Oh, Saturday night, why dost thou mock me?

Tonight’s performance of H2$ was pretty good over all.  I went it with the focus on getting everything right. Hitting every movement clean and sharp.  Making sure all my lines were enunciated clearly and not too fast.  Right off the bat, after Scene 1 in the first Act, the audience was catching the jokes and giving us on stage some great energy to feed off of.  I knew that this was going to be a great night!

Then we came up to dance break in “Coffee Break.”  At one point, Lea, Stephanie, and myself break off into our own dance steps.  During the step where I swing my arm overhead and turn, my ankle rolled so I turned on the side of my foot.  Luckily, it didn’t hurt, but man!!!  I was kinda mad, but I decided ‘well, one little step won’t be so bad.’

Then the rest of the night was fun and quick and mistake free from that point on.  However, even if I would have gotten the step correctly, I still wouldn’t have gotten to the perfect that I want.

During the number “Secretary Is Not A Toy” the audience (to me) doesn’t respond as well to that number.  I think it’s because of the content which is about sexual harassment.  Well, what we now consider SH.  I think that there has to be a way for us to get a great response from the crowd.  While the subject material may be uncomfortable, our choreographer Val, gave us some playful movement to diffuse the harshness of it.  It’s a fun little number, that just seems like the least favorite.  After my friends watched the show, they were offering suggestions about it.  One of which was that the look of concentration on some people’s faces is a little off putting and that it pulled them out of the number.  While my friends appreciated the dancing, they were saying that using our  faces in character to convey what we are singing and dancing about would make a big difference.

Well, there’s always tomorrow’s matinee!!  Get your tix at www.wvlo.org!!  Also, you can check www.Goldstar.com and see if there are discount tickets available.  Hope to see you there, as my search and reach for perfection continues…

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