Untwisting My “Knickers”…

Last night, after a super great run, with comments from the audience like “I haven’t laughed that hard in this place in a really long time,” Nana’s Naughty Knickers finally closed up shop.  We were so fortunate to have such great houses for nearly the entire run for which we are so very grateful.

Now while this is November, don’t get the wrong idea that I am going to spout off about how you should take next Thursday to say why you are grateful and what you are grateful for.  No.  I think you should do this every single freakin’ day!  Acknowledge that you are happy for the people and experiences in your life and you will be a happier person..but I am off topic…

Getting back to my first love, acting, has really made me so happy!  So much so that I felt like I could do anything.  HA! Don’t get me wrong, I loved being  in “Knickers” while I am rehearsing for “Promises” and writing that silly little novel and volunteering as an assistant to my dance teacher for preschoolers, but I find that I can’t REALLY devote time to develop these things as fully as I would like to because I have all the other things in life to do still.

So while I am struggling to find that balance of “being responsible” and leading the creative life that I would love to have, I really have my plate super full this month.

Since  I haven’t posted anything on the site in a while I figured I should at least acknowledge the closing of this funny little gem and the wonderful incredible people that I’ve met or reconnected with.

I had some side splitting moments almost every performance outside the stage door with Fiddy during the show and we couldn’t really laugh out loud like we needed to because the audience was just around the corner! I got to chat with Jackie before each show to find out that this quiet young lady is not only a sweetheart but a hardworking student as well.  Then there’s Mary who was a card! Almost always unexpected and often times hilarious, she had these little stories that she would share before shows.  I really didn’t get the chance to begin talking to Sara until the show’s tech week because one of us was either on stage or not at rehearsal.  I am still not sure if I am even pronouncing her name right. She is so nice but can be so evilly funny at the same time. I love it!  I don’t think I have met anyone like Marian.  She has such a presence even when not saying a word.  She is just so nice and upbeat I find her to be so inspiring. Then finally there’s Ms. Mandy.  She had such a hard role to fill.  Not only are her lines almost repetitive, but they are constantly getting cut off so she had to be on her toes if people didn’t come in for cues right away!  Her improv skills are INSANE!!!  Most of the funny lines in the show weren’t even in the script.  They were improvised one night and ended up staying in.

The other half of the “improv duo” is Estelle who I met one or two years ago.  We worked on a trio of plays and of course hers was the one that I had nothing to do in, so we didn’t really get to “work” together until this.  I think I must have told her every night how happy I was to be on this project with her.  I just hope that I get to have even a third of the theatre experiences that she’s had! I was so happy when I walked into the first read thru to see that Stephen was in the show!! We hadn’t been on the same stage since we did “Funny Thing…Forum.” He is always one of the cool kids to perform with!

Special thank you’s to Gary and George let me come to the company and play with this fabulous group of people!  Our stage manager Michael, who thinks I have a problem with the bottle, was always ready to lend a hand and keep the cast happy.  My hat is off to you sir!

Finally thank you to the incredible audiences that came and laughed at us for a few hours a night.  It’s good to get out from “real life” and forget things for a bit.  We are so glad you joined us!

To my friends and family who came I am especially grateful that you took the time out of your lives to share it with me and my new friends.  I love you guys!

And now it’s on to the next!  With auditions coming up next weekend…

When will I ever learn?!

Too Afraid To Look…

As probably one of the most important days in American history, this particular election has had a TON of bullshit attached to it.

From broken promises by the current president to the insanity of the nominee who doesn’t know who he is; from the people who are more concerned with their money than they are with their fellow human beings to the companies that are lobbying for some crazy shit on the ballots; today has been a day where I have tried not to think about this AT ALL after I dropped off my ballot.

I’ve stayed off of social media for most of the day, and I have not watched any tv.  After work, I spent three hours in dance classes so that way I didn’t even try to go online.

I plan to wait until tomorrow and all the counting is done to find out what the end result is.

For all you brave souls that watched as the votes began to come in, my hat is off to you.  I don’t think I would have the stomach for that when there is so much at stake.

While I was in class, I mentioned to a classmate that I was glad I was there as opposed to watching.  She came to the second class and she said she almost didn’t make it because of that exact thing.  She said at one point she considered packing up and leaving the country.  It’s comforting to know that I am not the only one that had that thought pass through my head.

Of course if I were to tell that to someone who is one of those super nationalists, they would say I should go because I don’t care about the country anyway.  While not entirely a falsehood, I feel the country isn’t living up the potential we have here and the threat of electing the wrong person into office would mean we would never realize it.

Looking at non-profits like Habitat for Humanity, I think the country would benefit in taking the ideas of the company and apply them to the nation.  HfH relies on some sponsorships, but also the kindness and time from regular people like us.  What if we all did what we could to help bring those less fortunate some help?  It could help them focus on becoming more active and beneficial members of society.  That in turn would boost our economy.  It would foster a greater care of our neighbors. This would result in much less crime.  And of course there are other benefits, but you get the point.

It could be a beautiful world if we can stop focusing so much on the “me” and think of the “we.”

What about you readers out there in the rest of the world?  How much are you interested in the elections in the US?  Who would you vote for? Leave a comment below…

Great Matinee To Be Followed Up With…

Well, this afternoon’s matinee audience for Santa Clara Players’ “Nana’s Naughty Knickers” was awesome.  People were quite lively which is new to me for a Sunday crowd.  Well except for when I was in White Christmas two years ago.  SO let me reword that.  A lively Sunday crowd was…unexpected!! But definitely appreciated!!

Their laughter made the show move to a whole new level of energy and fun!  So hat’s off to them for bringing the party!

But now I have to focus on another task:

Tonight starts the rehearsal process for SBMT’s Promises, Promises!!! I like the movie a lot and the music is good, but the real reason I want to do this show is to work with the director and choreographer…FINALLY!!!!  I’ve been trying for years, and things just never seemed to line up properly.

I am so excited!!!

The novel is coming along.  It’s moving at a snails pace, but it’s moving.  I shall keep you posted!

Write Right, Right Now

Image courtesy of NaNoWriMo.org

I don’t know how many of you like to write.

I love to write, but not necessarily for blogs.  I have notebooks of ideas and stories and poems and half baked scripts that never seem to really go anywhere except into the dark abyss that is the bookshelf.

November is national writing month.  And in honor of this there is a website called NaNoWriMo.org.  Designed to promote creativity, this site has inspired many people to write who were too afraid to try before.  The goal is to get a 50,000 word novel completed before midnight of the last day of the month.  

As stressful as the process is taking on this challenge, I can’t tell you how good it feels when you cross that 50,000 word count finish line.  There are also get-togethers with fellow writers in various places depending on where you live.  I thought about going to the kick off on Halloween night this year, but we were having such a great quiet night in that I opted for a little bit of comfort.  Now, I am already behind.  hahahahaha!

Beginning tomorrow, I have to write a minimum of 1,725 words a day in order to reach the goal.  I think I can do it, but I need to take some time to plot out my story.  I know the premise of it and when I close my eyes, I can see it as a movie.  Now I just have to get all the details and put them on the page.  It is definitely a fiction piece. I’ve seen people say on a number of occasions “He was such a nice person, I’d never dreamed he could do something like that…”  So I am taking that single statement and creating a story!!

So if you are up for it, sign up at the link above and if you start writing tomorrow, you only need to write 1,725 words a day! I think this year, I will write my second novel!  I am so excited.  Now, I should probably get to sleep. And the procrastination has already begun! hahahahaha…

Image courtesy of NaNoWriMo.org

Would you consider taking the challenge?  If you do write, what’s your book gonna be about?