This is dedicated to the one I love…

The average length of time is for a “first” marriage is 7.8 years for men and 7.9 for women.  The average length for the “second” marriage is 7.3 for men and 6.8 for women.  The average length of time that a person waits to remarry is 3 years.  This information was available courtesy of Yahoo Answers.

Today, I am celebrating my 15 year anniversary.  Yeah, you read that right! 15 years.

There’s been tough times, and lawd knows there’s been tough times.  It’s a lot of compromise, and a lot of yelling.  Sometimes you have to be flexible and willing to listen and admit when you’re wrong.  For me, it’s pretty often that I don’t listen, but not so much when it comes to being wrong. Hahaha.   Although, with him in his high horse, it doesn’t really make a difference.  I’ve had to forgive a few big problems, but he’s had to forgive weekly tiny, tiny things.  Due, of course, to the whole not listening (but really it’s more not remembering) thing.

Even though there have been tough times, there have been SO many good times and things that I will always be grateful for.  I’ve never had someone cheer for me as much as he does.  I’ve also never had someone love  me and all my nuttiness so wholeheartedly.  I have to admit that it’s kinda nice.


There’s no better feeling.

We’ve never really felt that it was important to be “married.”  But seeing that this is such an important issue for couples who are in love and cannot get married that really want to, I feel it’s only right to state that Equal Rights need to be addressed.  I personally don’t care what it’s called as long as the EXACT same privileges are given to same sex couples as heterosexual couples.  But even what it’s called is a touchy subject.  People are griping about religion and all that hokey pokey stuff, but I have to ask if it’s not called marriage but the benefits are the same, is god gonna give a frack? Additionally, those benefits are government given not god given, so what about church keeping it’s beak out of business?

While I haven’t been a big supporter of the pres, because it’s basically been the same bullshit in the office that was happening before, I do have to say FINALLY, he’s doing something different.  I have to say good for you pres for no longer defending DOMA.

There’s nothing wrong with love.  Nothing.  Love who you want and love who you are.  One day people will be equal, and this shameful issue will be history.

You can find info at the following sites: Human Rights Campaign

What do you support?

5 thoughts on “This is dedicated to the one I love…

  1. ….and don’t you just love that you have so much history together…be it good or bad? I think one of the best parts of loving someone for as long as you two have is that you possess the special gift of being able to look at each other and say…..remember when? xoxoxo


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