We’re movin’ on up to the East Side!!

courtesy of City of San Jose

Seriously, the theatre is located on the East Side of San Jose, on the corner of Alum Rock and King Road.  It’s a lovely theatre!  It has some serious stadium seating.  The seats are comfortable.

And they have a great green room, which is not green to my dismay.  Although to be honest, I don’t think any of them are.  A green room is pretty much the anteroom that the cast usually waits in while they aren’t on stage.  And an anteroom is just a waiting room.  Long way around, huh?

We worked on spacing and getting familiar with the space.  We got assigned our dressing rooms, and met one of the theatre staff.  After hanging around the green room for a bit, I finally got to hop onto the stage and work on the scenes with my castmates.  I have some chunks of time during the show where I am just picking my nose.  Figuratively speaking of course.  So as I am waiting, I study my script some more and try and find some more things to play with.  I think I am now all done with the trying new stuff.  I’ll have to begin solidifying my characters.

One of my cast mates asked me how I create a character.  But that is gonna be another post. Maybe tomorrow.

For now, let’s get some sleep!

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