Well That’s Not What I Wanted…


Happy New Year, Gentle Reader!

Well, I had tried to upload a post about The Making of the Star Wars Holiday Special, but it didn’t work. I had been writing it for 3 days!

Wah, wah, waaaaahhh!

So, on that note, all I will say is that it was a crazy fun experience that was the first time that I had a chance to work on something that had such a heightened sense of absurdity. I LOVED it!!!

NOTE: When I say absurdity, I literally mean ridiculous, not the style of theatre as known by certain playwrights.

Of course, it helps that the other actors were incredibly talented. Our creative staff was clever and everyone had so many great ideas that took this cute and funny tribute to the holiday special into an experience to be had. There were so many references and inside jokes that I STILL laugh at when thinking about them.

One thing I will admit, I had never seen the special before and we watched it together as a cast before the first read through, Oh, Dear Reader!  What glorious madness it was. Not to be out done, though. Donnie and Marie Osmond did a Star Wars themed skit in first episode of season 3.  Mix up the two and pull out some of those cheesy gooey bits and you have most of the script.

You’ve never seen it, either? Well, it just so happened that someone was kind enough to share here it on Youtube. Just for fun, here is the Osmond skit too.

Sadly, this isn’t quite the post I wanted to make, but I wanted to get something written. Thank you, Kind Reader for your time. I hope that 2019 is full of wonderful and amazing things for you.

Until next time…

May the 4th be with you…

Thanks to GeeksareSexy.com

An actor and a Jedi Knight are more similar that I thought.  Here’s how Obi-Wan explains what The Force is to a young Luke Skywalker

As an actor, we have to use every emotional receptor in our bodies to bring to life characters that have been created on the page.  Not only do we have to be aware of our emotional state, but also that of the other people that we share the stage with and using that energy to tell us what’s next.  Not only that, but a really well performed play has the power of opening the minds and hearts of people. Almost like this:

I said almost!  Here’s the best merged into one like peanut butter and chocolate!!! Enjoy.

I SO WANT TO DO THIS SHOW!!!         May the 4th be with you!!!