When she said…

In Tony Award winner Katie Finneran’s acceptance speech, she said “…focus on what you love, because it is the greatest passport; it is the greatest roadmap to an extraordinarily blissful life.  Just focus on that one thing.  Don’t listen to anybody else and you will run into the right people, the right teachers, the right moments and circumstances…”

As always, the Tony’s inspired yet again. Yeah, they had their incredible share of technical difficulties, like WAY too many, but I couldn’t help but feel that upheaval in my soul that pulls at my heart because I am wanting to be on the stage.


1. n. a series of pictures or events in the mind of a sleeping person.

2. n. a daydream or fantasy

My Favorite 3. contemplate the possibility of; have any conception or intention of

These are just a couple of the definitions in the Oxford Dictionary for this wonderful and beautiful word.

Everyone dreams.   The only difference is how they go about thinking about them once they “wake up”.

As a kid, I would have the most horrible dreams.  They were always terrifying.  I guess the best thing would be to say that they were nightmares. I think those dreams are the cause of my current fears.  Strange how that works, huh?

As a teenager, I would try and interpret my dreams with the many books that I surrounded myself with in the local library.  It was such a pain, researching an item and then having to cross reference that item with other details regarding said item.  Let’s see if I can give you an example.  The other night about two weeks ago I had a dream where in one moment, I am lying in bed and there is someone outside the door that I believe wants to come into the  room but there was a MASSIVE red and orange blotched ant that was on the wall directly above the door.   Just finding what the ant could mean takes a ton of research.  The ant itself because its in the house, according to Zolar’s Encyclopedia & Dictionary of Dreams, signifies an illness in the family, the colors red and orange mean quarrels and fortune respectively, and the door could mean fortune as well.  Now we can add  a little more crazy to this and determine if the ant was red, scarlet or crimson which indicates quarrel with friends, family quarrel, or pleasant news from a friend. Mix with that the notion that several colors mixed together mean you have false friends.  Seeing how we are just talking of two colors, I think I will let that go.  But do you see the madness that was involved in doing that?  I used to sit in the libraries, local public and the school, for hours.

As an adult, I have come to realize that dreams are what we make of them.  Definitions in a book are not the be all end all that I once thought they were.  I don’t know what that ant meant, but who cares.  There is a belief that if you say your thoughts aloud or write them down on paper then it’s a stepping stone to helping your dreams come true.  The energy  of the act is supposed to wander out into the universal ether and help you make your way to that dream.  In a word it boils down to BELIEVE.

I guess Salt N Pepa said it best when they said “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve.”

How do YOU think of them?  Do you try to interpret them from books?  Do you use them as  a road map for your life?  Or do they simply help you get away from the thoughts that are in your head at the time?  Let me know what you do with your dreams.  And lastly, I hope they come true.