Playboy for pensioners…

Mary Horne, Estelle Piper and Mandy Armes bring on the funny in Nana’s Naughty Knickers!

What do you call sex kitten outfits for your Nana?  Sex Cats? Hmmm…

After rehearsing this play for the last 4 weeks, I still don’t know the answer! Hahahaha

What have I been rehearsing, you ask?  Well my friends, I have been working with some very funny ladies on the play, Nana’s Naughty Knickers for the Santa Clara Players!

I am very happy to be working with this company on the season opener of the 50th season!

While I am not a fan of the title of the show, I think Katherine DiSavino’s script is hilarious!  The lovable Nana Sylvia, played by Mary Horne, is the sweet little lady that lives just a few doors down from you that always says “Good morning” when she’s taking her morning walk.  Her BFF, Vera, brought to life by the hysterical Estelle Piper, is a feisty, fiery and hard of hearing firecracker that has funny in nearly everything she says.  The amazing Mandy Armes plays Bridget to perfection!  Stephen Maddox scares me as Gil Schmidt.  His big blue eyes staring me down while I am getting yelled at make it easy to back away in fright.

Sara Doeltz, Fidencio Enriquez, Marian Narveson and Jackie Baldinger do a great job in rounding out the cast, each with their own funny moments in the show.

I get to play Officer Tom Grady. I am a simple beat cop that was assigned to the neighborhood.  I love to help people and am always willing to take time to talk to the people I meet.  I had the pleasure of meeting Bridget a few months back when she came to visit.  She’s a sweet girl and smart, too! I have been waiting for her to come back and would love to ask her out, but she makes me so nervous…I get flustered and I can’t think.

The play centers around Sylvia and Bridget, who are about to become roomies for the summer.  It turns out that Nana’s got a secret, but can she tell her granddaughter without repercussions?  What’s worse is that Officer Tom, being the goody-goody he is, is trying to get away with not citing Bridget for parking violations, but will he find out the secret? Or will the penny pinching landlord find out before them all?

I like to think of the play as Three’s Company-esque.  A group of people trying to keep a secret from a Mr. Roper-type of landlord.  Miscommunication creates panic, panic then creates a lot of funny.  Come check out this comedy at the Santa Clara Players!

We play until November 17.  You can find the details HERE.  Get your tickets NOW!!  C’mon!!!  DO EEETTT!!!  Don’t make me give you a ticket!

The opening night crowd was great!!  I loved hearing new responses to these jokes!  Lots of laughing and lots of ooh’s and uh-oh’s happened in the house.  It was fantastic.

Thanks to all of you who came out to the show’s Gala!!


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