination of regret and what did I learn.

In January, I learned of a cool little indie museum called Empire Seven Studios in San Jose.  My friend Kyle had a show there.

I loved that his pieces were filled with whimsy.  The volume of pieces that were up in the studio was insane.  There had to have been easily over a hundred of them. I scored two works and love them both.  The one that is officially mine looks like a bunch of tiny blotches that look like a body with arms and legs painted in.  The way that it’s done makes it look like it’s a dancer.  The other belongs to Perry and it looks like it could have been part of a Dr. Seuss story if you aren’t close enough.  I regret not being able to by more of these cool works.

What I love about Empire Seven is that there isn’t any pretense.  As you can see, the walls are decorated (I don’t know for certain if it’s by the Artists or not, but I think it is.) and it reminds me of how I decorated my first apartments. When I walk into other museums, the stark white walls just seem so authoritative.  I know it’s so you can focus on the art, but I feel like I am supposed to behave as though I am  in a library with whispered tones and a look that says ” I am deep in thought”on my face. This place says, come and check out what some local people have created or just come and chat with some cool cats.


The cast of "Bless Me. Ultima"

In February, I began working on my second project with Teatro Vision.  It’s a wonderful company, and it provided me with a nice change of pace from musicals or comedies.  My love of this company is so much more profound than I remember from my first experience with them.  I learned to not only question everything, including my beliefs  (are they really mine or what I was taught?) and ask questions.  Through them, whether by osmosis or a new habit, I became more informed about the events of the world.  That is something that isn’t really talked about in American news.  To pay attention to all the things that are happening in the world, not just what the big cable networks are telling you is news.  Find independent sources of news like KPFA which has MANY links from which to check out.

This second time around, made me feel more connected with my heritage. I know it sounds like I am being outrageous for the sake of it, but let me clarify.  Even after working on “Hero” with Teatro, I was still too self conscious to speak Spanish words.  I remember having to learn some Spanish in 1st grade and some of the kids would make fun of us on the playground. I don’t even know why I was in that class.  I spoke perfectly fluent English with complex sentences.  Maybe it was the brown skin. So, I have made it a point for myself to not be what people believe I am. I didn’t bother learning any more Spanish after that school year, and in high school I learned French.

With this cast being 3 times bigger than my first experience, I was surrounded by all these wonderful amazing incredible people that were an honor to work with. And I began to learn some Spanish. Little by little, I hear a word here and there and I try to remember what it means.  But merely speaking a language isn’t all that I am talking about. I am finally beginning to see the beauty in the culture itself and learning about it’s past.


I'm gonna do this!!!


In March, I decided that I was going to join the AIDS Lifecycle.  On a whim, I decided this. So when I look into the details, I find that registration has been closed for like 2 months! I was a little disheartened, but then I figured, well, hell.  I can ride next year!  So I requested to be added to their early registration alert.  So any day now, I will be expecting an email saying it’s time to sign up.  So while I may regret not being able to ride last year, I am hoping that I get everything ready and train for it this year!

Also in March, we celebrated our 15 year anniversary!  There were no bells. There were no drinks.  There was only, wake up and go to work to pay taxes and rent and bills.  And there still are no Equal Rights….


I didn’t have too many things to regret the first part of the year, thankfully.  Well, kids, Quarter #1 is over.  What did you learn during the first three months of 2011?  More importantly, what do you regret and how will you make sure not to repeat it in 2012?  Comments are always welcome.


It’s funny when a British person says it…

So I have been listening to KPFA 94.1 a lot these last few weeks and they are in their fundraising mode.  So a lot of the programming has had a lot of sound bytes from discussions and documentaries.   I tell you the host of the show Flashpoints really knows how to get people worked up!

One of the days that I was listening, I heard a panel discussing essentially the dissolving of the 4th Amendment.  For those of you who have forgotten what that 4th Amendment was, (oops a little slip, was!)

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.

One of the panelists was a charming British woman.  She began her speech with “I don’t know what you Americans are complaining about.  At least you have a Constitution to shred!”

I had to laugh.  Sorry.  She went on to say that what she has instead of “rights” are called freedoms.  There is no privacy and all your information is available  on a whim.  A whim!

As she continued on, I found myself getting more and more horrified.  Of course this new information compiled with everything I have been hearing just made it so hard to trust anything I see that is considered “news.”  I was disgusted to learn that while currently, the government can’t on a whim ask for personal information without having to go through the proper channels, they can however simply ask a company and that company isn’t obligated to protect the consumer so they’ll gladly hand it over.

Did you know that Google collects every single search you perform?  Every single click is recorded and each thing that you look for, the government can see it if they want to.  There is an alternative, though.  If there is a search that you would love to keep private, use to look it up!

I just wanted to put that info in your ear, because I don’t know if you all listen to corporate-free radio KPFA.