Two more weekends to reach Awesomeness Maximus!!

Ms. Roberta Inscho-Cox and Ms. Samantha Stidham letting you have it!!

The show as it is, is a good fun show.  We’ve trimmed off some of the excessive time over the last weekend and now have a show that runs pretty smoothly.  The cast has been working hard and keeping it all together during this time of the year when crazy colds or flu viruses are making the rounds.  Some battles have been lost, but the rally that happens when one of our cast mates has been caught by the bug is pretty impressive.  Everyone that has throat drops, Advil, sinus medicines, Day-quil, Ny-quil, or any cough suppressant is offering it up in the hopes that it happens to be the magical thing that will cure the ailment.

But back to the awesome, I mentioned earlier…

I love the show, I truly do.  But I think, deep down, we can take the show further.

What we would need is for everyone to pitch in and give that  something a little extra.  I can’t say exactly what it is completely, but it’s what makes all the difference.  For example, let’s say you had to point at someone so you kind of just casually point.   There’s a little bit of a bend in the elbow as it sags from lack of tension.  The finger is just lazily extended enough so there’s an idea of the direction.  Now, point with a purpose.  Point as though everything depended on the person needing to know that direction.  How much stronger is that motion?  When I think of it this way, my hand and arm are level with my shoulder.  There is no bend in my elbow and I feel like energy is trying to lead the way for that person.

That’s the little something extra that needs to be in there.  People like Lea Simon, Karl Schweitzer, Andrea Brady, and Robert Summers amaze me because I can always see that focus in “the Moment” while they are on stage. There are others, but this is just a quick post so I can’t name them all right now.  It’s thrilling and I know the audience can see it in them too.  Oh, and the two ladies in the picture: Way, Way Awesome!

Maybe it’s just me, but when I leave after seeing a really, really good show, I feel like I’ve had an experience, and it’s that sort of feeling I look for in the audience at the end of the night.  There are a few people that have it as they leave, but I want everyone to have it.  Is that an unrealistic expectation to have and to try to live up to?

I don’t think it is and I feel like it’s also part of my duty as an entertainer to strive for it.  So for these next two weekends, I am aiming for the unachievable.  I am going all “Black Swan” and reaching for perfection.  If I happen to fall upon my own knife while in this pursuit, then it will have been for a worthy cause.  (Of course, I speak figuratively.  Just so’s ya know…)

Will I be successful?  Come and see!  There are a limited number of discounted tickets for the show but you have to call 408.268-3777 and mention the code word “Gold.”  These are for tickets on Saturday night 11/26 and Sunday afternoon 11/27.   Hopefully, I’ll see you there!!

Have you ever wanted to do something perfectly?  How did it go?  Do you think that striving for perfection is a lost cause?  Let’s chat about it.

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