I’d hate to say this but…

I really don’t want to be an uncle…yet again!

Before I get into the story, let me give ya a bit o’ history.

My mom and my sisters are the type of people, with nerve,  who will argue and stand their ground until you can totally prove them wrong.  TOTALLY.  I don’t know if it applies to a majority of women, but having lived with these particular ones, I am going to speak from this viewpoint of my past.

They yell when arguing which in turns makes the other person yell even louder to be heard.  Maybe that’s where my selective hearing comes from… There wasn’t much that resolved any of the arguments aside from a lot of huffing and puffing around the house when a ceasefire had to be called.

When my second oldest sister was 16 or 17, she got pregnant.  Surprised?  Not really.  Let’s face it, when you live in the ghetto, people’s gon’ be ghetto.  So living up to one of the stereotypes of the prego latina teen/hairbear, she drops out of school.  She does eventually get her GED.  Shortly after that, she pops out another kid.   Next, my younger brother gets a girl pregnant.  Guess what?  You’ll never believe this: They are still in school.  WTF!?!?  Then, my younger sister get knocked up! You’re kidding me right? Nope.  She had yet to finish school as well.  To this day, I don’t know if either her or my brother have completed it. Not to be mean, but those three aren’t the brightest 3 in the family.  But wait….There’s more!!!

So back to the first sister with a kid.  She has a third one. Not to be outdone, the younger sister has another.  Seeing he may be out of the it, my brother ties up the race for second place.

What in the hell is it that makes people do stupid stuff like this?  Why perpetuate the stereotype?  Is it an intelligence thing? Is it a lack of parental affection?  Is it social influence?  Please someone tell me because this is getting ridiculous.  So you may wonder how this affects me, right?  Like, how is it my business with what they do with themselves. My goodly reader, I will tell you…

But first, I must continue the story…

So the first niece decides to follow in the footsteps of her mother.  What?  Another contestant in the “Who makes the dumbest choice?” game?  Tying up the game with the older sister,  my brother’s now got a third one.  But older sister makes a trick move and has a fourth! Holy crap where do they come up with these things?  Looks like younger sister is giving up the game…but here’s the frackin’ shocker: niece number 2 from sister number 1 has got a bun in the oven!!  Oh my gawd!!!!  What a turn of events!!

So the current tally is:

Oldest Sister: 0

Second Oldest: 4 – but her oldest daughter has one and the second daughter now has one

Me: No frackin’ thank you!!!

Little Brother: 3 And another any day now!

and Younger Sister: 2

Here’s how this becomes my peeve: I am struggling, just like most other people I know, to make ends meet.  Why am I constantly asked to help with their issues that could have easily been avoided?

For my brother: Dude, couldn’t you have just waited?  At least, now your married, and all your kids have the same 2 parents. For my sisters who love to argue with advice and parental guidance:   Why didn’t they use that same nerve to say “Look, dick! Use a condom!”?   And, better yet for my nieces, who have lived through the hardships of a single parent why not wait until you actually have a solid relationship with your man before even having sex?  They are smart kids, so I think that’s where the logic in my head is having such a shit time dealing with these stupid decisions.

Well that and a phone call late-ish in the night asking for money to go to prom…

See what I mean about “nerve”?

Is it wrong that I feel like this?  What do you think of teen pregancy?  The ad at the top is actually from a blog that said some schools in Massachusetts are giving out counseling and condoms to first graders through high school to anyone who asks for contraceptive. I say thumbs up! If these kids aren’t getting sex ed taught in regular classes to make a more informed decision, then it’s good that the school nurse or whoever talks to them about their decision.  Because let’s face it: Parents all think their kids are little angels, but when they aren’t around 75% of them do stuff that their parents wouldn’t believe.  Now some people are all twisty britches because of the condoms, but I have to wonder if those are the same parents who shy away from teaching kids about sex in the first place and are helping the teen prego movement forward?  Ugh! The whole thing is frustrating, and makes me want to move to Canada so I don’t have to deal with another rugrat.

***UPDATE**** I was just reminded that my brother has another on the way…again! Shit!

2 thoughts on “I’d hate to say this but…

  1. I wish I had some answers. You have every right to feel any way you see fit. And honestly? I’d never blame you. Do you ever wonder if you were born female if you’d have followed this same line of fate? Tons of gals I went to school with had kids early. It freaks me out. It’s the main reason I avoid people from HS; we have nothing in common. I have worked so hard not to get knocked up my entire life! I was seen, back then anyway, as most likely to get knocked up and be a drug addict. Funny how things turned out. Ha! I’m with you on the sex ed thing. I feel I got more than they do now because AIDS was such a major issue (STILL IS PEOPLE!!!) and condoms were just everywhere. Steph and I would get like 100 from PP and make jewelry out of them. I have no idea how or why people do the things they do, but in the end you just have to let go and let them work that shit out on their own. Asking you for money? NOT COOL! I hate that shit. Ugh! *hugs*


    1. Thanks!! If I was a female, I think I’d have to agree with you about being more conscious about decisions regarding sex because of being on the AIDS Counsel for my school and all of that. I honestly don’t think that I would have followed that same behavior because I hope that I would see how hard it made my sister’s life. Well, that and I am always worried about being a stereotype. I don’t know why that bothers me so much. Wait, you were making jewelry out of condoms. Like TLC, or actual jewelry? Hahaha. Yay! I laughed. Thanks again, Notblue.


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