It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesteryear…


Last year around this time, I ain’t gonna lie, I was a pest!  Almost borderline, D-Bag.  Why I capitalized that, I have no idea. I just feel like it was that bad.  You see, 2012 was the year of the Dragon.  And it just so happened that I was born during a year of the Dragon.  So I  kept saying “Year of the Dragon!” at random times and sometimes I threw it into conversations.  Usually it would be combined with some sort of comment about me being awesome or better than.  See what I mean? D-Bag!

The other day, I came across the animal for 2013 for Chinese New Year.  It’s the Snake.  I don’t know if you knew that or not…But, now you do!  Somehow seeing this tidbit of information pulled the memory of the whole “Year of the Dragon” outbursts.  This, of course, made me wonder if my good luck in 2012 was in part due to my horoscope.  Back around 1997-8-9, we bought these little $5 books about our Chinese horoscope signs, mine being the Dragon and my partner’s being the Rat.  As it turns out, according to the books, those are the perfect pairing.

My horoscope for year of the Dragon is as follows: Your tremendous drive and personal skills will create many opportunities this year, which should stretch you to your utmost.  Channel your energy into these opportunities by all means, but do now forget to apply yourself to study.

**Note** Perry just said “did you know that it was your year?”

OH HELL NO!!!!!  I had to just remind him about this very thing I am writing about.  And I thought my memory was bad! hahahaha

Okay, sorry for that outburst.

As I was saying, I was curious if my good luck was due to my horoscope so I decided to find out what the horoscope would be for me in the Year of the Snake. For those of us born during the Year of the Dragon, the Year of the Snake yields the following horoscope: Everything that you decide to try your hand at this year should prove to be a great success, for the Year of the Snake is an excellent year for the Dragon.  However, this year you must be particularly careful to pay proper respects to the dead.

As least that’s what a little $5 book I bought many years ago says.


I just looked up this little hardback book on Amazon and it’s selling for $25!!!  WTF??

Wow!  I don’t know why it’s priced so high, but it’s a quick read.  Have you ever wondered if your horoscope directly influenced your life?  Are you also a Dragon? Did you have a good 2012?  What are you planning for 2013?  Lemme know in the comments below!


Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…and a Contest…


Let’s go for a little time travel adventure, shall we?

The time is the late 1920’s, speakeasies are a plenty and the music is “hot.”

Times are a tough and, like now, they are especially tough for musicians.  Enter two jobless friends that are just about at their wit’s end when just by accident they witness the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.  The killers begin a manhunt for the witnesses.  So, what is a good way to escape a manhunt?  To join an all-girls jazz band!

Big laughs ensue throughout this charming little show called Sugar.

Scheduled to open at the Saratoga Civic Theatre on March 2 – 30, Sugar is sure to get you laughing and having a great time.  You can get your tickets HERE.  I recommend that you call 408-268-3777.  

I would recommend calling because you can get specific information on which seats are available.  Matinees are already 2/3’s sold out.

We had our first read thru last night, and there was a ton of laughter happening.  I happened to have noticed on one of my personal readings of the script that the ensemble really REALLY does have a lot of work to do.  I’ve been in several shows as an ensemble member where we are promised that there is a lot to do only to find that by “a lot” they mean an additional scene or two from the 4 or 5 you’re already in.  I feel like in nearly almost every scene there’s potential for the rest of the cast to come out and play.

Everyone is excited for this project and it was invigorating to feel that energy.  Our director for this show is Rebecca Brownson, with Lisa Callaghan (Choreographer), Andrea Kline (Vocal Director) and Tony Gaitan (Music Director) rounding out the rest of the creative staff.  For a list of the cast you can find that HERE.

Some of you may be wondering what is up with the header picture.  Well, I was trying to figure out what kind of outfit I would be wearing.  Wanna venture a guess?  I haven’t seen any of the costumes yet, so I don’t even know.  It’ll be a surprise to me as well.  I wanna make a contest out of this, but have no idea what to do?  Maybe say, choose an outfit from above, the people who choose the correct style will be entered into a drawing for free tickets to the show…Yes, that sounds great!

Did you catch that?  Here’s the contest… choose an outfit from above, the people who choose the correct style will be entered into a drawing for 2 free tickets to the show.  The contest will close the day before the costumes are announced, which is at this moment is unknown.  You at least have until the end of January to enter.  Type in your pick in the comments section on the website and not on Facebook or Twitter.

Now to follow in the footsteps of the great Tony Morse…


AS OF 2/21/13, the contest is closed.  No guesses, so now the tickets get returned to the show’s producer. Sorry

I Believed A Myth…

It isn’t very often that something on any of the sports channels would catch my attention.  Okay actually it never really happens.  I just don’t have much interest in sports.

To be honest though, I have been caught up in soccer games.  Something about stopping for a break every 30 seconds or constantly switching out players bores me.

The other day I was flipping through channels and I got a phone call.  I try to pay attention fully to people because I think its courteous and because I never know when I can learn something new.  So I stopped changing channels and had my conversation.  When it ended and I went back to the television, I happened to have caught the opening of a “special” show.  It wasn’t one of the regular programs so I am guessing it was a special presentation.  The show was called The Last Barrier.  If you’d like to read more about it and see some clips CLICK HERE. I recommend watching the Chris Kluwe section.

The reason it piqued my interest was that the subject matter was about gay athletes.

You see I have always believed the myth: that most professional sports players are hyper-macho and intolerant especially when it came to football and basketball .  It turns out that most of the people they spoke with, from former players that have come out of the closet, sports broadcasters, and current players, are of the same mindset as myself when it comes to anything.

I believe if the person has the capabilities to perform a job, any job, well, then they should be able to do the job in question.  It doesn’t matter what their personal life may be.

It is comforting to know that the views have shifted in this environment.

The program spoke about the ramifications if an athlete in the prime of their career were to come out.  It was surprising to hear how many of the people they interviewed said it wouldn’t be an issue if the player continued to contribute to winning the game.  The program also spoke to the possible public reaction, the media frenzy that would ensue, and how tough it would be for the first athlete to come out versus the ones that do it after.

It was an intriguing program and I was surprised to see the list of the ones that are currently known.

Also, big props to the You Can Play Project that is at the forefront of changing the athletic environment.  Oh, and Chris Kluwe (Vikings punter), who I first heard about when he printed an open letter to the Senator who reprimanded the Ravens player that stood up for marriage equality, was so well worded that it prompted me to read his blog, which was HERE.  I say was because he is a man of action and since his platform is not unbiased as it claims, he held to his beliefs and quit!!  What a man!!  Mr. Kluwe, you are my hero!

In closing, I am glad that I was called.  It is almost as though it was fate that I was to watch this and have my mind retweaked so that I no longer believe in the myth.  See what I mean when I said “I never know when I can learn something new?”

Did you happen to catch this program?  Or, did you know about his mind set of athletes? Lemme know what’s in your brains in the comment section below…