And we’re up and running!

Tonight was Opening Night and it was weird.  At least it felt weird to me.  But after the insanity that was our final dress performance, I suppose that it turned out pretty well.

Last night, just before the end of Act 1, one of my cast mates slipped and hurt his back pretty bad.  Then there were a crapload of costume malfunctions.  I totally forgot to remove a table.  Woops…tee hee.   There were missed light cues due to the fall.  A scene was cut and we had to change the order of one of the scenes.

So now that we’ve come to showtime things are getting back on track.  I felt like there was a scattered energy throughout Act 1.  It seemed like there were a lot of extra pauses that we’ve never had before. Then came intermission which seemed to last FOREVER. Finally when the audience came back in and Act 2 got under way.  This time the focus was there and it totally just zoomed by.

Great job to my fellow cast mates, you are amazing!!

And a special note to Ms. Melinna: Gurl my friends loved you!


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