I “Promise”d myself this would be a sweet process…



I didn’t quite know what to expect or how to prepare for doing back to back shows, but let me tell ya…I am having a blast.  I am tired in a way that I have never experienced but I am exhilarated just the same. 

Our current production “Promises, Promises” is only available to witness for two more weekends.  See the flyer above and get your tickets NOW!!!!

Our leading man, Michael Rhone is the most perfect Chuck. He brings such a heart and charm to his character that he has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand shortly after the show opens.  Walter Mayes is a directing genius. The cast dances their hearts out to Lee Ann Payne’s brilliant choreography all in time to Dan Singletary’s freaking amazing orchestra.  

Catch this rarely done show and have a good time!

On the flip side of the coin, rehearsals for “Sugar” are chugging right along and we have ten more days before that show moves into the theatre!!  My feet are killing me, but it is easy to see why the movie “Some Like It Hot” is the American Film Institute’s number one comedy of all time.  As we tweak more and more of the show and get it closer and closer to perfection, we keep finding new funny things all the time.   

I still don’t know what my costumes are exactly, but the contest is still open from THIS POST.  I have two free tickets for the show, if you can guess the proper style that I will be wearing in “Sugar.”  Leave a guess on that link in the comments and correct guess will be randomly drawn.  Big thanks to WVLO and the producer for the tickets!

You can also get tickets for “Sugar” by calling the number on the flyer below.  But try and win some tickets for free!



 Until next time my friends!

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