Been Having Some Dreams…

something's coming

Hello Gentle Reader!!

I have been having some dreams this week that have been lingering.  They aren’t bad, just creepy. One was very much like the Tremors movies. For those of you that have never seen them, they are these monsters that look like giant mutated Beetlejuice-esque sand worms. They are summoned by the vibrations that one’s movements make. The whole dream is just about me trying to stay ahead of them. The second dream had me staying at this cute TINY house that was at the bottom of some large hills (i can’t say mountains, but they were very large but not craggy, so…) and there was this crazy dark fog that descends from the hills.  I felt like something bad was coming, so I hop in my car and drive away but no matter how fast I drive, those clouds are rushing toward me like a sandstorm in movies. And I know, I KNOW something bad is in there. 


My Gentle Reader, the paragraph above was the start of something that was supposed to be a post for February 8. I don’t know for what exactly, which is why I didn’t finish the post but going back and seeing this on today of all days makes me think that the Universe was trying to tell me something.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Social Distancing Land!!

The ol’ survival job shut down operations on last Monday, but I was able to find about 3 extra days of work for my team so we wouldn’t be financially orphaned for what I thought was only going to be about 2 weeks initially.  Here we are six days later and the Bay Area is just NOW starting their “soft” lockdown of staying home for 3 more weeks. I understand the idea behind this call.  I don’t like it, but I understand it.

My heart breaks for all the performances that were cancelled.  All those parts that actors no longer get to play.  All the storytelling the audiences don’t get to enjoy. All the work that went into productions and no one to appreciate them…

Then I began to wonder how long this could go on. Seeing how China was experiencing this since December, will it take 3 months for this whole thing to finally blow over? Thankfully, China hasn’t seen any major upticks in new cases being reported since the month began, but it isn’t over yet.

While the social distancing thing is happening, I am trying to remain collected and calm, but I keep wanting to go and do the things I would normally do when I am bored at home, like go to the gym. But those are closed. LOL!

With theatre companies canceling/postponing stuff, I don’t have any projects to prepare for yet, so I can’t find anything to make me feel like I am being productive. Yes, the knitting and crocheting help, but only for so long. Since my apartment is mostly carpeted and kinda crowded with stuff, it isn’t as fun to do Broadway routines here. But I try.

Oh Dear Reader, I hope that I will find the ideas I need to create something that will truly keep me busy without anxiety through the quarantine. In the meantime, let me know what you are doing to get through this crazy time in the comments section.

Take care of yourselves, Gentle Reader.  Be alert but not anxious.  Most importantly, be kind and thank those people that are still in the world offering services and goods to help us get through this.

Until next time…

Here’s to working hard…

As most of you know, I am currently out of the professional job market.  Bummer,  I know.  But I keep myself busy with my love of theatre and all things creative.  Today is World Wide Knit in Public Day, and as far as I can tell, there aren’t too many things happening in the Stitchosphere.  At least not like last year when all the yarn shops were offering…something. So after a bit of research, I come to find out it’s supposed to be the second Saturday in June, but no one really did anything major in the Bay Area.  AND therefore, today is NOT WWKiP Day.  Thumbs down!!   So, I am so sad.  I was really looking forward to it.

Last year, I was in as many different places as possible.  I started off at Green Planet Yarn and hung out there.  Then, I hopped on public transportation and made my way to downtown San Jose to a festival that was happening in Discovery Meadows Park and knit there.  Then back on the bus, each time I got the most bizarre looks from people.  It was almost as though I was some sort of freak.  I kept my needles clickety clacking as I walked home just for the sake of being seen by the passing cars.

So this year my pointy sticks have several unfinished projects, that will stay unfinished because at the moment, I am reaching the deadline to be off book for Shakespeare 3 Ways.  I’ll pick up the reversable scarf I am making for my sister, but I’ll only do a row or two then put it back down.

Speaking of S3W, we were interviewed for a local television show called Artbeat. I totally made a mess of that!  Hopefully they will edit me out.  The fellow that conducts the interviews was nice, but he made me wonder, “Oh, gad.  Do I come off like this?”  I hope not.  So I may rethink how future podcasts are done.

And, no, that is not me in the picture above.

What are you working on? Drop me a line, I’ll tell my people, and they’ll tell their people, who will tell…well you get the picture.



Watch out now!

Hey kids!  Here’s Episode 3!

The show notes are available on the Podcast page.

This one is short and bittersweet.

Thanks for taking a listen!