The End…Already?

Found this online. I liked the aggressive and worn out nature of the font. Has the same feeling that I believe 2017 may take.

Dear Gentle Reader,

I swear that the last time I checked my calendar, it was merely October and I was stressing about getting a different car!  I think I may have had some sort of mental memory/time blockage.

Love this fella.  I admit that I enjoy watching almost ANY alien show.  Don’t judge! LOL!

Kidding. Seriously, though, where does time go?  How much have I wasted in that stupid pursuit of trying to build my bank accounts to pay off this car faster? I have worked nearly every single day on strictly that issue and now I feel worn out and a bit ragged.

I can’t recall if I have ever mentioned before, my friends, for my secret (well, not so much now) enjoyment of audiobooks about the subject of creativity and the brain.  Something about them just makes me feel as though the reader is speaking directly to me.  I only listen in the car, so I am usually alone.  But so many points get brought up that feel like a tiny arrow is zinging me right through the eye and into my brain or shattering my rib to get to my heart.

At the center of all the books is essentially the belief that if you are a creative soul and all you do with your ideas is to write them down, then believe that you will work on them later or whenever you get around to it, those ideas can drift away.  Or maybe the magic in that idea is gone forever and you just chug away at it like you were digging a ditch.  Not very much enjoyment in that, is there? I can attest to this, because in the last 6 years of this silly little site, I have written down 53 ideas that I thought I would get to “when I could/had time.”  I have seen some of these ideas become pretty fun things done by someone else. Some I have yet to find anywhere and I hope that I do them in the coming year before I lose them.

Now, when I wasn’t onstage or working on a show this past year, the realities of life were heavy.  2016 was filled with Heroes that were taken too soon, friends/family that passed away, or friends suffering from death in their family, politics, finances, politics, my wanting to “know” more, politics.  I think that trying to run from these moments in time is what led to my realization that I have “lost” months or so just trying to keep my head above something that made me feel like I would drown.  Maybe that’s why I chased down so many shows this year to avoid life’s ugly or at least not as fun truths.

With this knowledge, I say, nay, I shout “BRING ON 2017, for I shall bring on BEDLaM!”

Until then, dear Reader, look back on your year.  What did you learn about yourself?  What challenge did you defeat?  Congratulations are in order.  Cheers!

Oh, and What is BEDLaM, you ask, my friends.  I’ll tell you tomorrow.

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