Kim Kay, You are a genius…

In my last post, I whined about not having a solution to look all slick and shiny in the hairdo department for H2$.  I wrote of some of the various attempts that left me feeling so let down.  I asked for your help, dear reader, and you did not let me down.  I wanted to go from poofy and full to slick and shiny.  Here’s how it went down.

Kimberly Kay sent me a link for the styling secrets for a mohawk.   Egg Whites.  Really?  Well, let’s give it a try shall we…

This is my hair after a dance class and a drive down 101 from Palo Alto to Santa Clara…

 So I got home around 11:30 or so and I debated if I should just go ahead and do this, or try and go out and run some non-specific errand.  I always have to think about that decision on my day off.  I think I get stir crazy in the house.  Since it was a non-specific errand, I figured I should save some gas and the environment and just stay home.

At noon, I gathered the ingredients? No, tools?  That’s not quite right either. Well, everything that I would need for this test.   Three things: a blowdryer, a comb, and two egg whites.  That’s it.

Wet your hair to help the egg whites absorb into the follicles.  Make sure you don’t get it wet, otherwise you have a nice gooey mess.  Too dry and you have to use a lot of the egg whites.  I actually think I would have been fine only using a single egg.   With a fork, beat the egg  until it begins to mix together  evenly.  Next, add egg whites to hair until the hair feels slightly saturated.  I found that by using my fingers, I could get it closer to the scalp and get better coverage.    Style hair as desired then blowdry.  If needed, comb hair while drying to help keep the look in place.  Once the drying begins, simply hold the hair in its place.

Then Ta-da!! My wild mane of hair has been tamed.



It held in place for 6 solid hours!  Of course I didn’t have a chance to do the “Sweat Test” to see how that will change the strength of the egg whites.  The only down side that I found was that there was a slight smell to the egg whites.  It’s not a bad smell but it’s noticeable.  I am very excited to see how this will all work out once I actually get a haircut.  At least for the time being I know that I can create a helmut with this stuff that will keep my unruly madness in place with ease.  Thank you, Kimberly Kay for the idea.

One of the other suggestions I heard while at rehearsal the other day was to use Elmer’s White Glue.  That’s a test for another day.  Maybe I’ll try a mohawk with it…

Have you tried using egg whites for hair product?  Did you have any success, failure, or other observations?  For example, is there a long term benefit to using egg whites in your hair?  Lemme know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for readin’!

Success Formula…

H [I(O + C) (F + P)] + T + K= S

Opportunities and Chances are only part of how one creates Success.

One may argue that Opportunity and Chances are one and the same.  I think they are slightly different.  The best way I can explain why I think they are different is like this: A Chance is like an audition.  You are going into this with the same likelihood of success as the next person.  So, let’s say  you now have the part.  You have to take advantage of this Opportunity to grow it into another either Chance or Opportunity.

This must be coupled by Fearlessness and Passion so strong that they complement each other rather than get in each other’s way.

The ability to be vulnerable is where Fearlessness comes into play.  In theatre, being able to be completely open and  honest requires that one must shed all their “normal” defense behaviors and habits that one has acquired in order to develop the thick skin they need for this business.  When you combine Passion to Fearlessness, it definitely makes becoming vulnerable so much easier.  When you are so Passionate about what you do, you are willing to do anything you need to do in order to increase your Success rate.  But note, there is a fine line with Passion and the chance of overstepping is high.  Take care that you treat everyone with integrity and respect.

Now, once you multiply those factors together you have to take Inspiration and magnify those figures which then creates Confidence.  

I can’t stress how important it is that when the feeling of Inspiration strikes, you should honor it and create something.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  I created this post after watching the video above.  Something about Lady Gaga just makes me want to either write or sew.  Or sing.  Since writing requires less set up and material, I chose it over sewing and I sing along with whatever is playing.  But like I said it doesn’t really matter. It could be a quick sketch on a napkin.  I have a beautiful inked one that I bought for a dollar while at a karaoke bar.  See? 

If you do something like this, have the Artist sign it!

Once you have your confidence number, multiply that with Heart.  

No is a word that artistic people hear all the time.  It’s incredibly hard to constantly be judged in order to make your dreams come true.  Heart is the thing that is going to keep you driven.  Just like your heart is the organ that is vital in sustaining life in your body,  your Heart is going to keep you fighting to obtain your dreams. So when your tired of being shot down for not being/believing/looking/loving like the mainstream thinks you should, let your Heart help you to keep going and reaching down even when you think you have scraped the bottom of your resources.  This will also be the way to judge what is wrong and right for you.

Next, you take your answer and add Talent to the mix.  Now Talent comes in varying degrees as does all things, but if you are lacking in one area, you can make up for it in O, C, F, or P.  Clearly, not everyone out there is that successful is Talented.  For good measure, make sure you do your homework, Knowledge,  and learn as much about your vocation of choice as you can since it will only help you.  All of this equals Success.

And I wish you much Success!!