Knowing when to say “Enough.”

Have you ever gotten a plate of food that was just too much for you to handle?  Has anyone told you that you had “eyes bigger than your stomach?” How about that “you have bitten off more than you can chew?”

Welp, that’s me in a nutshell.   I think of all these things that I want to do, and yet never get to doing them because I always seem to never have enough time.  Without whittling out the very little amount of sleep that I already get, what else could I cut in order to get everything done.  I can’t cut back on TV because I have already done that.

I always want to help and I jump at the chance when people ask because I truly do want to help.  Sometimes I have to wonder though if I am really helping them out.  I guess I have to better utilize what little time I have or try to multitask MORE.  I don’t think it’s possible to do that though.

The reason that I bring up this whole issue anyway is because as I am reading the book version of “Bless Me, Ulitma” I am learning that there are major events left out of the play that actually help me make sense now that I know about them.  I am reading the book in pieces each night before I go to sleep.  Granted, it is an easy read, but I only have those few minutes before drifting off to sleep to get some reading in. I confess I have actually been reading it ever since we started rehearsals, and I STILL have about 40 pages to go.

I KNOW that sometimes my eyes are bigger than my “stomach.”  I just have to figure out how to tetris it all into MY time schedule.   Do you got any suggestions?  I’ve got the “To Do List” thing going and while that helps to remind me what needs to be done, unexpected interruptions make it hard to control all the time.

So what do you do? Or are you like me and try to cram everything in all the time and in effect really harvest nothing of true value?

Somebody just throw water on me already, will ya?

What a world! What a world!

3 thoughts on “Knowing when to say “Enough.”

  1. Wish I had something to offer other than to prioritize. I struggle with time management, too, but then fall into pits of despair when things fall apart. I try to tackle the big ugly stuff first and then work my way through the most and then less important stuff. But remember to do one nice/special thing for yourself every day! This keeps you sane and healthy and hopefully happy! ❤


  2. Life is very demanding on us these days. We are taught one thing and as we get older, we see things through our own eyes and experiences. We cannot make everyone happy. It is impossible. When you have to work, eat right, take care of yourself, fight traffic, deadlines, make sure relationships do not suffer, complete demands from the boss, Keep smiling, be nice, take your vitamins, exercise, read, study, pay bills, sleep, take care of your pets, children, spouse…it’s a helluva stress on one’s mind, body and soul. Sometimes I wish life was as simple as it was??? Even those who lived in the country still had a lot of stuff to take care of, but were in bed by Sunset. We don’t live in those times anymore, but just remember.. YOU come FIRST! Take care of you. A healthy body creates a healthy mind and that will help with decisions and whatever comes at you. It’s not easy, that also takes work! Ever tried meditation? Its not easy. Remember, it’s okay to put yourself FIRST. The world will benefit once you take care of all that is needed to make YOU feel better. LOVE YOU JERY!


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