It’s Child’s Play… I Mean A Child’s Play…

My latest project, Christmas Mouse, is a children’s play.  I have never actually had the chance to do a show like this. Like the movie, Child’S Play, there is the sense of “awwww, that’s cute” and “OMG, this is terrifying!”

Let me try and explain…
I enjoy working with kids. Before our contract expired, I volunteered with Zohar teaching dances to kindergartners. I loved dancing with these little ones as the first thing I did on Thursday mornings. When I was first brought on board, the kids were shy and some opted to watch from the side of the room. I totally get that. Meeting new people is hard and if you don’t do it often, it is hard to get the hang of. Hell, I still get like that a lot of the time, especially during orientations for new shows.

The terror thing that gets me is that we don’t have weeks to get the children that come to the show to get over shyness. We have minutes. Before each show, I get so nervous for that very reason. What happens if the children don’t join in the participartory sections? What happens if the children get bored and want to go? After the initial wave of panic is done washing over me, I can shake it off and refocus.

Then, after the curtain speech, when the kids actually talk back to me, I feel so much more excited and excitable. Sunday’s audience was outstanding. Lots of people, that are responsive and in good spirits, always make for a better show.

Next, the narrator comes out and begins the show. It never fails that the little ones love being recognized and offered the chance to participate in the show. So all my worrying was completely pointless. Now the “awwww’s” have kicked in. Getting to hear them cheering on our protagonists reminds me of how much fun it is to mix kids and the Arts.

Our first weekend was really fun as we got used to having an audience. I am hopeful that our second weekend of audiences enjoy this adorable show and we are sold out.

So, like I said, it IS like the movie. Just in a very different way.

A Christmas Mouse plays thru Sunday, 12/15 in Santa Clara. You can get you tickets by calling 408.248.7993. Bring the kiddies and enjoy a little holiday fun.

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