I want a garden…

When we first moved into the current apartment we have, it was chosen based on two or three things.  After seeing both available spaces, the first thing we loved was that it was the first floor. Then we were told there’s no air conditioning in the units.  Ugh!  The great thing about the downstairs space was there are a lot of doors and it got a ton of light but no direct sunshine, so those hot summer days would be bearable.  Downstairs it shall be!

I started working at the nursery about 5 months after the move.  Now, after having been there for some time, I have the urge to have my own garden to pull fresh veggies and herbs from.  But the problem is vegetables and herbs need sunlight to grow.  NOOOoooo….!!!

So when I began looking into the things that only need bright light and not direct sunshine, there are only 5 or 6 that I would want to use.  So that left me with my hopes crushed.  Then I saw this super cool picture in the current issue of Fine Gardening Magazine

Image via culinate.com This functioning truck also functions as a garden bed!!

While I do what I can to decrease the size of my carbon footprint, I am too scattered to use my bike to get everywhere, like work, on time.   My car has been a true blessing, (THANK YOU TOMMY-O!!!) to get me to places that I would still be taking the bus to otherwise.

Here’s a little history. In Brooklyn, early 2009, Ian Cheney debuted the beauty pictured above as a solution to the problem of not having a space to grow fresh food in the crowded city.  Nowadays the truck is used to teach people that you can grow food nearly anywhere and the benefits of doing so.

The more I think about this concept and my craving for having my own little garden makes me want to try and see if I can grow anything greenhouse style in my Rav4!  I super rarely have more than one passenger in my car, so I have a good chunk of space to plant some of my fave veggies and herbs!

Can you imagine??  I would save money on my grocery bill, not contribute to pollution by the purchasing of foods driven from who knows where, eat food that truly doesn’t have pesticides (because there’s not a large likelihood of pests getting into the car), and it’d just be damn cool!

Figuring out the logistics of how to get my car adjusted is going to take a while because I want to have the garden bed tilted so that when I water my car (hahaha!) the excess H2O will drain out of the back door.  Also, the car has a carpeted “trunk” area, so not only do I have to make sure that’s going to be covered with a plastic bedding liner, I also have to pull out the crowbar and all that type of stuff and have it put somewhere easily accessible.    So as you can see there are still a lot of things to figure out, but I may see if Yamagami’s would be willing to sponsor such a project and I can call it the Yamagami’s Mobile Garden.  Or maybe not.  We’ll have to see.

Do you have a truck?   Check out Truck Farm and maybe you can become a part of their fleet.

What’s the weirdest container  you’ve planted in or wanted to use as a planter?  How’d it turn out?  Leave a comment below and let’s trade stories!



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